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Anyone familiar with a company TOPHATTER

Love2323Love2323 Posts: 627Member
Has anyone had any run ins with a company named Tophatter. I understand it's an auction jewerly
On line co
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  • mycatbuttersmycatbutters Posts: 808Member
    I used Tophatter way back before it was Tophatter. It used to be like a Groupon for etsy. Then it's auctions were predominately hand crafted only auctions. I bought SO much I still have a bin of things waiting to use. It's been a couple of months since I last gave it a whirl. I noticed most things now seem to be cheap imports so I haven't been excited to go back.

    I think the rest of your post got cut off. What questions did you have?
  • nelliebelle1197nelliebelle1197 Posts: 2,599Member
    I just looked it up and the site looks super shady now - mostly cheap knockoffs from China. Reviews are terrible.
  • bunnygirlbrembunnygirlbrem Posts: 419Member
    edited May 1
    I used it a few times. It was kind of fun, actually. BUT, the quality of items was really poor. I knew that's what I was getting, so I was fine with it.

    ETA: think Ali Express rejects. Also, it's not just jewelry.
  • Love2323Love2323 Posts: 627Member
    Thanks my Aspergers child spent over $$600 & they refused to honor their guarantee or warranty of 30 day return so Thursday I have a conference call in front of a judge so I'm trying to gather as much information because I sure would like to win wish me luck please
    ID: 1481109015524778
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