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My first attempt at an RAOK - MEME CONTEST!

sephrenia300sephrenia300 Posts: 240Member
Hi my lovely forum ladies!!!

I'm still relatively new to the forum but I have been the recipient of SO many RAOKs, extras, and lopsided swaps...but most importantly general kindness, support, and camaraderie, that I really really want to give back/pay it forward. I've been thinking about how to do so for a while, but as a newbie just felt like I didn't really have anything everyone else might want.

And then today I had a duh, I'M IN ASIA! On vacay that is! And as I'm walking around shopping, from department store to drug store, there's TONS of Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Chinese skincare and beauty EVERYWHERE that I've never seen in the states. Wall to wall sheet masks! Adorableness! Essences! With the current Asian beauty crazy, lack of availability, or overpriced US availability and shipping cost nightmare, I'd like to take advantage of my current travels to put together a little something for the forum :)

So here's what I'm thinking - I'm going to put together and give way 2 Asian beauty mystery bags! I really want to do, in honor of @BestAuntEver , a MEME CONTEST!!!! POST YOUR FAVORITE MEEEEEMMMEEE. What makes you laugh every time you see it? What do you have in your back pocket to hurl at internet trolls? Bring on the LOLZ!!! Since I don't want to disadvantage the technologically inept, if you're having difficulty posting a meme, send me a message and I'll post it for you - you get credit! This is about your sense of humor and bringing laughs to the forum, not about computadors ability.

Please mention in your post your skin type/what type of products you're more interested in - sheet masks, serums, cleansing balms, cushion makeup. Also please feel free to let me know if you'd prefer asian snacks! Either entirely asian snacks or a mix of snacks and beauty is an option too.

(Also - I think I really only have the time to curate 2 bags - not sure, depends on what we end up doing in the next week or so, I might pick 3 winners instead of just 2. But if anyone has specific requests, a specific product they love that is super hard to get in the US or much more expensive in the US, I'm happy to try to obtain them at cost. Not sure exactly how many such requests I'll be able to fulfill, but I should be able to do at least a handful, and I'll try to do as many as possible.)


(And everyone should please feel to contribute to the lolz even you don't want to participate in the contest or hate Asian beauty! I definitely see being unable to restrain myself and posting a few in the very near future.)

(Okay see I couldn't help it - I need to get in the first one lol

Bwhahaha this one gets me every time)



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