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Non MSA Boxes

KiKiKiKi Posts: 124Member
Anyone have any thoughts on Maple Blume or The Organic Bunny? Any way to get previews of they're not on MSA?!


  • LunaLuna Posts: 1,720Member
    I think I've mentioned my love for Maple Blume already in the MB thread:blush: , and I've briefly touched on my thoughts regarding Organic Bunny on the forum. I subbed to Organic Bunny for three months, and overall I really liked it because I thought it was a great "discovery" box. They included a really nice variety of types of products and sizes of products (ranging from "bonus" sample packets to full-sized products). They also included a nice range of obscure brands to very well known, higher-end green beauty brands. Also, it comes in a very nice, large, magnetic, reusable box, in which the designs change monthly. The overall presentation is pretty nice.

    The only "negative" I could see that could prevent people from subbing is that since it's a pricey sub, and the fact they do include some very obscure brands, people won't think it's worth it to them, and I totally get that. Personally, it was always worth it to me because the discovery aspect has always been high on my list of what makes a sub box appealing for me. I'll admit though there was one month where I felt like I just barely got what I paid for. By that, I don't mean in terms of RV of the products included, but more like in my personal value of what I received.

    But, overall I really did like the box, and I do plan on re-subscribing either later this year or next year.

    Their past boxes are on their site too!
  • KiKiKiKi Posts: 124Member
  • LisaMarieLisaMarie Posts: 687Member
    I signed up for first box is on it's way. I'll post pictures when I receive it.
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