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Please tell me how to cancel Luxor Box

TracyCTracyC Posts: 240Member
I went to pay pal but I can't find the cancel this subscription


  • lrn12lrn12 Posts: 295Member
    You have to find where your reoccurring payments are located. I think it might be somewhere in account but you could probably google that part to find it. I hope this helps!
  • chicasayshichicasayshi Posts: 34Member
    edited April 12
    I'm on the site right now through my phone.

    1. Click on My PayPal
    2. Click on Menu
    3. Click on the settings image
    4. click on payments
    5. Click on manage preapproved payments
    6. Click on the specific merchant you want to edit.

    Note: if it says active that means you have a reoccurring purchase through it.

    7. Click on status change if to cancel if you want to cancel it
    8. On the pop-up box that displays click Yes
  • TracyCTracyC Posts: 240Member
    @chicasayshi and @lrn12 Thank you so much for your help. I have never been on the PayPal site before so I was kinda lost. I think I may have canceled it. It said I won't have anymore reoccurring payments on this. I also sent luxor a cancel my sub email just in case. I am trying to cut down on some of my sub boxes because I have way to much stuff right now.
  • TracyCTracyC Posts: 240Member
    Just wondering if I will still get the May box or not. Shows they charged my card on March 30 so would that be for the May box?
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