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Forum Exchange [June 2017] - What theme should we do next?



  • manalimanali Posts: 495Member
    lol @rachelnyc the idea of a box full of fifty pehr runners, running across the country, just so hilarious! :D
  • CheyChey Posts: 667Member
    @rachelnyc A fandom box would be a box of my dreams. I'd have to sign up for as many matches as possible to include different fandoms. (cats, anime, Japan, books)
  • manalimanali Posts: 495Member
    @BestAuntEver although sending a box of 50 inflatable swans to the return address is also a good way to get revenge, don't you think!? :D
  • LexLex Posts: 380Member
    @BestAuntEver That's exactly what I was concerned about. I have no interests that I love so much that I would love anything that looked, smelled or sounded like it fit into that category. I know nothing about Japanese culture, geek categories etc and I would be worried about not doing justice to someones loves.
  • @Lex Yes! I would feel horrible if someone was disappointed in my curation and for some of those subjects, it's a sure bet they would be. Even an avid bookworm would want to smack the stupid out of me, as I don't really have any creativity there.

    But, I do really like the other themes that @rachelnyc mentioned. Like, if someone loved a destination, animals, cars, a TV show, flavor, sport, etc., I can totally work with that.
  • Jennifer3141Jennifer3141 Posts: 3,233Member
    edited May 2017
    @mycatbutters said: I also wouldn't want to receive a popsugar's greatest hits.

    I could not agree more, but I would hope that folks don't do these exchanges just to dump their albatrosses. That would be sad, rude, and lots of other nasty things. I've been in three of these exchanges, and have gotten some amazing, thoughtful, incredibly curated boxes. I hope that no one has had or ever has the experience of getting a box full of "what the hell" or of Popsugar's (not so) greatest hits.

    I love the idea of a staycation theme.
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  • NightshiftNightshift Posts: 2,238Member
    I really like @Nyx 's "alter ego" box idea! It would be so much fun to curate a box like that. Or maybe that's just me bc I live in my head most of the time and have an extremely rich fantasy life with many alter egos to choose from.
  • manalimanali Posts: 495Member
    @rachelnyc @Chey Ikr!! They always get to the thighs first. All my jeans/leggings break down at the thighs, coz thunder thighs ftw.
  • rachelnycrachelnyc Posts: 754Member
    @manali Every. Single. Pair.

    I have a few that are holding on for dear life by a few threads right now...I keep waiting to buy new ones because I'm cheap about replacing them (it's not a "fun" purchase, so I drag my feet on it), but every time I wear these things (under dresses), I feel like I'm edging closer and closer to catastrophe . . .
  • manalimanali Posts: 495Member
    @rachelnyc haha I know the pain girl
    Even Banana Republic pants have been defeated by my thighs. They did fight a long battle though ;D
    I like VS leggings though, but not really wearable under dresses. I mostly use them for workout purposes.
  • moniquemonique Posts: 805Member
    @rachelnyc that is the most hilarious statement written here, ever.
  • lynndeannelynndeanne Posts: 923Member
    I love this idea:
    Nyx said:

    Or the challenge of "if I ran a sub box" and we each curate the box we'd secretly love to assemble and sell as a subscription. Instead of noting what we like or want on the questionnaires, we'd note the type of box we want to curate.

    I loved the local boxes and would do that again.

    And a twist that's a combo of curating and destination boxes -- a fantasy city or country or region box. So, Paris, London, Tokyo, or Germany, Switzerland, Costa Rica, India, Australia. (and so on)

    "Inspired by" so you don't have to order internationally. To simplify matching, there might be a way to put the list of boxes people want to curate or destinations in a Google-doc and let people click the top 10 they'd want or something. (Or limit quantity so they fall off as they are picked.)

    I'm not excited by Staycation... seems like that is what a lot of summer boxes will be doing.

  • TiaTia Posts: 208Member
    I'm just wondering what the "Staycation" box would include? I'm thinking face mask, bath bomb/bubbles, nail polish, etc. It would be really easy for me to put together a box since I have lots of those items from boxes but I'm not sure how excited I would be to get one in return haha Any other ideas for items to include to make it feel not like a leftovers box?
  • NightshiftNightshift Posts: 2,238Member
    People are making good points about the "Staycation" box. Like @Tia said, I don't think I'd be excited to get a box of bath bombs, sheet masks, etc. I have so many of those already from boxes.
  • SarahFrancesSarahFrances Posts: 736Member
    My idea for a staycation box was something along the lines of 'at home adventures,' and I would try to gear it toward fun experiences or activities that people enjoy but don't often take the time to indulge. And while I am all about some bath bombs, I figure by this point most of us have enough product to host a spa day for twenty people, so unless that's what my partner really wanted, I would steer clear of those types of items.
  • I agree with the aversion to bath bombs in a staycation box.

    I wonder if the questionnaire could have 'staycation' as the main theme and then ask something like members to describe how each would spend their perfect staycation. For example, I have a ton of cleaning/organizing/packing/bingewatching projects around the house I would love to catch up on, uninterrupted. I wouldn't be doing much 'spa' related stuff.
  • HeatheryHeathery Posts: 1,313Member
    Any time I take a staycation, it's spent playing 8 straight hours of MMORPGs or other video games. Siiiiiigh. I feel bad about myself lmao. :expressionless:

    Swap Profile ~*~ Goodreads ~*~ PaperBackSwap Profile
    "Be strong," I whispered fervently to my wifi signal.

  • @Heathery You're adorable. <3
  • GeorgiaGeorgia Posts: 596Member
    I vote Staycation or Destination!
  • mycatbuttersmycatbutters Posts: 922Member
    @Jennifer3141 I agree. All of the boxes i have seen posted have looked like people really put in some effort and most definitely all the boxes i have received have been great.

    With the color swap, I was debating which colors to put. I was thinking red would be fun but was petrified I would get one of the popsugar red bags (nothing against the bag, just already have one) and it would have been a significant amount of the box value.

    I think I enjoy the non sub box aspect of the swaps the most. It feels like more of a surprise.
  • SaizaSaiza Posts: 1,985Member
    I love the fandom idea @rachelnyc I'd be thrilled to get a whole box of Elvis stuff lol. Or book stuff, but sometimes that hard for people to find "bookish" things. I also like the staycation idea, but wouldn't want a box of bath bombs or sheet masks either. If I got a day off at home by myself I'd be lounging on the couch all day watching crappy tv lol.
  • MicheleMichele Posts: 214Member
    Everyone is posting good ideas, can hardly wait to get going.
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