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Wonderful New World of Emojis

Randi2Randi2 Posts: 2,239Member
edited May 16 in Reference

so while messing around trying to find a "shocked" or "surprised" face - I discovered a whole new world of emojis... most importantly :cookie:

to find these new guys simply type a colon ( : ) followed by any letter or the start of the word if you know what one you're looking for

so here's a quick guide to them key to them:
:smile: smile
:smiley: smiley
:wink: wink
:blush: blush
:neutral: neutral
:worried: worried
:weary: weary
:warning: warning
:sweat_smile: sweat_smile
:error: error
:expressionless: expressionless
:relaxed: relaxed
:fearful: fearful
:relieved: relieved
:relaxed: relaxed
:rage: rage
:frowning: frowning
:trollface: trollface
:tired_face: tire_face
:triumph: triumph
:tongue: tongue
:star: star
:yum: yum
:cry: cry
:joy: joy
:grey_question: grey_question
:unamused: unamused
:sunglasses: sunglasses
:hushed: hushed
:blush: blush
:innocent: innocent
:disappointed: disappointed
:kiss: kiss
:dizzy: dizzy
:open_mouth: open_mouth
:cookie: cookie
:love: love
:no_mouth: no_mouth
:pensive: pensive
:persevere: persevere
:disappointed: disappointed
:astonished: astonished
:angry: angry
:anguished: anguished
:naughty: naughty
:mask: mask
:sweat: sweat
:smirk: smirk
:dizzy: dizzy
:cold_sweat: cold_sweat
:tired_face: tired_face
:fearful: fearful
:flushed: flushed
:confused: confused
:confounded: confounded
:grin: grin
:grimace: grimace
:heartbreak: heartbreak
:heart: heart
:kissing: kissing
:kissing_heart: kissing_heart
:kissing_smiling_eyes: kissing_smiling_eyes
:kissing_closed_eyes: kissing_closed_eyes
:lol: lol
:love: love
:sleeping: sleeping
:expressionless: expressionless
:relaxed: relaxed
:relieved: relieved
:bawling: bawling
:mrgreen: mrgreen
:+1: +1
:-1: -1

*see example below of what :cookie: looks like while you're typing



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