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Subscription Box You Want to See Reviewed

chrischris Posts: 3,862Member, Moderator
There was some recent discussion of this and so I would like to address this topic.

MSA periodically asks the question of what boxes people would like to see reviewed in different blog posts. There are several factors that go into whether or not a box gets reviewed including, but not limited to, the number of people who are interested in a certain box, trying to review different boxes from different categories (for example some lifestyle, some beauty, some geek boxes etc.), how new company is (for example if a box is still in beta then MSA doesn't want to review it yet, etc.). MSA also wants to make sure that enough attention is given to each box that gets reviewed in order to ensure that review is done accurately/properly.

If you would like to have a certain box reviewed, you're always welcome to send an email to MSA to request this, but there is no guarantee that any one particular box will be reviewed at any time unless Liz posted that MSA will be reviewing a certain box or something along those lines.

Separately, if you want a certain box listed in the Subscription Box List,, you're always welcome to request that as well. Most boxes will be listed, but there is also criteria that goes into making that decision. You can send an email to [email protected] or we have a thread here where you can post that request and it will be addressed:

Right now I'm a little bit behind in that thread, but I'm working on a bunch of boxes there and if you request a box there it will be addressed usually within a day (sometimes a couple of days), but sometimes it takes a bit longer depending on factors related to the box itself or that these requests are sometimes batched.


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