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OuiPlease 2.6 - Spring Box (Spoilers, etc.)

AlexAlex Posts: 832Member
The creatively named "Spring Box" is up and advertised - they're saying March shipping on the website. When do we think we'll actually see it? What do we think will be in it? Never a dull moment with OP....


  • dare2smiledare2smile Posts: 309Member
    Spring makes me think of flowers and freshness, and because I'm obsessing over Les Nereides now, here's hoping for another floral piece from them!
  • laurablaurab Posts: 663Member
    march shipping...I think that means last day of march! I dont mind them running slow on shipping but lets be honest. lol I do hope this box has lots of lovely items. I agree another jewelry item from les nereides would be nice, a floral notebook or plate/tray.
  • ericaisretroericaisretro Posts: 17Member
    I just got an email that they will ship in April.
  • lrn12lrn12 Posts: 302Member
    So are they just changing their shipping schedule to every 3 months now?
  • BendLBBagsBendLBBags Posts: 453Member
    I just saw on the blog that Oui Please is offering 30% off all subscriptions. I'm not too happy with OP right now, but the pull of FOMO and a discount is strong. I just am not convinced it is worth the headache though. *sigh*
  • careybcareyb Posts: 1,372Member
    I don't get it, I received my last box in January so why is the next box April? LOL
  • KristyKristy Posts: 2,287Member
    I still haven't gotten an email back about my extra item for my low value box. Not impressed with their CS at all.
  • sesphyrsesphyr Posts: 76Member
    @BendLBBags Lol me right now. I just read all the shipping/ billing issues involved and I do not want more stress and worry like I did when I was subscribed to RZ Box of Style... guess I'll just have to endure permanent FOMO.
  • joiedevie99joiedevie99 Posts: 952Member
    And the last box was supposed to be December, right? It was delayed to January. Which means this next box should be February, not April?
  • MandieMandie Posts: 268Member
    I'm starting to be rather pessimistic/suspicious about this sub, so I hope we're lucky enough to get it in April. Weird that they've already changed it from March to April. It still says March on the front page.

    I subbed because of the diptyque spoilers for 2.3. They didn't go out then, as far as I've seen, so I hope they'll be in this box. I'm convinced that a spring "poncho" will be included. I love nuxe, and I feel like odds are in my favor to get more.
  • laurablaurab Posts: 663Member
    I knew it! I knew it wasnt going to be March! they should just switch to every 3 months. I love the included items but always running late isnt good.
  • LeahLeah Posts: 4,099Member
    Ugh, April? I am so not happy about that. All I need is them sending food to my door right in middle of Passover....
  • laurablaurab Posts: 663Member
    @leah not sure about the rules of passover, are you not allowed to receive it even if you dont eat a possible food item? Maybe you could wait to open the whole box until passsover is finished?
  • rachelnycrachelnyc Posts: 736Member
    I'm really hoping that with all these delays, we'll still be getting six boxes per year, or that our annual memberships will be extended until we've received the promised six boxes... It's pretty ridiculous that their website lists two different ship dates for the Spring box (March & April). I like this sub, but they seem to have more errors and delays than they should for a luxury box. :/
  • Jennifer3141Jennifer3141 Posts: 3,161Member
    @Leah There are a zillion ways to deal with that issue, but the classic would be for you to not open the box and "sell" it to a gentile friend for $1. Then after Pesach, "buy" it back. You could also just put a hold on your mail for the week.
  • lynndeannelynndeanne Posts: 710Member
    I'm debating whether to buy the annual subscription to get the 30% off. But reading the comments on past boxes makes me very nervous.

    Do they still have a wide variation in value between boxes?

    Is all of the jewelry on the small end, or do they tend to be more adjustable?
  • LeahLeah Posts: 4,099Member
    @Jennifer3141 I know, it just gets more complicated when it actually arrives during Pesach. It's also just annoying to get a big red box when I've finally gotten my space clean :) I know these aren't real problems or anything, I'm just grumbling at the inconvenience :)
  • LeahLeah Posts: 4,099Member
    @Jennifer3141 Oh my gosh, burn a box! I didn't think of that. I guess we'll see when it gets closer, and what we're dealing with when we get the food spoilers. Considering how long it took for me to get my OP box this time, we could be well into May by the time I get it!
  • maddiewinmaddiewin Posts: 1,311Member
    @Leah and @Jennifer3141 would you please explain why you cant have a box during Passover and why the rabbi might have to burn the box? Trying to learn something new
  • LeahLeah Posts: 4,099Member
    @maddiewin I'm going to sleep now but I'll PM you tomorrow (unless someone else wants to answer). I've taken this thread off topic enough, if we get into the very complicated Jewish laws of Passover, we might never emerge :) Back to discussing the non-spoilers, the tardiness, the absolute joy that is Oui Please :)
  • maddiewinmaddiewin Posts: 1,311Member
    @Jennifer3141 thank you so much for the explanation. Glad no burning of sub box:) i understood the concept of keeping a kosher kitchen where meat and dairy are kept separate. Always great to learn something new.
  • NightshiftNightshift Posts: 2,128Member
    @Jennifer3141 I know! Madness!! But I hear there are people in the world like that. I hope I never meet one *shudder*. They sound weird. We would not get along. Or I should meet one and then I could eat their cookies :tongue:
  • sarasara Posts: 3,881Member
    I had a friend years ago who explained a lot of her observant religious practices years ago- she was getting her PhD in religious studies and her father was a rabbi. She had wonderful theological discussions with me about the religious rules and the way she followed them in her modern life. This all came up because she was the scorekeeper on our son's baseball team, with Saturday games, but her work was as a teacher and writing, so she didn't use a pencil or pen or write in any way during the Sabbath. So I served as her scribe, and learned both a lot about her religion and how to keep score!

    So happy to get a little taste more here tonight- makes me think of my friend, who's has since moved away and we have lost touch. Thanks, guys.
    I would love to swap- ask me for my profile!
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