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Swap Troll Drama WHAT DO I DO?!

MissAmazingMissAmazing Posts: 3Member

I have had all great experiences and swaps thus far, until I ran into, what I can only describe as, a swap troll LOL I'll try to make this short!

This girl and I agreed to a one item swap (value of $10- nothing cray) I had listed an Ipsy sample of face wash, never used it so it was listed as, never used (go figure lol) Swaped it for her Ipsy UD sin sample. Simple. We had almost no communication except agreeing to the swap. She waited for the face wash to arrive to her before shipping my sample. Which, I didn't think anything of it at the time and now I find suspicious because....

Once she got her face wash she started sending me messages about how she assumed it had a seal and had she known this was "IN FACT" used she would never have agreed to the swap and how I lied on the listing (-wait for it) just all this craziness.. I wrote back nicely reassuring her that I honestly never used it. Gave her back story of how I acquired the product and my own personal face washing preferences. That I never opened it, so I had no idea if it had seal or not. Which is why the listing didn't disclose one way or the other.. To all of that, she writes me back that; unsealed is opened and that "opened" and "used" are the same thing. Thus, I lied on my listing... SMH just wow. Okay, THIS is where I stopped responding bc there is so many things wrong here LOL I honestly don't know how to proceed from here without feeding into her..

I kind of get the feeling she had an MO to manufacture a problem. Especially since she is just sending these instigating messages with no suggestion of resolution. I don't know how to shut down her crazy-making and I don't want to get a negative review. Which I sort of feel it is inevitable with trolls LOL... But totally not fair!



  • MishaFazeliMishaFazeli Posts: 121Member
    Ugh sorry girl! I'm a new swapper, but I've noticed that people are bullied into staying quiet for fear of receiving a negative review- I wonder if there's a way to improve the review system maybe.
  • lisatratolisatrato Posts: 679Member
    I'm so sorry that this happened to you. What UD item was it? Or face wash? maybe one of us has it and can send that to you to ship over. However you want to deal with this, let us know! Hopefully if you offer up some solution, or ask her what solution would best resolve this without a negative review- that you'll take that route. We can help! I know being new and having a negative review can have its consequences, and i would hate for that to be your experience. Hope you get this sorted out soon! The main thing to do here is communicate with her, even if it feels like she is trolling you-you can just ask nicely what the best course for her would be at this point, because you don't want a negative review. Let us help, because if i have either item i will send it over as well.
  • monamonstermonamonster Posts: 1,431Member
    Typically in her reviews, Liz will say if something is sealed or not, so you could check that... or see what other listings for the same item say. But I'd tell her to keep it and the item she was sending to you and just forget it. Not worth your time.
  • KristyKristy Posts: 2,262Member
    What is the face wash @MissAmazing? Maybe one of us has it and can confirm if it should have had a seal.
  • WendyWendy Posts: 523Member
    I would let her keep the item and move on, just maybe make a mental note not to swap with her again in case she's one of those who does this stuff on purpose to get freebies. With some of my EBay experiences I've had buyers pull the "item not as described" and just give it to them to avoid any drama, there are quite a few scammers out there. Swapping is supposed to be fun, don't let one bad apple ruin it, give it to her and move on. I wouldn't request your item back from her as she might ask you for the shipping and now you paid shipping twice.
  • GrishmaGrishma Posts: 1,610Member
    I'm very new here too (I've done like 2 in-person swaps and 2 shipment swaps) and yes I guess a lot of us do stay quiet fearing the negative review. However, since she's being accusatory and not really offering a solution for an inexpensive product I'd say just let her keep it I guess. And good you spoke up instead of just emailing back and forth.
    Maybe find a way to flag her account so you know not to swap with her again (and let other know too) since the situation doesn't sound fair really.
    If I was her and I thought/presumed that someone sent me something I didnt want or lied about used product I'd just send it back at my own cost really. What's the point in sending accusatory emails, that doesnt solve anything! That's nicer n more drama free than accusing a fellow swapper and not even giving a solution to the issue. A lot of swappers like me just look at the product and store them away (for example i store away a lot of moisturizers, skincare and hair stuff since I dont use them, thinking they'll be stocking stuffers. I wouldn't have any idea if it has a foil or a seal or whatever). For an inexpensive product, this is really sad that it happened to you. Hope you find the product you are looking for :smile:
  • wldflowur13wldflowur13 Posts: 689Member
    edited May 20
    She seems a bit nuts. The vast majority of beauty samples do NOT come sealed. I'd see if you can find someone else that has this item and see if it did or did not come with a factory seal. It just sounds like it didn't have a seal.
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  • DonnaDonna Posts: 421Member
    I agree with BendLBBags...Walk away. Politely (even if she is in the wrong) tell her that you are sorry that she is unhappy with the item and that she doesn't need to send you her item. Thanks and again I am sorry. Then get out of Dodge.
  • MissAmazingMissAmazing Posts: 3Member
    Oh my gosh thank you ladies all SOH much for the awesome advice and community love!! I am definitely going to take your advice's and just apologize and move away from the craziness LOL if she leaves a negative review so be it, I have nothing but positive reviews so hers would be the odd one out. I guess I shouldn't let that scare me. AND on a good note- I have successfully swapped for another UD sample LOL so no FOMO..
  • lisatratolisatrato Posts: 679Member
    @MissAmazing I'm happy to hear that you're moving on! It's the best option sometimes. Glad to hear you got your UD item in the end. <3
  • LexLex Posts: 380Member
    I think you should report her to Liz, just because, while this was a low value swap anyone who will pitch that much of a fit over nothing on a super small swap is likely going to do that to other people on larger swaps as well.
  • bunnygirlbrembunnygirlbrem Posts: 419Member
    @MissAmazing Maybe you should point her to this thread! :wink:
  • MissAmazingMissAmazing Posts: 3Member
    edited May 20
    @Lex I didn't think that Liz got involved in swap issues?? I would hate to report this girl over something so trivial, but, you make a good point..
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