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Countering in swaps

CrystalsCrystals Posts: 1,147Member
When you receive a swap offer for an item, propose a swap to counter with what you want and leave a message if this sounds ok, and the other party comes back with a counteroffer, removes an item that you wanted to swap for and adds back an item that you never selected in the first place...maybe that was an error, but I know in the past another swapper requested an item from me, I countered and then they selected a completely different it just me...and on the other hand it looks like I'm about to have a really good swap on my hands where I will be getting stuff that I totally want and need (cause there is a difference) and the other party is trying to be fair.


  • lallenlallen Posts: 194Member
    So sometimes if you request something they have pending they will counter by adding a random item on instead, to give you a second chance to pick. Is that what you're describing?
  • CrystalsCrystals Posts: 1,147Member
    Yes, that's what happened and it's only happened once before.
  • missycat928missycat928 Posts: 1,108Member
    I had that happen to me once. The person requested something from me, I selected something from her, and then she changed the item that I had selected from her and sent the counter. I canceled. Why not just say in the comment "I'd love to swap this for xxx". The item she added was not something I followed or expressed interest in, and it was less in rv from what she wanted. It was weird and I was too new to say something at the time.
  • rbarker33rbarker33 Posts: 29Member
    Nothing wrong with a little back and forth, Everybody values items differently, as long as its friendly I don't have a problem with it. Worse thing that happens is they say no right?
  • AACAAC Posts: 622Member
    I counter all the time - that said, I always comment and I never change the other person's selected without consent. However, I've seen people change mine all the time. Or some people counter without any comments and I can't figure out why they countered. Why is it so hard to make a comment?
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  • whitpickwhitpick Posts: 1,192Member
    I enjoy the back and forth of countering until everyone is happy, but again I only change the other person's if an item is pending a swap I'm sure will close, and then I send a message about why.
  • LeahLeah Posts: 4,090Member
    I don't understand something about countering. I can't figure out how to change the other person's items at some point in the countering process. I've had two swaps where I just had to trust the other person to make the changes we discussed in the comments because it could only be changed at their end and not mine. So I sent the counter to them, and then they had to adjust, but technically they could've accepted the swap without my approval. Not sure if that makes sense.
  • LeahLeah Posts: 4,090Member
    @missycat928 That's weird. Why would she do that? Also, I just realized last night that you're "missy-cat-nine-two-eight" and not "missy-cat-nineteen-twenty-eight." I guess you're younger than I thought :p
  • Love2323Love2323 Posts: 684Member
    Hi I'm a newbie and made a mistakevrv$2 to her benefit but it was an innocent mistake I don't use luxie brushes saw it was A 504 pink and didn't realize it was a 514 pink that she was asking for I sent it by mistake. I told her to send it back but she didn't want to pay postage so i just sent a vial perfumes&facial mask. Her other prob was cargo blush was broken. I carefully packed it
    What would you all do?
    Also my biggest peeve is swappers who don't acknowledge me. How long do swaps stay up for
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  • boxjoyboxjoy Posts: 2,750Member
    Interesting. I would find it weird if someone added something to my requests when countering, as then it's not really my request, but I would have absolutely no problem with them removing an item from my requests when countering. Maybe they have that item wrapped up in a swap or they are just not willing to let it go for whatever it is that they want from me.
  • SamanthaLSamanthaL Posts: 1,041Member
    @boxjoy I don't mind if people remove an item on my side of the request if there's an explanation. I've had people tell me that the item is pending in another swap, or ask if we could work something else out cause that particular item would make the multiswap much more difficult to ship, etc.; that's fine by me, but I don't like when people remove part of my request, changing the value, and don't communicate anything.
  • LisaMarieLisaMarie Posts: 739Member
    I'm afraid I would miss it if someone altered the swap like that...I have old eyes...
  • CrystalsCrystals Posts: 1,147Member
    And now the other person wants to add more to her side of the swap because she brought the items to the post office and they are to heavy. The swap is already in her favor retail value wise...and I selected some beauty items because she said one of the other items was "swapped" but it's still on her list. And she's new. I might be causing myself more grief and perhaps I should cancel, but I will at least communicate and give a reason.
  • MelissaBMelissaB Posts: 1,764Member
    @Love2323 Don't be afraid to ask questions, even if they may have been addressed before. That being said, this probably isn't the best thread to ask in. At any rate, I see that no one addressed the second part of your question, which is about how long swaps stay open. From the time you request, if the other person does not respond, they stay open for 10 days. You can always cancel in the meantime if you are wanting to clean up your list.

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  • paigepaige Posts: 403Member
    @Love2323 to add to what @MelissaB said, there is also "don't expire" function, which is a way to keep a swap open beyond the 10 day window.
  • MelissaBMelissaB Posts: 1,764Member
    @Love2323 And to add to what @paige said, only the person you requested from (the person on the receiving end of the request) can keep a swap open. If you sent the request, you can't request to keep it open past the 10 days.

    You could send some people a box of roses, and they'd complain about the thorns, or the smell, or the color.
  • lalalalalala Posts: 1,531Member
    @annem You are a generous person, but don't let her take advantage of you. I agree with your decision if you want to cancel.
  • V_Muller2V_Muller2 Posts: 140Member
    This is good to know because I think I have sent a message to someone in the past that either the item was pending or I was not able to swap for it and did not wait to hear back before countering. I now always send messages to let the other swapper know whether the item is pending or if I'm not interested in swapping a particular item based on what they have in their listing. There is a learning curve and I think I'm still getting there so I hope I have never upset anyone out of ignorance.
    I'm also still waiting to hear back from someone that I sent a counter offer to accept or decline and it's been over a week and I have sent them several messages which I can only assume that they are not receiving. I don't know whether to cancel the swap or keep waiting
  • V_Muller2V_Muller2 Posts: 140Member
    @californiajanet It's happened to me too and I hate having to cancel out of panic after a swap has said it went through or where I have to request from them in order to counter what I am willing to swap.
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