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Help - GlobeIn spice bowl

whitpickwhitpick Posts: 1,122Member
I have a question for anyone who may have gotten the spice bowl from GlobeIn. It came in my May box but I knew I'd be swapping it so never unwrapped the tissue paper to look at it, and sent it on to my swap partner. I just heard from her that she's really unhappy with it, that it looks like it was sitting in the sun for 6 months. I'm wondering if I got a defective one, or if they all had a weathered look? I know that their items are handmade so can vary in appearance from the picture on the website.

Any suggestions on how best to resolve would be appreciated. I asked for a picture I can send to GlobeIn, in case it is defective, and said I'll make it right for her.


  • LexLex Posts: 380Member
    @whitpick I know I have mine sitting somewhere waiting for me to list it (I am unorganized, lazy and fearful of a barrage of swap requests) I will hunt for it and let you know what mine looks like, it definitely will not have seen daylight since I got the box.
  • nehaneha Posts: 1,108Member
    @whitpick I have one, unused and it is exactly how she is describing has a little bend to it on the rim. I got it in a swap and assumed it was how it was made. most artisanal products are this way from what I have seen.
  • nehaneha Posts: 1,108Member
    and I will take a pic of it and post it in sometime.
  • whitpickwhitpick Posts: 1,122Member
    @neha @Lex @Elise Should I direct her to this post? Offer for her to send it back and I'll give her something else? How would you handle?
  • nehaneha Posts: 1,108Member
    @whitpick you can try explaining her that the artisanal items *may* come like this. I have seen numerous wooden artisanal items which always have some sort of imperfection. personally, if the item is unused as stated and in useable condition I wouldn't complain. but that's how I am and not everyone is like that. I can send you the pics and you can tell her that all the bowls had some slight imperfection.
  • AACAAC Posts: 587Member
    @whitpick I would not direct her to his post because then it could become a he said/she said type of post. Maybe you can have her look at the spoiler post that shows the bowl weathered? Or just ask her if she wants to send it back to you for something else? I had an issue with a cuff bracelet that was tarnished but it was truly defective (as I've seen multiple ones on different review sites not tarnished) - but she might not know that it could have came weathered directly from Globein.
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  • LexLex Posts: 380Member
    @whitpick OK I found mine and I am attaching photos. I'm not sure exactly what she described, the bowl is definitely lighter than the lid, but both have a smooth-ish finish.

  • DianeERDianeER Posts: 1,203Member
    @whitpick mine is definitely not polished either. It looks as if it was recently sanded from a piece of wood with an odd grain. If you like, you are welcome to download my picture and share it with your swapper as another example of the imperfections @neha refers to.

  • LexLex Posts: 380Member
    @whitpick As for what you should do, I don't want to suggest that you make it into a big thing and risk negative feedback, but I do feel that often times people have a hard time distinguishing between something not being what they hoped or expected and something actually being wrong with the item. I do not know exactly what she meant by "left in the sun for 6 months" she may have just been referring to the color and in that regard the photo on the swap site is definitely misleading.
  • MandypMandyp Posts: 386Member
    When I received mine, it appeared extremely weathered and rough hewn. A little more so than the spoiler post. I wonder if maybe the review post jar had been oiled a bit to make it shine. I wanted to put it up for swap but the lid does not really look like it belongs on the bottom so it just languishes on a shelf waiting for me to finally toss it or else take to someone's house and 'accidentally' forget it there.
  • LexLex Posts: 380Member
    @DianeER Wow that is a big difference from mine. It's like they finished some and not others.

    @whitpick I think it's up to you, clearly you sent it to her as you got it and there is nothing wrong with it but compared to the swap site photos (and the one I got) it does look unfinished. You could suggest that she try rubbing it with some wood oil first. I don't think you are obligated to send her items back or offer to replace it with something else, but you may want to rather than it becoming a big thing. Perhaps, even though she is very upset about it she will appreciate the offer and find a way to make it work... (do not hold me to that!).
  • whitpickwhitpick Posts: 1,122Member
    Thanks all! I will let her know that several others have shared that the weathered condition is not uncommon and not like the spoiler picture. I'll still offer to replace it because I certainly don't want her to be unhappy with swapping with me! I really appreciate all the quick responses and pictures :)
  • SaizaSaiza Posts: 1,900Member
    Mine wasn't polished, it had more of an au naturale look. My biggest complaint with it was the top didn't sit on the bowl right, it couldn't "close" with the lid on. I even swapped for another one, and same issue.
  • AACAAC Posts: 587Member
    Wow, what a huge difference between @Lex and @DianeER and @neha 's bowls. Seems like Globein or whoever they ordered from didn't do any quality control check here. The unfinished ones look like they're missing the final step - which would be to seal the wood. You can't use unfinished wood for spices - the wood would absorb whatever spices is in there!
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  • LexLex Posts: 380Member
    I wasn't going to use mine, but I could understand being disappointed with the unfinished versions. I know there's always a certain amount of imperfection from handmade items but that honestly looks like GlobeIn needed more than they (whoever GlobeIn ordered them from) had so they threw together the extra ones at the last second . On @neha's you can clearly see the glue on the handle, that just looks sloppy.

