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Swap Waitlist

MishaFazeliMishaFazeli Posts: 121Member
Hi! I'm just curious how long it took you ladies to get off the waitlist to be able to participate in swaps? I'm a long time MSA follower, but for some reason never tried swapping even though I have tons of sealed beauty products ....I signed up about 3 weeks and have been waitlisted since, does that sound about right to y'all? Is it a super exclusive thing, or does everyone eventually get off the waitlist? Thank you!!


  • boxjoyboxjoy Posts: 2,689Member
    @mishafazeli I believe it's done in batches every 3-4 weeks so I would suggest reaching out if you don't hear back in the next week or so. You also might want to check your spam box in case your email has an aggressive spam filter.
  • MariaNGMariaNG Posts: 1,750Member
    Everyone does get off the waitlist @mishafazeli :). You should be off the list and swapping soon! It took me about a month.
  • Love2323Love2323 Posts: 627Member
    Just got off and it's great. Kicking myself for not knowing sooner I must have given hundreds away as gifts.
    ID: 1481109015524778
  • Love2323Love2323 Posts: 627Member
    Thanks still stubbing my way around
    ID: 1481109015524778
  • MariaNGMariaNG Posts: 1,750Member
    Let us know if you have any questions @Love2323. There's lot of information under the reference tab too including how to post your swap ID (hint, hint).
    I was going to link to that comment but links can sometimes cause a comment to be stuck in a moderation I cut and pasted the info.

    Your swap user ID number can be found by logging into the swap site from a non-mobile device, clicking on the upside-down triangle in the top right corner of the screen, and then clicking on My Swaps, and then on Profile Page. The URL information at the top of your screen will contain your swap user ID number: for example where XXX is your swap user ID number.
  • exateraexatera Posts: 103Member
    I was never on the waitlist. Just created an account on MSA and started swapping.
  • MariaNGMariaNG Posts: 1,750Member
    @exatera That's interesting! You're the first person I've heard who was able to do that. So you were able to create your swap ID and add listings right away?
  • exateraexatera Posts: 103Member
    @MariaNG I created an MSA ID a while back when I started following reviews and spoilers. One day when I decided to swap, I just clicked on the "Swap" section and started listing items. It's the same ID.
  • boxjoyboxjoy Posts: 2,689Member
    Here is a copy of the message I received when I got off the list a few years ago. I don't know if it has changed, but it's actually quite interesting to read this now after swapping for quite awhile.

    "We've just opened up the swap site to more members, and you are officially off the wait list! Check out this post to see how you get started on the new swap site.

    Check out the Swap FAQ before you get started:

    How do swaps work?
    First, make sure you have items listed. When you’re browsing and you see an item you have, just click on that item and then click the List It button. You also can list items by clicking List a New Item in the top navigation.

    Next, start browsing and look for items you want. Once you find something you’re interested in, click Swap For It. You will then see all the users who have this item listed and you can choose who you want to swap with. Then click Start Swap!

    Before you initiate the swap, you can look at that user’s other items, and decide if there’s anything else you would like to request to make it a multi-item swap. Add items if you choose to, then start the swap!

    Who pays for shipping?
    Both swappers are responsible for the costs of shipping the items that are currently in their possession. Keep that in mind when deciding what makes a fair swap if certain items are heavy and/or boxy and will make shipping more expensive.

    I’m new - Why do I have to ship my item first?
    If you don’t have a feedback score yet, we ask that you ship your items first. Once your fellow swapper received your item(s), they can leave you feedback and ship out their items to you. This method encourages veteran swappers to swap with new swappers and should get you more accepted swaps immediately!

    How quickly do I need to ship my item after a swap is accepted?
    We recommend 1-2 business days. But we understand that circumstances may prevent you mailing your package in that timeframe (weather, illness, etc.). Please reach out to your fellow swapper and keep them updated if you’re delayed in shipping an item.

    Do I need to get tracking for the package I’m shipping?
    Tracking on packages is not a requirement, but many swappers prefer it, so we recommend discussing with your fellow swapper before you ship the package. If you do get tracking information, enter it on the swap page and your fellow swapper will be notified via email that you’ve adding tracking info. They can also check the status of their package any time from that page.

