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Help me identify!

mhigginsnycmhigginsnyc Posts: 1,939Member
edited May 9 in Reference
Hi All! I swapped with someone and she sent me this wonderful sheet of stickers 2 weeks ago and the calico kitty looks just like my girl who just passed :(. I want to know if anyone knows who makes these or what they are called! I want to see if I can find more! It's crazy the sticker faces are her to a T!! Thanks in advance!!!


  • minniethecatminniethecat Posts: 382Member
    @mhigginsnyc those are called Diary Stickers. You can find them on eBay and they're super cheap (in price). Just type in Album Diary Sticker Cat in your search and there you go :) I love them and use them in my planners and for decorating gift packaging.
  • mhigginsnycmhigginsnyc Posts: 1,939Member
    @minniethecat thanks :). I was hoping that they were something like pusheen or hello kitty lol and that somewhere they existed as things other than stickers. I'm guessing they are from a Japanese or Korean box and I know sometimes they are popular characters that don't carry over here. I'll see if I can find on etsy thanks!!
  • flirtmdflirtmd Posts: 618Member
    @mhigginsnyc @minniethecat I was looking up album cat and found the neatest website with cats in classic album covers. Check it out. It is so funny. I can't pick a favorite but I think it may be Micheal Jackson's off the wall for the simplicity or Fleetwood Mac rumors.

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