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Boxes you subscribe to that MSA doesn't review??

Origami99Origami99 Posts: 218Member
I'm wondering what boxes you subscribe to that MSA doesn't review. What do you think of them? There's an older post on this (2015) but I'd like to revisit the topic. There are so many new ones out there and I'm itching for a new fix!


  • DebraDebra Posts: 680Member
    I've cut down drastically since the boyfriend lost his job. I believe everything I'm currently subscribed to is reviewed. However, once he gets back to work and we get caught up again:

    I might re-sub to EcoFlower at the higher price. I think the bouquets are beautiful. I wish they would have included some information on how they make the flowers or some background of some kind, but previously it was just an item in the box with no explanation.

    I really want to sub to Holly Journals! That's high on my list too.

    And I want to try Date Night Box. It was reviewed in the past.

    I think any others on my radar are reviewed regularly.
  • Kaof17Kaof17 Posts: 235Member
    I think the only one I subscribe to regularly that isn't reviewed on here is the Nocturnal Reader's Box. They send one new release & one previously released book in the horror/sci-fi/dark fantasy genres each month, along with bookish stuff. Last month's theme was "Lost in the Woods", & it was AWESOME!

    I'm an unabashed bibliophile & horror/sci-fi fan (my doctoral thesis was on Harlan Ellison), so this box is everything for me. I'm turned off by other book boxes as I don't read YA or women's fiction, & many of the items strike me as poor quality or made for a younger audience/different personal style. This is definitely an adult-focused box, which I appreciate.
  • hkabshkabs Posts: 52Member
    I subscribe to Gaia Collective's Moon Box, and it is the only subscription I keep regularly. They send a tea blend, 3 crystals, an essential oil blend, and ritual items curated for the full moon each month. This has been extremely helpful in helping me to find reflective time for myself.
  • ShawnaShawna Posts: 902Member
    I'm subbed to Wander Away. Brand new as of last month. First box was good, not stellar, but I have high hopes.
  • lizRlizR Posts: 575Member
    Not sure if this qualifies, The Holo Hookup. It is a monthly holographic nail polish box that is paid month to month. No commitment. They send an email or an announcement on Facebook with the four new releases. If you like the four polishes then you reply & pay. I really like it!
  • entwashianentwashian Posts: 1,758Member
    @lizR ooh, that's nice! They send out different brands, too. I signed up for their mailing list.
  • megganinwonderlandmegganinwonderland Posts: 351Member
    @Kaof17 That box sounds awesome! How much is it?
  • Kaof17Kaof17 Posts: 235Member
    @megganinwonderland it's $39 plus shipping...comes out to $44 for me. They also send an art print, enamel pin, and bookmark that matches the theme every month (in addition to other bookish goodies). Last month's bookmark was carved cool! April's theme is "Trapped", and you can see previous boxes and spoilers on their website and instagram (if you do social media).
  • megganinwonderlandmegganinwonderland Posts: 351Member
    @Kaof17 Thanks so much for the info! I will definitely be checking it out. I agree with your earlier post - I tried LitCube for a couple of months but everything felt so cheap and/or childish, and I haven't found a good box to replace it.
  • flirtmdflirtmd Posts: 618Member
    Fair Ivy was a sub that was an ETSY sub. it would alternate between Jewelry one month and a handcrafted item the next. It is now "on break". Hopefully it will return but was not reviewed here (probably because it was limited and new members were wait-listed till someone quit.)

    My daughter graduated college last Spring but I used to send her Kites and Ivy. It is a quarterly "survival kit" that was not food based. It had a back to school theme (fall) Winter finals, Spring break and finals week. The products were one or two beauty based, a self image booster (your beautiful mug kind of thing) an accessory (scarf, jewelry, hair adornment) some type of treat and usually one other item.
    As a parent I felt better sending this than a box of candy or snack sized chips.

    I actually considered sending it to her now since she works in a city with a University.