    Can I list an item that isn’t from a subscription box?
    No. This swap site was built for the subscription box community with the goal of exchanging subscription box items.

    What happens if a swapper doesn’t send my item / doesn’t send the item as described?
    With any swap there is some risk involved. The swap site on My Subscription Addiction is a completely free service, and because of this we cannot provide assistance or refunds if there are issues with a swap. Our role in successful swaps is to make sure you have the information you need when deciding who to swap with to begin with, and if things go wrong that you are able to share this with the community. (If you aren’t comfortable with these terms, please do not use the swap site).

    Once both parties have accepted the swap, you are able to leave feedback for your fellow swapper. If they failed to send the item or the item wasn’t as described you can give them a negative rating and comment to elaborate. (We always recommend you contact your fellow swapper before leaving a negative rating to see if the issue can be resolved).

    Since we cannot provide assistance in swap disputes, please do not email us regarding issues with a fellow swapper as we will not be able to respond.

    Happy Swapping!!

  • Jennifer3141Jennifer3141 Posts: 3,135Member
    edited April 7
    @chris @Liz Cadman It looks like there's a bug in the website that lets people swap without going through the normal channels. :o
  • exateraexatera Posts: 103Member
    @Jennifer3141 I doubt that it's a bug, I think swapping is open to all now.
  • MariaNGMariaNG Posts: 1,750Member
    edited April 7
    @exatera we have two people here very recently posting about the waitlist in the comments above, so the waitlist is still a thing.
    I had a MSA ID a while before I decided I wanted to swap but couldn't list items with that ID, so what you've described is not usual.
  • Tanya3Tanya3 Posts: 1,310Member
    @exatera swapping has never been immediately open to all... never.
  • exateraexatera Posts: 103Member
    Ha, interesting. Well, I am up and running. :smile:
  • MariaNGMariaNG Posts: 1,750Member
    @Jennifer3141 which ironically is actually the thread we're posting in :).
  • Jennifer3141Jennifer3141 Posts: 3,135Member
    @MariaNG Yeah, I know, but stating the obvious doesn't seem to be enough.
  • exateraexatera Posts: 103Member
    @Jennifer3141 You mean I am so obtuse that I just don't get it?

    I really don't care, I guess I was just lucky.
  • Tequila_DebTequila_Deb Posts: 899Member
    @Eatera Welcome to the forum, we have lovely, kind, and considerate people here and I wish you all the best in swapping with each of us. :) Please attach you swap ID so we can check out your many treasures.
  • exateraexatera Posts: 103Member
    @DLR I had my profile attached until some people here started using it against me, so I removed it. I no longer feel comfortable disclosing so much information, especially considering that there are no limits to what any other user can see, privacy is not protected.

    (You tagged the wrong ID, btw :smile: )
  • MariaNGMariaNG Posts: 1,750Member
    @exatera I'm sorry to hear that's happened to you.
  • BlackberryBlackberry Posts: 1,511Member
    @exatera how did people use it against you? I'm not understanding how a swap ID could do that?
  • exateraexatera Posts: 103Member
    edited April 7
    Well, look at what's happening even right now- I mention I never had to wait, and someone's immediate reaction is to report me to the admin as though I somehow wilfully circumvented the rules.
    The other incident wasn't analogous to this, but either way, I have no great desire to share.
  • KristyKristy Posts: 2,261Member
    I don't think @Jennifer3141 was trying to say you weren't being truthful @exatera, or tattling you out to the admins. If we notice issues/bugs with the site it's common to mention them.
  • Jennifer3141Jennifer3141 Posts: 3,135Member
    @exatera I wasn't reporting you, I was reporting a problem with the site. I don't think you circumvented anything. It sounds like you accidentally stumbled on a loophole that needs to be closed.
  • Jennifer3141Jennifer3141 Posts: 3,135Member
    Is this where @Ellie would step in and tell me to just eat a Snickers? Man, I miss her. :)
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