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What theme should we use for the next exchange? [Destination Staycation - Summer 2017]

chrischris Posts: 3,885Member, Moderator
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We will be opening signups in the next couple of days for our next forum exchange! (Thanks for your patience!) :)

We discussed ideas for the theme(s) here: Forum Exchange [June 2017] - What theme should we do next?

We will likely pick 1 or 2 theme options for the exchange depending on how this poll goes. Please vote for your first choice of theme. If you have another strong favorite, please just mention it in the comments. I included a brief description of how each theme would work/what theme-specific info the recipient would include when signing up. The sender is always allowed to include whatever he or she wants as long as the exchange guidelines are followed, but, hopefully, will keep the recipient's comments in mind when putting together the box.

Also, we will have a separate poll for Retail Value category preferences in a few minutes.

What theme should we use for the next exchange? [Destination Staycation - Summer 2017] 121 votes

summer fun (anything summery) - recipient provides general likes
12% 15 votes
staycation / treat yo'self - recipient describes ideal staycation for him or herself
13% 16 votes
color box - recipient provides favorite color(s) & box is curated with that in mind
2% 3 votes
spa box - recipient provides general likes
5% 7 votes
destination box - recipient provides theme, e.g. beach, great outdoors, ski bunny theme, specific country/city, haunted castle, etc.; sender curates box around or inspired by that theme
20% 25 votes
fandom - recipient provides a couple of fandoms he or she is interested in, e.g. Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc. (I will do my best to match these appropriately, but be aware this could be a tricky theme. However, don't be scared of this option if you are really interested in it.)
5% 7 votes
first initial - box items begin with same initial as recipient's first name (default) or last name if recipient prefers this; for example, if first name begins with "A", box contains items/ or brands that start with "A"
4% 6 votes
home box - recipient provides general likes
10% 13 votes
surprise me - recipient provides likes; sender interprets these into a mystery theme of sender's choice
10% 13 votes
favorites - (AKA holy grail, life hacks) - sender includes items personally loves, but also has list of recipient's likes for reference
13% 16 votes
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