    Just remember… "Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes."
  • flirtmdflirtmd Posts: 618Member
    I think that now that there are some new faces reviewing boxes we are getting a bigger variety. Wonder and company wasn't reviewed and now it is.

    Just remember… "Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes."
  • JackiecupcakeJackiecupcake Posts: 1,074Member
    @lizR - oh this is dangerous for my wallet! Thanks for the heads up!
  • PamPam Posts: 2,221Member
    @Debra Holly Journals are beautiful! @Shawna I wasn't impressed with the first Wander Away box, ,very predictable. Hopping they improve.

    Just so you guys know, its up to the sub box owner if they want to send a box to review. Its a big cost to send free boxes and you don't always get orders from it, so its not always worth sending them for review. I imagine MSA might reach out to the larger companies but the smaller companies probably reach out to them first.
  • janemockingjayjanemockingjay Posts: 1,095Member
    @Kaof17 I was just about to say the same lol. I didn't discover Nocturnal until I won the cratejoy giveaway recently (thanks again Liz!) but I am loving all the different items I've seen in past boxes and I'm planning on signing up with them once I receive my free box in a week or two. Didn't want to sub before then in case I got two of the same boxes but I think it's going to become one of my favorite boxes!
  • NightshiftNightshift Posts: 2,114Member
    Neko box! I just got my first one and I love it! The items are so beautiful. The theme this month is cherry blossoms bc it is cherry blossom season in Japan. They included a gorgeous sheet of stickers and my first thought was I could use them to decorate swap packages. Then I realized they are far too beautiful and unique to share, so sorry future swap partners. Your swap packages will NOT be adorned with pretty Japanese stickers.

    Other notable things about this box is that their CS is excellent (I had an issue and they fixed it right away) but since the box ships from Japan, it takes approximately 700 million days for it to get to you. They ship during the first week of the month, but I just got my box this afternoon.

    Last thing to note is that the box is $35 but with an additional $10 for American subscribers for shipping. Unlike most subs, the total RV of the items in the box is equal to the cost of the box ($35) so you won't get hundreds of dollars worth of Japanese goodies. To me, I'm paying the extra $10 for the experience and the uniqueness of the items so it's worth it :)
  • lotusflower13lotusflower13 Posts: 1,506Member
    I don't know if someone mentioned it, burly there's only two that I currently subscribe to that they don't review.

    Sugarbash- I just started getting this and would love to see a review.

    Therabox- this one is brand new and hasn't even started yet. They do next month. I would love to see a review of this box.

    I forgot about Foodstirs- I just bought a 3- month deal with them, but it's a baking box, so not really a big deal not to review.

    I have subbed to boxes in the past that they never review, but since I don't get them anymore it's no big deal.
  • birdertonbirderton Posts: 363Member
    @Nightshift I am definitely going to look into Neko box. I am going through a bit of a Japanese obsession right now and I've even started learning how to speak it. I need this box in my life.
  • CassieBCassieB Posts: 601Member
    @lotusflower13 I think Liz reviewed the Glamorous Sugarbash box! Pretty sure that was the first one that was reviewed, so hopefully we'll see a review of the LE box soon :smiley:
  • Lei17DenLei17Den Posts: 46Member
    I have a spice club membership from Savory SpiceShop & the Tea Love subscription box from Capital Teas.

    I originally received the spice club membership as a gift and I LOVE it. They typically send 2-3 spices, up to 1 oz. of each, and they always include a recipe that incorporates the spices. I'm now a customer and have since purchased many of the spices that I received. I love it because it encourages me to make new dishes/try new recipes.

