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Another Luxor mystery box [Luxor Box Mystery Box Available Now + Spoiler!]

cleegiantscleegiants Posts: 1,773Member
edited June 2 in All Other Boxes
Just got an email for yet another Luxor mystery box. This one with:

Our "mystery" boxes have a retail value of $500 or MORE. Each "mystery"box will be filled with a mix of surprise (previously featured) products from our past boxes.

SPOILER: Each and every "mystery" box WILL include a 1951 Maison Francaise Clutch (sizes and colors/prints will vary) AND a $135 Ripauste 3-piece set of a purse, wallet and belt in either black or camel leather.

Shipping the week of June 19th 2017.
One time purchase, not a recurring subscription.
$260 USA ($250 plus $10 shipping)
$290 Canada ($250 plus $40 shipping)

ETA: I'm wondering why Luxor has so many mystery boxes. They have the "best of the best" and the Black Box as well right? Although this one sounds like its shipping before these other 2? I don't understand Luxor's strategy here.
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  • BlackberryBlackberry Posts: 1,511Member
    Are. You. Kidding. Me. I haven't even gotten the other one yet - when is that one supposed to ship?
  • finlidanfinlidan Posts: 1,709Member
    hmmmm but this one I am mildly interested in. But what's with all the mystery boxes? Are they clearing out? IS THIS THE BEGINNING OF THE END????
  • mycatbuttersmycatbutters Posts: 808Member
    Based on their past mystery boxes I'm guess this will also have the blue flower dish and Americana candle. Basically everything in the May box plus a 1951.
  • aldamaaldama Posts: 74Member
    Anyone interested in splitting the box? I'm desperately interested in a 1951 bag, and if anyone is interested in the Ripauste set, perhaps we could split and then do a picking one by one of the rest of the stuff depending on the RV of the 1951 as to who goes "first"? Willing to buy and handle shipping! :)
  • WendyWendy Posts: 523Member
    Seems like the cost of $260 plus shipping is a little high for $500 RV, Of course IMO
  • janemockingjayjanemockingjay Posts: 1,095Member
    This one is pretty tempting. Since it says that "it includes a mix of items from past boxes", does that mean we will be getting the Rond 1951? I don't remember Luxor having any other 1951 styles in the past year or so?
  • LuluLulu Posts: 220Member
    @janemockingjay I'd be surprised if they sent a 1951 and the Rispaste they spoiled.
  • LuluLulu Posts: 220Member
    Oops, I reread. They are sending a 1951. It says clutch so I wouldnt think the Rond. I'm in the minority as I love my black Rond.
  • LisaBLisaB Posts: 1,750Member
    edited June 2
    @Lulu I'm with you! I do like the clutches but I LOVE my black Rond..I use it daily!

    Edited to add I CANNOT give them anymore of my money...I just CAN"T!!!! ugh
  • chrischris Posts: 3,862Member, Moderator
    Here is the Luxor Box Mystery Box Available Now + Spoiler! blog post:
  • BlackberryBlackberry Posts: 1,511Member
    edited June 2
    But @janemockingjay @LisaB @Lulu it also says that "sizes will vary" - so maybe not just Rond?

    ETA It also says "clutch" and I would think if they were offering Rond plus others they'd say "purse" or something like that. I'm of the mind it's a clutch in XL, L, M or small they're sending.
  • rachel_crachel_c Posts: 178Member
    I have a Maison XL new I'd love to swap for an XL in a dark neutral color, preferably a snake print leather, or black and white if anyone gets that color and is interested in swapping. I need XL though to fit all the junk I 'think' I need with me. :)
  • paigepaige Posts: 389Member
    @rachel_cato I just ordered so depending what color/size I get, I might be your girl. I really like the black one you have listed. I have a few so if I end up with a duplicate, I will let you know. I also hope to get the Ripauste set in black or to trade for it if I end up with camel.
  • rachel_crachel_c Posts: 178Member
    @paige cool, let me know. I swapped for the black one I have listed not realizing it is covered in hair. I just want leather, I'm a total klutz and would that hair destroyed the first time I used it. My husband threatens to get me a sippy cup quite regularly lol. ;)
  • alexntanzalexntanz Posts: 106Member
    I'm kind of surprised at the frequency of Luxor mystery boxes. Or is it unusual that they would have two so close together?
  • LuluLulu Posts: 220Member
    @alexntanz I think they are making money hand over fist with the Mystery boxes. Mystery boxes can be sold at a premium and probably make them more money than the warehouse sales.
  • alexntanzalexntanz Posts: 106Member
    @Lulu I wasn't super wowed with the last Luxor mystery box. It was my first Luxor box ever so I was really hoping it would be fantastic. I don't think I'll be tempted to order this one.
  • EliseElise Posts: 628Member
    These luxor boxes always tempt me, and I remember some of the thinks luxor has sent out that i've loved, but then I think of all the things they've sent out that are completely not my style and that I'd hate to recieve. When I see the reveals I usually love 1 or 2 things and the rest is not for me.
  • EliseElise Posts: 628Member
    Also, it is weird to me that this is the 4th mystery/limited edition box they've done in 2 months. I think they're expanding because they seem to have SO much merchandise left over from their monthly boxes lately. And I remember they moved offices recently. The limited edition/mystery boxes & GWP annual deals they've been offering might be a way to rope in new subscribers since they're clearly ordering more inventory than they need to fulfill their current subscriber base.
  • ElissaElissa Posts: 455Member
    @missycat928 the black box was only $35 more this year
  • missycat928missycat928 Posts: 1,090Member
    Oops. Apologies @Elissa - but I still suspect the increases are indicative of growing pains more than expansion.
  • whitpickwhitpick Posts: 1,123Member
    I feel like big discounts (like Glossybox desperately trying to get rid of May boxes for $10) are a sign of sales being slow, while price increases are typically indicative of strength.
  • LuluLulu Posts: 220Member
    @whitpick I agree. They are selling out on these LE and mystery boxes so no reason to stop.
  • janemockingjayjanemockingjay Posts: 1,095Member
    It seems like a lot of sub boxes have gone up substantially in price this year for some reason, or maybe it's just because I stalk the MSA site way more than I used to. RV, GlobeIn, LootCrate, Luxor are the first names that come to mind but I'm sure there are many more. I wonder if it's because of the shipping price increases that have been happening with USPS?

    Also, I know I'm a horrible person but I can't help but to feel a little giddy when I see the companies with awful customer service giving these huge discounts and "full size extra with purchase" deals each month on their boxes because they aren't getting the business they used to (here's looking at you, company that starts with an A and rhymes with velour, well sorta, velour is the only word I could think of that kinda rhymed so it's what I went with.....).
  • aggieaggie Posts: 208Member
    I was tempted with the spoilers... then I realized for the price of the box I can just buy the bags directly from the brands, get the exact bag/size I want and have it shipped here... so I decided I shouldn't get this box...
  • miccartymiccarty Posts: 197Member
    @aggie that's what I decided. I really like then largest ripauste purse, but even then when I go to their website, the item I would buy is the large tote bag. So I decided if that's what I really want then I'm going to make it my reward if I stick to the Whole 30 like I need to, once I get back from vacation.
  • Jenny1973Jenny1973 Posts: 929Member
    I am wondering if sub box sales start to decline around the month of May till August or September due to people wanting to spend money on vacations and trips and factor in everyday expenses such as child care for the summer and graduations. And then it picks up after September and really sales are made during the last quarter of the year. Or at least that is how it was when I worked retail years ago.
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