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Book Swap - Almost Time for Summer Reading!

lallenlallen Posts: 193Member
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Sign Up link here:

May 6th - Deadline to sign up
May 31st - All swaps mailed
June 10th - All swaps received (this should allow for plenty of usps error if shipped by end of May)

Allright, I have an idea and I'm wondering if anybody is interested! I've been trying to clear out some books that I've already read and am planning to pick up some books to read on the beach over the summer. I've made a half-hearted attempt at selling books on ebay but not a ton of luck so far even though I'm pricing them at like $1.

What I'm thinking is with the cost of media mail being so low - maybe it would be fun to do an MSA book swap. I'm thinking we could match up with someone else with a similar genre interest and each send each other 5 books. I know some people like to read books over and over, but not me (Harry Potter is the one exception to that.)

Rules would be that books have to be in Good or better condition: No stains or spills, no missing pages - but some dogeared corners or a crease in a paperback cover is fine. This is open for discussion.

I'm happy to make this as official or casual as people want. If there's interest I can make up a survey that asks for your preferences and pairs you up based on that (and your partner would receive your responses.) We could even try to match up smoking homes/pet homes if we think that's necessary. Or we can just try to use this thread to find a partner and work out details in messages. I'm not sure if this is breaking any forum rules so please advise if that is the case.

I'm excited and feel like I've come across a genius idea so if you think it's dumb please be gentle :s
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