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Have Ever Received Extra Items with Online Orders and Did You Return Them???

House06House06 Posts: 965Member
edited March 6 in General
So - this is a new experience. From time to time I have ordered and received the wrong items or extra ( small) items with online orders. I have returned them ( after contacting the company) and sometimes it's a pain but I know I should!

Today, I received a $25 order from Sephora. Included was a $225 bottle of perfume ( not on the invoice ). I'm in the process of figuring out how to return it - but I have to admit for about 10 seconds - I thought it was a WONDERFUL GWP ( ha ha)!

Have any of you any received something not on your invoice and did you keep it? Would the cost of the item or he hassle to return it make a difference????

Someone somewhere is likely going to be annoyed at not receiving their bottle of Tom Ford Oud Fleur :(


  • laurablaurab Posts: 627Member
    Wow thats a big mistake! I ordered from the fabfitfun sale and got a frends headphone set extra but i feel like that was a cheap item and didnt even worry with trying to get them to take it back. Now, that perfume they may appreciate getting back!
  • SamanthaLSamanthaL Posts: 994Member
    One time, I ordered an eyebrow pencil that was broken (twist up, and the pencil part fell out into the cap), and I requested a replacement. I was able to shove the broken pencil part into the point it stuck, so it still worked. Sephora mailed a new one and requested that I mail back the one that arrived broken, but I called and said I got it to work and had used it already, so did I still need to mail it back? They said they would just throw it away anyway, so I didn't need to mail it back. So, I got two for the price of one, you could say. They replaced an entire Sephora Favorites set for me one time when one item leaked, so you might want to just call and see what they say.
  • mycatbuttersmycatbutters Posts: 808Member
    I would guess they would tell you to keep the perfume. Perfume has to be shipped ground. I don't think it's something you could just throw in the outgoing mail box.
  • MaryJenniferMaryJennifer Posts: 424Member
    My understanding is that legally they can't ask you to return it. If it's sent to you it is yours to keep. I think it goes back to the 70's, mail order companies would scam by sending unordered items and then demand payment. I did look up the postal regulation previously but don't have it handy. However, if you offer to send it back they can encourage you to return it, they just can't ask you to do so. You can confirm with your mailman/post office. The law may not apply to UPS, FedEx, etc. Some occasions I have sent it back and others I have kept it. I have always offered to return it when it is a small business.
  • House06House06 Posts: 965Member
    I called CS. Had a bad connection and two people not understanding each other due to accents! I've emailed CS and I feel like they will want me to return the item. I plan on doing so - the guy I spoke to kept talking about refunds. Um no sir , I didn't buy the expensive bottle of perfume- someone else did. But for about half a second I was like "YAY me!"
  • MariaNGMariaNG Posts: 1,745Member
    @laurab I got those headphones with my order too. I think if your order was over $45 you got it as an extra.
  • lalalalalala Posts: 1,479Member
    This has happened to me a few times with Amazon. They always say to keep the item, because it seems to be too confusing to fix things on their end.
  • JackiecupcakeJackiecupcake Posts: 1,071Member
    Julep sent me an entire mini set once, and they told me to just keep it. There have been a few times that it's happened from various companies, but nothing as high value as your perfume! I've also had companies that sent me the wrong size or item (instead of mine) and have just told me to keep the extra after they send me the replacement.

