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HOW TO: Minimize the likelihood your swap listing will be (incorrectly) flagged as not from a box

chrischris Posts: 3,862Member, Moderator
We have been discussing items that get flagged as not from a subscription box on the swap site. Sometimes item listings get flagged when they should not be. (3 different people flagging an item will make that item disappear from the regular swap view.)

This thread can be a place where we put ideas on how to minimize the likelihood your swap listing will be incorrectly flagged.


  • GeorgiaGeorgia Posts: 526Member
    I've listed an item with the box name as part of the title for this reason. Very good idea for little known items.
  • MoiSurtoutMoiSurtout Posts: 647Member
    edited May 2
    I think as @boxjoy said, it's best to go into more detail about the item if you're the only one who has it.

    I can see how putting the box in the title would help, but what if the same item goes in a different box later?

    Perhaps the software could prevent people from creating new listings for items unless they have a certain feedback rating. That could prevent newbie mistakes.
  • Randi2Randi2 Posts: 2,239Member
    @chris can you address the whole flagging duplicates of items...

    I didn't realize that an item could be flagged if it was a duplicate, I thought it was only for non-sub box items until a thread awhile ago discussed it.

    It would be helpful if there was a separate flag for duplicate items
  • House06House06 Posts: 965Member
    @kimmycoo99 - you've had so much trouble listing that particular item - maybe this isn't the best place for it? What about Poshmark or EBay , seems like you could get rid of that items much easier in another type of market ? ( with less frustration and hassle)
  • House06House06 Posts: 965Member
  • sarasara Posts: 3,708Member
    @kimmycoo99, I had a book from PS that kept getting flagged. I wasn't the only one with that problem, it was from a very early PS box and PS later put out a sequel in another box- everyone thought we were putting the first one on illegally. I just took it off swaps for a while. When I put it back on a few months later, it had all been worked out and it wasn't flagged any more. The Moderators don't really have time to deal with all the flagging problems, and it is a hassle for everyone, including the mods. It seems like they go through every once and a while and unflag the duplicates, but it would be a full time job to keep everyone happy.
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  • KatMKatM Posts: 232Member
    edited May 4
    @chris - I posted in the previous thread to get some clarification about whether we can post items for swap that we have purchased from a sub-box company that did not necessarily come directly from a sub box. Perhaps I could have been more specific or worded it better to not cause confusion or retaliatory flagging. I just wanted some info for myself as I have purchased items from 1951, Rifle Paper Co, Thursday/Friday, Baggu, etc. to name a few and am wondering if said items could be posted for swap. These items are almost identical as items from sub boxes, but are a different color/style. And, many of my items still have tags on them like Baggu bags, for instance. Thanks for clarifying!
  • mimiretzmimiretz Posts: 587Member
    @KatM I once asked about swapping products bought from places like Birchbox, say a full-sized version of something that had been sent as a sample, and was told that it wouldn't be allowed; don't know if that would be the same.
  • SaizaSaiza Posts: 1,900Member
    edited May 4
    I know I have see items bought from the People shop on the swap site, like the Baggu bags. They're awesome and I love them, but we know every sub is not sending out Baggu bags. The People shop would have crazy sales on them and people would get them at a steep discount, myself included. And I have swapped for more that I'm sure were bought somewhere and not from a box. It's a very thin line between what's acceptable to swap that's not from a box (i.e. Baggu bags, 1951s, designer handbags) and what's not. But it also happens with stuff bought from Birchbox or Globein or any sub box's shop.
  • californiajanetcaliforniajanet Posts: 392Member
    edited May 4
    @chris can you also please "officially" address the issue regarding gift if a sub box sends out a gift card, are we allowed to swap the item we purchased using the gift card (even though that item was not officially in the box itself...only the gift card was.) I've seen this brought up on several different threads, but there hasn't seemed to be a real consensus on it so I'd love some clarification. Thanks!
  • lisadlisad Posts: 2,347Member
    I have a question on how to remove flagged items from your followed, anyone?
  • minniethecatminniethecat Posts: 382Member
    @lisad to unfollow a flagged item go on your swap profile and look to the left where there is a column of choices to see followed swappers etc. You will see Followed Listings, go on that and you can unfollow easily from there without having to click on each listing.
  • jewlzjewlz Posts: 1,269Member
    Any input on things MSA does to verify that a listing is legit that we could do easily ourselves if we are questioning a listing? I am not looking to flag stuff but I am occasionally gunshy myself at swapping with someone who has a ton of stuff from a box I don't get and they are the only person with any of those items. I'm experiencing that now with memebox. I don't get it so I don't know how it works or if its logical that one person has 20 items no one else does or 9 of something no one else does.
  • seuss516seuss516 Posts: 400Member
    @jewlz I always search (google or bing) the name of the box and the item. Most times I'll end up with a link to an MSA review or something similar. Not foolproof - just because it's not there doesn't mean it's wrong - but helpful.
  • LuluLulu Posts: 220Member
    @Katalyst I noticed that too. They are also full size and not samples.
  • bunneebunnee Posts: 430Member
    I am pretty sure I have gotten all of the Amazon boxes and have never received any of those products.
  • BestAuntEverBestAuntEver Posts: 1,420Member
    @minniethecat Ooh, thanks for the instruction! That fixed my issue, too.
  • bunnygirlbrembunnygirlbrem Posts: 419Member
    Some box sent ecotools recently...
  • sarasara Posts: 3,708Member
    For common items, all you have to do is search the name of the item, and it will come up. If that box doesn't sound right to you (for example, if you don't get that box, ...ahem...), then ask the forum in the "which box did this come from" thread.
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  • HappyCatHappyCat Posts: 1,383Member
    @jewlz Memebox tends to be that way because I think the cost of the is higher per on the cost and people who tend to buy box want what is in it or at least most off it. Think people may by the boxes that contain sheet masks so they can swap them.
  • wldflowur13wldflowur13 Posts: 689Member
    @chris are we allowed to trade point rewards and promo code items from Sephora? MSA often posts about the various sets available from Sephora and those rewards, samples and promo code items are things that would be included in your Sephora purchase
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