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Feedback for a brand new swapper

sarah4770sarah4770 Posts: 19Member
What would you do in this situation? I swapped with someone who has feedback of 2. I swapped the luv AJ ring for the PS brown sugar oil bubblebath and the makeup eraser.
I received a quickly shipped, but poorly packaged swap. The bubble bath came with the lid unscrewed and open, the po delivered a sopping wet package in a plastic bag. The seal was popped away from the bubble bath, but still there, so I do not think it was used. It was just thrown in a mailer.
I left her a message describing the above, and saying I was not mad or anything, but just use care in packaging future swaps so that she does not have to scramble to make it right with another swapper.
I would still leave her a positive, if she would respond. Like maybe, "oops, sorry" But no response from her.
I;ve been on the other end of someone carelessly leaving feedback for me ( which did get removed), so I don;t want to be a jerk.
At the same time, I am out a swap.


  • HillaryHillary Posts: 294Member
    She may not be getting notifications and not know to check messages. Do you have her email address?
  • rachelnycrachelnyc Posts: 736Member
    How long ago did you message her? I don't always get my notifications or see them right away, so maybe it's possible she hasn't seen your note yet. If she doesn't respond soon, maybe try her actual email address, just in case she really isn't seeing her swap messages or checking in here frequently?

    If it drags on and she doesn't respond at all, I would think it warrants at least a neutral with an explanation of what happened (poorly packaged & then ignored your messages).
  • rachelnycrachelnyc Posts: 736Member
    Oh! I was still typing and didn't see @Hillary already gave the same advice! :)
  • Brandi1441MarieBrandi1441Marie Posts: 236Member
    I agree with @Hillary but I wouldn't leave a positive, I think a neutral would be appropriate in this case, unless she does respond and offer to make it right then I think a positive would be good. With my first swap I had never sent anything besides a letter before. I wanted to make sure that it arrived there in good condition before they sent anything in case a situation like this happened. I made sure I got conformation that everything had arrived and was packaged appropriately. I understand not knowing about notifications and such but I always like to end a swap with an ok you received my items in good condition and vice versa so I don't understand people not checking in.
  • sarah4770sarah4770 Posts: 19Member
    no I do not have her email, so I will give it some time. I only messaged her 4 days ago. But if I was a new swapper, I would be checking daily. If only to see the progress of my packages, both ways. So, I guess I should give her some time.
    I just know that I don;t want to be a jerk to a new swapper. I don't even want her to make it right. I am not upset at all. it is a mistake.
  • Brandi1441MarieBrandi1441Marie Posts: 236Member
    @sarah4770 I don't think your being a jerk at all, and giving her time is nice. But I would want to know if I had improperly packaged something since the next person might not be as nice as you are about it.
  • sarah4770sarah4770 Posts: 19Member
    Right Brandi, that is what I told her.
  • lallenlallen Posts: 193Member
    I think you ought to give her time to respond. If there is no sign of an apology I think a negative is appropriate. It's totally fine to make a mistake like that when you're new, but an apology is required.

    Although it may seem harsh to leave a negative for a new swapper, honestly your review matters more than most. She is still within the under 5 positive feedbacks limit, and your review will help get her past that. I think we have a responsibility to the community to make sure new swappers understand expectations before passing that 5 swaps mark.
  • rachel_crachel_c Posts: 178Member
    I think at the very least a neutral if she doesn't respond. I agree with @lallen, I made a few shipping blunders when I started but I made them all right as soon as I was messaged and now I load anything that could spill with bubble wrap and tape and almost always use boxes so stuff doesn't get crushed. Its so frustrating to open a package and it be slimy with spilled products. I left neutral feedback for my bad swapper I recently encountered. I think we all have to leave honest feedback so other swappers know to be cautious. I've been reading feedback of anyone I have requested/been requested from and going to make my swapping decision based on that from now on instead of just seeing the percentage.

    I am SO glad I finally realized there was a forum, I can't believe I didn't find this sooner!
  • sarasara Posts: 3,694Member
    edited June 8
    Ok, I am in the minority here. If she popped it in a padded mailer, she is within the realm of what Amazon does. I would make certain she knows the difficulty, then leave her a positive but with a full explanation, including that she did or didn't respond when you told her about what had happened. New swappers often don't realize the obsessiveness we have with our swaps, and she might not even be signed up for notifications.

    Edited to change "majority" to "minority" What a goof!
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    I would love to swap- ask me for my profile!
  • MeshaMesha Posts: 99Member
    @sarah4770 - Have you tried opening a new swap with her and leaving her a message through that? If she's not getting notifications at least you can be sure she will see that a new swap has been asked of her. If she doesn't respond then I would leave at least neutral for her.
  • HillaryHillary Posts: 294Member
    @Mesha that's a good idea!
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