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What Did YOU Get In Your So Choix Mysterybox?

bethieannbethieann Posts: 138Member
edited February 17 in All Other Boxes
Hey so I bought a 15 dollar mysterybox from SoChoix last week. I bought the 15 dollar mystery deluxe sample box and this is what I got. What Did You Get? And show photo if you don't mind too. I loved what I ended up with......


  • mycatbuttersmycatbutters Posts: 827Member
    Nice! I didn't even see the post for the mystery box sale.
  • bethieannbethieann Posts: 138Member
    All these kitty loving names on here is too cute. Lol @mycatbutters ...I think it was posted on MSA or somewhere. They have it every so often... I got all really nice brands.

    Smashbox (contouring palette) Regular size
    Giorgio Armani(black ecstasy mascara)
    Clinique(sculptwear serum for face and neck)
    Dior(dream skin)
    L'Occitane(cutiest bag ever)
    I look around any at some photos at some past photos and the deluxe samples looked really really nice.
  • bethieannbethieann Posts: 138Member
    edited February 17
    @mycatbutters Hey Question? I posted a post in Free Stuff about a new site that gives out samples and it didnt have any strange links or anyhing. How long does it take to review or do you think that it was deleted?Or does it sometimes take a day to post sometimes? My last 3 just went up so I am feeling a little strange about it. What do you think or anyone who knows please fill me in. A bit new that is why... Thanks
  • mycatbuttersmycatbutters Posts: 827Member
    @bethieann Having links is the only reason I know of that posts get held up. Or maybe did you post a referral code? I think that is a no no too.
  • bethieannbethieann Posts: 138Member
    @mycatbutters No all I put was a link to the free sample site. No referral codes or links to anything of mine. I did post two photos of free sample boxes that I recieved from the Daily Goodie Box. I know I didn't do anything wrong thats why I asked you to make sure. Thank you for posting a link ro the in's and out's though. Very strange. Not only that it was like 8 or more hours ago. And if there was a problem why didnt I recieve an email saying what's up .Sorry and thank you for your in put
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