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Mother's Day Giveaway! WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

lisadlisad Posts: 2,347Member
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Thank you to everyone who posted. I so enjoyed reading everyones comments. I ended up doing a random draw since I couldn't pick from all of these heartfelt comments.

CONGRATS to @Holly, @Sjski @Nyx

Winners please pm me your mailing information!
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  • chefkristinchefkristin Posts: 1,938Member
    Awe you are so sweet to include fur mommies, good luck everyone!
  • lisadlisad Posts: 2,347Member
  • julzy567julzy567 Posts: 786Member
    Thank you. I am a mom and also do still have my mother living.
    Mother's Day to me is feeling so fortunate to have my Mother and Mother In Law to provide advice and life experience's (alway's welcomed).
    My favorite subscription box is (My Ireland Box).. The item's are so unique in every box with a story behind all the itme's included.
  • lynndeannelynndeanne Posts: 562Member
    I am a cat mom and have been a foster kitten mom to over 100 kittens. (Over a decade... I'm not totally crazy.)

    I was not close to my mother, but spent a tremendous amount of time with her during her 14 year illness. (First waiting for and getting a liver transplant, then her diabetes triggered kidney and heart disease. She could have gotten another transplant for kidney, but just wasn't up to going through it again.)

    So Mother's Day... is just sort of sad. I'm sad that I wasn't close to my Mom, sad that she's gone, and sad that my cats do not have credit cards, LOL.

    That said, my sister-in-law's husband is from a country that doesn't celebrate Mother's Day and I almost always go up there to make sure that she gets presents from my nephew and to visit my mother-in-law. So I celebrate with family and get to see my nephew, who is more like a grandson as my sister-in-law was 46 when she had him. (Her mother had 5 kids and he is her only grandchild. Can you imagine?)

    If you're picking on stories, don't pick me as I'll have a happy day. If it is random, my favorite sub box is any that include jewelry/pretty home items. My favorite color... purple or blue.
  • SmarwSmarw Posts: 495Member
    Hi @lisad! This is so nice of you and I'm going to play! I am a mom of three and very lucky to have both my mother and grandmother (92 years young) still with me. I can make this comment exceedingly long but will keep it short. Overall, Mother's Day means showing appreciation. I will do my best to show my appreciation to my mom and I hope my kids do the same for me (they're young so my husband better help Or someone's in trouble)! I think as women and mothers, we are not celebrated enough and Mother's Day is our Day! Anyway, I love all colors and my favorite subs are Luxor, Rachel Zoe, sometimes popsugar, boxycharm, Sephora.... I love it all!
  • dramamommadramamomma Posts: 337Member
    edited May 10
    What does Mother's Day mean to me? That's a great question. I think I can sum it up in one word-Thankful. Thankful that I still have my mother while so many others no longer do. Thankful of what she sacrificed so her children could have the best. Thankful that my mil raised a honorable man. Thankful that due to science I was able to become a mother. Thankful that I'm raising 2 beautiful daughters who not only respect me but enjoy my company. Thankful for my "tribe" of mothers(some of you here) who picked me up when my life was too much for me to bare. So that's what Mother's Day means to me.

    Edited to add my favorite color is blue/green & right now my favorite box is a toss up between popsugar and FFF
    Hi All! Real name is Dawn. Although with 2 teen girls I'm momma to a lot of drama!
  • AngienharryAngienharry Posts: 1,371Member
    Mothers Day is bittersweet to me. I lost my mom 2 years ago and even though I am a mother, it's just not the same. My boys are 23 and 25 and I try and focus on what I have and not what I've lost.
    I like all colors, pink, blue, grey.
    My favorite box is Avenue A.
    Thanks for the kind giveaway!
  • Kaof17Kaof17 Posts: 235Member
    Wow what a lovely gesture! I don't want to enter but I do want to share. My husband and I are choosing, for a variety of reasons, to never have children, but we're surrounded by beautiful nieces and nephews. We also have 4 cats and a dog, and have basically adopted a college student (long story).

    I am very close to my mother, and I know our decision makes her sad as she loves children. However, she has always supported me in every way, and has never pressured me or questioned our decision. She raised me alone, on very limited income, and I can remember one time looking at a sweater I liked that we couldn't afford. I also happened to be the lead in my school's play at the time, and on opening night, i came home and found the sweater wrapped on my bed. Those are the sacrifices that solidify the bond between mothers and children. Mother's Day means that I am one in a long line of gorgeous, intelligent, powerful women.

    My favorite color is burgundy, and my favorite boxes are Love Goodly and Nocturnal Reader's box.
  • Randi2Randi2 Posts: 2,239Member
    @BestAuntEver haven't you ever seen the Happy Mother's Day cards "from the cat/dog" in the card aisle?

    Furbaby moms are DEFINITELY moms too! <3 my first kid was my cat and now my human son calls the cat his brother :)

    @lisad this is so kind and generous of you to do!! I love reading all of these stories - just warms my heart <3
  • @Nyx I'm so sorry for your loss. That has to be THE CUTEST dog I have ever seen though. Seriously it's too much for me. He's too perfect!
  • lisadlisad Posts: 2,347Member
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    PS Your all winners, I only have 3 packages to give out this time or I'd send you all something. I'm sorry if I upset someone, my intentions were pure.
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  • SjskiSjski Posts: 385Member
    Yay - Thank you! Happy Mother's Day to all : )
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