    Capital Teas is a local tea company, they're based in Annapolis MD. I'm in the shop often, so when I learned they had a sub, I had to try it. They generally send 3 loose teas, one oz. each, and a tea accessory (such as measuring spoons, honey straws, etc).
  • LunaLuna Posts: 1,720Member
    edited March 30
    @Lei17Den I had no idea Savory had a subscription service! I'll have to look into that. I love to cook, and when I discovered there was a store near me a few years ago, I always have to go in just to look when I'm nearby. Seeing all of those spices & herbs in those bulk containers, just makes me want to take the whole thing home and start cooking or baking something. :)

    The boxes I'm currently subscribed to that MSA doesn't review are (these are as of April, since I'm on a cancelling trend as my pre-paids run out... otherwise the list would be longer):
    Bomibox - I really like this sub, and find it's pretty comparable to Pink Seoul.
    Curl Kit - I don't have curly hair, but more like naturally wavy, frizzy hair. I really like the variety of products, sizes, and brands included in this box. They tend to include items one could find at Sally Beauty, and they've done wonders for my hair in making it smooth, soft, and bringing out what little curl I do have.
    Love Lula - This is a U.K. natural beauty box. They mostly include U.K. brands I've never heard of before, which was a great selling point for me as I love the discovery aspect of beauty boxes.
    Maple Blume - I LOVE this box! This is definitely in my top 3 favorite beauty boxes. It's a Canadian bi-monthly box. I think they lean toward natural beauty products, but I think they include conventional products as well. They only include full-sized products.
    Mintd - This is a U.K. box, and I really like it a lot. I think they also lean toward natural beauty. They only include full-sized products.
    Nourish Beauty - I think this is run by the same people who do So Susan Lip Love. I really like this box, as I've found a few HGs in it. They only include full-sized products.
    Organic Bunny - I really like this box, as it includes a really nice variety of sizes, products, and brands. I think this is a really great "discovery" box.
  • Lei17DenLei17Den Posts: 46Member
    @Luna You should absolutely subscribe! It's fun, and even if you don't make one of the recipes they send, you can still try something new. Oh, and check out their website, they have what was included in past boxes there. It's a bit tricky to find though.

    I don't live near a Savory store, but my bestie does. She gave me a sub as a gift, and now I cannot imagine life without it. I actually just placed an online order yesterday! If I lived near one, I'd be in trouble for sure.
  • NightshiftNightshift Posts: 2,114Member
    @birderton You SO need this box!!! I love all the things they send (this is my first box, but I swapped for an entire box before). Everything feels so well made and special :love:
  • LilithLilith Posts: 270Member
    @Kaof17 I got my first Nocturnal Readers Box last month and I LOVE IT. I searched and searched for adult thriller/horror/mystery boxes that have interesting/nice goodies but isn't mostly YA. I was so thrilled (pun intended) to find that box. I was really excited to see it finally added and reviewed by MSA. I recently also ran across a box called Hedren's Chest - also a horror sub box. I haven't tried them yet, but here they are if you're interested. They're on my list of subs to try sometime.
  • Kaof17Kaof17 Posts: 235Member
    Oooo @Lilith that looks intriguing! Thanks for the suggestion- I'll have to keep my eye on that one. So glad to see other horror lovers here!
  • birdertonbirderton Posts: 363Member
    @Nightshift It looks like if I sign up now I won't get a box until May, which is fine...but the theme for that box is Buddha and I'm kind of on the fence about it. However, I don't think I would've been excited for a "Mt. Fuji" themed box either and that one looked great. Love the cherry blossom box too - especially the sake bottle! If there are any referral credits for you if I sign up, PM me the info.
  • NightshiftNightshift Posts: 2,114Member
    edited March 31
    @birderton Oooh! Good call on the refferal credits! I'll look it up. Thanks for thinking of me :blush:

    ETA: I couldn't find anything on their site, but I emailed them to see if I was missing something.

    I'm a little leery of the Buddah box as well bc I do not like things like that, but the items in general are so special that I want to give it a try. I'm sure I could swap anything I can't keep.
  • lotusflower13lotusflower13 Posts: 1,506Member
    I also just signed up for the femly box. It's a monthly period box, but they also send other items with it. They have a great coupon for your first box. It's on Cratejoy.
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