    I agree with @sara though- these companies are not set up for taking returns with stuff like that. They probably have no way of processing them. I would email them once and if they can't figure it out then just keep it. I call it good karma points. ;)
  • LunaLuna Posts: 1,720Member
    Last year, Ulta sent me someone else's far better & more expensive order. Naturally, I thought "Sweet! I want to keep this!", but honestly, I think I was too worried that I'd be found out by Ulta (maybe when the other person called either wondering where their order was, or inquiring after receiving my order) that I decided to do the right thing & call them. They just sent me a shipping label, and sent my order out to me right away.
  • LisaMarieLisaMarie Posts: 685Member
    Not in the mail but at Macy's they included an Aigner purse in my bag that I didn't pay for. I don't know how it made it out of the store. When I got home I tried to call the store and no one seemed to understand how that could have happened or how to resolve it. My guilt (and worry they had me on security cameras stealing a purse)made me drive back to the mall. The customer service said they couldn't return without a receipt ( I know I have in the past but they were frazzled pre holiday and didn't understand I just wanted to return it with no refund to make sure I wasn't on the 10 Most Wanted List.) I went to the same person who made the mistake and she said ..what are you trying to get me in trouble? OK guilt and fear resolved I left with my bag. It made a great gift LOL.
  • @DLR I love your story. I snorted some of my water out laughing LOL.
  • moniquemonique Posts: 748Member
    @House06 I hope by doing the right thing you are rewarded with a kind gesture from Sephora. Either getting to keep it or a nice gift card. I know I'd feel guilty every time that I looked at the bottle if I hadn't at least tried to make it right. They better do something kind for you. I would at least mention getting some rewards points at the very very least. Good luck.
  • DesBDesB Posts: 238Member
    I received a duplicate sub box, an expensive one, before Christmas. I emailed asking for a manager to get in touch and didn't end up hearing back for over two weeks, and it wasn't a even a manager who finally emailed, by which time I had already given up and gifted many of the items. Several relatives had a much nicer Christmas!
  • BoerboelmomBoerboelmom Posts: 913Member
    I was sent the wrong item on a recent order to the lemon collection and they sent me the correct order and told me to keep the wrong item. I was really surprised since they are 50$ mukluk slippers (weird fuzzy ones granted, but still!) it seemed like they didn't care whatsoever. Checking with Sephora is a good idea, but they may not want to deal with the hassle of you sending it back.
  • CaseyDog44CaseyDog44 Posts: 899Member
    At Christmas, Target sent me 2 Pokemon card sets when I just ordered 1. I took the extra back to the store & like everyone else's experience the confused customer service rep didn't know how to handle it. He finally just chucked it back into the return box without any paperwork.

    Then last week I got a duplicate of an order I placed a few weeks ago. From Target again...It was a couple pair of pajamas & a box of trashbags. After the whole Pokemon thing, I just rolled my eyes & kept them. I think they must have some serious logistics problems.
  • dantesmomdantesmom Posts: 487Member
    I ordered an expensive pair of jeans and after waiting two weeksfinally called customer service to find out where they were as I hadn't received them. The rep said "Oh my, they're lost so I'll send you another pair right away". That pair took ten days to arrive to me. Now low and behold the first pair arrives to me now a full two months later. I really wonder exactly where this original pair has been hiding for two months. The package is still sitting on my entry table unopened as I can't muster the energy at this time to go thru trying to send them back.
  • SamanthaLSamanthaL Posts: 994Member
    @ducktorwho Now that I think about it, I had a similar thing happen with a Macy's order. I ordered Michael Kors wedges online, and they mailed a pair that included "Display" stickers on them and had a small scuff, which I wouldn't expect from an online order. They agreed to mail another pair and said I could return the display pair at a store. After returning them, my bank account later got credited for the shoes, even though I explained what happened when I returned them in person. The wedges are incredibly uncomfortable for me (the tops of my feet are super sensitive to pressure, UGH) and I've barely worn them, but at least I ended up not paying for them, even though that wasn't my intention!
  • TiskersTiskers Posts: 398Member
    What an interesting thread, thank you all for your input.

    I have encountered this thorny situation myself more than twice ;) and every time it seems to get harder and harder to do the right thing!

    I think @sara really hit the nail on the head with her post.

    Well, my usual response is to notify the company and let them know about the mistake. I am always more than willing to mail it back to them (with a prepaid label though please sir! ;) ) but 9 times out of 10 (after multiple transfers and "please hold"s...) someone says, "Thanks but just keep it." Apparently not worth the time or the trouble.

    Real name is Lynn. So happy to be here! <3
  • hkabshkabs Posts: 52Member
    I've had this happen a number of times, but it has usually been something small or something significantly discounted.

    I ordered $150 in spray paint from a 3rd party seller on Amazon as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. The order arrived, and I stashed it in the basement. And then the same order arrived again one week later. The oddest part was that the shipments had come from two completely different centers. I double checked to be sure I hadn't been charged twice. I considered contacting the company but then realized I didn't really know how I'd ship a large box of spray paint back. So the boyfriend was pleasantly surprised to get double the high end paint.

    This was right after I had received an order from Pottery Barn Teen in which I received an entire crate of cat figure ring holders instead of just one... It had been a steeply discounted item, and when I called, they had no interest in me sending it back. So lots of people got an add on cat with their Christmas gifts this past year!
  • I_like_big_swapsI_like_big_swaps Posts: 83Member
    I received a couple of boxes of puppy training pads. I was really annoyed by the company because they don't pack their shipments with enough padding and kept sending me damaged goods. As is turned out, the guy that I only ever call when I get into trouble when my husband is away (escaped horses, dogs getting into porcupines) was having puppies the day that I slid off the road. I gave them to him, and they were really appreciated.
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