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Beware- Glossybox Customer Service

shellsshells Posts: 558Member
Hi ladies,

I guess there's nothing I can do about Glossybox's awful customer service, and I just really wanted to vent. Glossybox was my first sub box (before I discovered MSA and the beautiful world of sub boxes) and I stuck with them for the last 2 years.

A few months back, I chose not to renew my sub, and since I had lots of glossdots, I redeemed them for a free box this May. Come May, I get a tracking number and next thing I know, the box goes missing despite USPS stating that it's delivered. I talked to USPS, I filed a claim, and I got in touch with Glossybox. After a month with long periods of radio silence, they asked that I file a USPS claim, which I had already, and to send them the claim number. I sent them their requested info, and they prompted responded (after a month of back and forth!) that they can't send me a replacement box because the box was a free box. Are you freaking kidding me? I gave you money for years (and I bought annual subs as gifts for family members!), and when I had problems with my reward box, and jump through all the hoops that you requested, you do absolutely nothing.

Glossybox is up there with the worst CS I have ever received (along with RZ BOS). Honestly, I'm at a point where I only want to give money to companies I genuinely like, so Glossybox is never getting my money again. Off I go to Boxycharm and BeautyFix.

Beware, if your Glossybox goes missing, they'll waffle around for more than a month, and then won't do make it right.


  • KadrenKadren Posts: 394Member
    I agree, GB stinks BAD!!! I was SO over them 6 months ago after a 3 month sub. My sister in law stuck with them longer and regretted every month. The only thing consistently nice about GB is the BOX!
  • homesweetgliesehomesweetgliese Posts: 157Member
    Have you tried asking them to refund those glossydots back into your account? I mean, what they're doing is wrong, but I'm wondering if you could at least get them to give you your box (even if it's a different month) by trying a new tactic?
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  • lisatratolisatrato Posts: 679Member
    Glossybox truly put me off of beauty boxes. 2 years ago i had two months back to back with an item not being sealed properly and leaking all over the box and leaving me with nasty scissor paper all mushed up and nasty. haha one was that kueshi (sp?) toner that didn't have a seal at all-so it just poured over half of it out o the way to me. I sent them photos and told them that i'd love to get a replacement since the bottle was 75% empty. They replied that since it was a full size item, that would be enough to try out the product and see if it was for me-but they could not send me a replacement. Seriously?! But ok, i brushed it off and didn't think much about it until the following month i had a bottle of shampoo spill out over half in the box, sent them pictures and told them what had happened-when they said they weren't responsible for what happened to items once they left their warehouse- and that was that. I cancelled and haven't signed up since. It's not like i was trying to pull one over them and TAKE something that wasn't owed to me.. i just wanted to get what everyone was getting! Anyway, I still see the reviews, and have been tempted to buy the LE boxes, but haven't.

    I am further inclined to keep avoiding this box now that i see your @shells post too! I am so sorry that happened to you. The behavior on their part is just horrifying-especially with you being such a loyal customer. Will you be asking for your glossydots back at least? Please let us know if you do-or what they say! Hopefully they make this right somehow. So frustrating!
  • shellsshells Posts: 558Member
    edited June 2017
    @lisatrato @homesweetgliese thanks for the advice. I was just going to give it up as a lost cause, but I think I'll try to ask for my glossydots back, and see what they say.

    I was really lucky that I never had a problem with any of my Glossyboxes until then, so I never needed to get in touch, but damn, this really makes me appreciate how responsive the CS is at Robb Vices, Popsugar, and BeautyFix, just to name a few.
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  • WildeOneWildeOne Posts: 68Member
    I had the same thing happen with a box I paid for. Tracking said it was delivered but I never got it. Took them a week to even reply and all they said was "the tracking says delivered" when my original emailed stated clearly that yes the tracking says delivered but I don't have the box. Another week passes, nothing, I email again, they say they need to get in touch with the post office and theyre looking into it and they'll get back to me about it. Two more weeks and I email again only to be told it's past their 30 day window and they can't do anything now.

    I actually really want this current box of theirs but I don't really want to risk throwing away another $21
  • Em1Em1 Posts: 1,238Member
    It's kind of sad that Birchbox sucks now because they had seriously fantastic customer service. They would replace products with no questions asked, send freebies, and stack coupons for you if you just emailed them. Once they got rid of the points system and had to scale back on coupons, they started to run a much tighter ship.
  • shellsshells Posts: 558Member
    @WildeOne Wow, I can't believe they pulled that with you! It sure sounds like they're trying to find any excuse they can to not lift a finger to help any customers.

    Honestly, my favorite beauty box purchase of all times has been the Indie Beauty Box that came out earlier this year. Actual quality full size products that I feel in love with. I can't wait for their LE next year.
  • HappyCatHappyCat Posts: 1,499Member
    I found there billing practices kind of "funny" as well. Last time I was subbing with them I tried to cancel and still ended up getting 2 more boxes.

    I've had problems with Boxycharm customer service as well so despite their recent great boxes I will not give them a chance to screw up again. I received two damaged items in my first box with them and never did get them replaced. The last email I sent them to find out if I sub again which box I would get never got a response.

    I just keep thinking that a sub box should hire us and we could take them to a point of domination of the market. I really can't believe how some boxes run and think they can make it long term.

  • shellsshells Posts: 558Member
    @HappyCat I 100% agree that we should get hired. All I can think of is how awesome we could make OP (i.e. responsive CS, on time boxes, etc), if only we had the chance. I'm pretty sure they could dominate the market if only they got their **** together!
  • HappyCatHappyCat Posts: 1,499Member
    @shells What if our box billed on a given date, shipped on a given date and sent us an email with tracking? Oh, and had live customer service people, not just an email address. Makes me warm and fuzzy thinking about it. :)
  • WildeOneWildeOne Posts: 68Member
    @shells the best worst part was the reveal showed up on my profile to review. And while some people were getting high quality full size Eve makeup products, mine had a Korres eyeshadow and some no name brow pencil in it. And I had signed up with a code for a full size tarte product instead of a 15.99 code. Only to have the insert be revealed as saying everyone would get a tarte product.
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