    I didn't actually even look at mine for quite a while after I got the box because I knew it wasn't my tastes, but I would have wanted to contact GlobeIn if I had seen it. I really do need to start checking all items when I get them, I just noticed that a clutch I got a few months ago has some pulled strings but I'd feel like a jerk contacting them after this long.
  • jewlzjewlz Posts: 1,264Member
    I think this is clearly the nature of globein. I've had other products with somewhat wonky quality control. It puts @whitpick in a bad situation because more people than not got ones the same or worse than hers and as @Jennifer3141 said it is well within normal. That said she is at the mercy, to a degree, of the other person. I doubt I'm the only one who has ever swapped for something that turned out to be not what I'd expected and that's just how the cookie crumbles. You put it back up for swap and move on. But basically to say I don't like it fix it seems a bit demanding and especially given the nature of the box in question and how all items are handmade and going to vary.

    That said, yeah in general globe in needs a little improvement on quality control as a whole.
  • Svetlana7eSvetlana7e Posts: 31Member
    I had mine and swap it. It is very poorly made bowl. It is untreated wood and lid does not exactly fit to the bowl, but it is not very deep, the artist did not even take time to make it bowl deep enough. I was very unhappy with this bowl, it was created by very armature artist.
  • BlackberryBlackberry Posts: 1,511Member
    edited June 20
    @whitpick I totally agree with @Jennifer3141 - there is nothing for you to fix. She (your swap partner) needs to get good with it and deal.
  • whitpickwhitpick Posts: 1,122Member
    Thanks for all your comments and support. I agree that it's the nature of GlobeIn boxes and I'll be more careful in future when swapping them - letting them know up front that there maybe variations due to the handmade nature so if they're expecting a perfect item we shouldn't swap. However in this case she's withholding feedback "until it's resolved" and I really don't want negative feedback, however undeserved it may be. Back to @Jennifer3141's point about fixing the feedback system.
  • Jennifer3141Jennifer3141 Posts: 3,135Member
    I spent some time looking at the pictures of the bowl she sent you, @whitpick, and they are actually better than a couple of the bowls that I have, and well in line with the rest. Again, you did not send her a defective bowl. It is representative of this item.

    Man, this just makes me so angry...
  • whitpickwhitpick Posts: 1,122Member
    I agree @Jennifer3141 and if I had enough swaps where a negative wouldn't affect my 100% but I'm not there yet. I've been pointed in my comments that this is the nature of GlobeIn - and that I hope she's happier with the new one I'm obtaining for her (thank you @neha ).
  • Randi2Randi2 Posts: 2,239Member
    @whitpick can you send her pics of the new one before its shipped to make sure its up to her standards and will be acceptable?
    I'd just hate to see you send her another one and then she's still not happy...
  • cleegiantscleegiants Posts: 1,773Member
    I concur with what everyone else has said about the nature of Globein's items. @whitpick, i'm so sorry you have to go through this. I remember getting the wine goblets and noting that my set of 2 wasn't identical. one of them was decidedly thicker and slightly shorter than the other one, but I thought that really showed the handmade element of the glasses. I put them up for swap and mentioned this in the posting, and everyone who inquired said they were okay with it. So I'm flummoxed by this swapper's reluctance to accept the bowl in its current condition.

    i personally would just ask to have everyone return the items to their original owner and be done with it. if not, leave the negative feedback and let's start to change the feedback system to be more honest.
  • SarahFrancesSarahFrances Posts: 628Member
    I don't even know how to respond to this; I'm feeling so irritated and indignant on your behalf, @whitpick. If it were me, I would probably take the nuclear option and give that person several politely worded suggestions as to where she could put that bowl, but I quit swapping partly because the stress of worrying about stuff like this just wasn't worth it to me, so I wouldn't suggest following my lead here.

    As @Jennifer3141 said, she is trying to treat you like a merchant, but the thing is, at this point most merchants would send her a call tag to return the item, issue her a refund, and tell her they would not send her a replacement because her expectations for the item would not be possible to meet. What does she want you to do - hand source a perfect bowl? Carve it yourself? Start moonlighting as a quality control officer until you force the artisans to craft one to her exact specifications?

    Lady, I would come out of swap retirement just to get you positive feedback if you wanted to wash your hands of this swap, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who would help you bury a negative. I think you should do whatever makes you most comfortable, but Ima be here at the house sharpening my pitchfork just in case :wink:
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