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Question Regarding Swap Site (New Member)

PunkykikiPunkykiki Posts: 17Member
I am new to the swap world, but have been a member here on the site for a couple of years (Thank you, Liz, for enticing me to give all my money to subs!!). Just kidding, I'm a Liz and crew fan!!!

My question is this: can items from boxes be listed on the swap site as for sale or do they have to be swapped? I have seen some (on the swap site and in regular comments under an article) who will say they will sell. Is it ok to list several items in the swap profile? I have an abundance of beauty products and some other things, but I do not wish to swap. I am president of a local animal charity and we need the actual money to help get some of our babies well and into great homes. And it's kitten season, which is huge this year!! Have people just stopped spaying and neutering??? Oh, and yes, I am aware that items must be from sub boxes.

Thank you all for your help!!!


  • finlidanfinlidan Posts: 1,709Member
    I believe the rules are on the actual swap site but you can't sell on the forum or swap site however you can have your listings link to eBay and sell on eBay.
  • PunkykikiPunkykiki Posts: 17Member
    Oh, ok!! Thank you so much for the information!!
  • SKDSKD Posts: 237Member
    You can also register your organization with eBay where other sellers can opt to give all or a portion of a sale to your charity.
  • PunkykikiPunkykiki Posts: 17Member
    OH wow, that's a great idea!! Thank you!!!
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