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New swapper seeking advice! Unresponsive swapper, my items already shipped/received

penguin235penguin235 Posts: 6Member
edited June 14 in Swaps
Hi everyone!

I'm a pretty new swapper on the site and have had a great experience so far.

My 4th swap is in progress, and I haven't heard a peep from the other swapper since the swap was accepted a few weeks ago. I've sent several messages via the Conversation portal checking in, but there's only radio silence. What should be my next steps in this situation? I'm pretty bummed since I shipped out my items pretty quickly (and had to ship them out first since I'm new) and can see that the package was delivered last Friday.

Any ideas? Apologies if this has been asked 1000x before! I tried searching for relevant threads in the search bar above and it didn't bring back any results.

EDIT: Removed some info about the other swapper to protect their privacy
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  • penguin235penguin235 Posts: 6Member
    edited June 14
    EDIT: Removed this comment to protect privacy of the other swapper
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  • SaizaSaiza Posts: 1,900Member
    There have been many threads on that subject; but I think you should wait a little longer before contacting Chris or Liz about being swaplifted. Sometimes people don't get the notifications that they were sent a message on the swap page, I know I don't a lot of the time.
  • penguin235penguin235 Posts: 6Member
    Saiza said:

    There have been many threads on that subject; but I think you should wait a little longer before contacting Chris or Liz about being swaplifted. Sometimes people don't get the notifications that they were sent a message on the swap page, I know I don't a lot of the time.

    Thank you! Is there another way to try and get in touch with the swapper? I didn't think so, but wanted to check.
  • JackiecupcakeJackiecupcake Posts: 1,071Member
    edited June 14
    @penguina00 - welcome to the forum!

    I would try emailing her, as not everyone gets messages via the swap site. You should be able to get her email address through emails sent from the swap site (like your swap has been accepted, etc). If you continue not hearing from her you will want to email [email protected] and let them know about the situation. (edit to clarify)

    Everyone swaps differently, so she may just be busy and not had a chance to get back to you. I wouldn't assume the worst. Think in terms of business days with swapping, additionally she may be waiting until she gets your package to send hers.
  • penguin235penguin235 Posts: 6Member
    @Jackiecupcake thanks so much for this! That's great, I didn't even realize that her email address was sent to me in the swap confirmation. I'll definitely try that. Excited to be a part of this community. Thanks for the warm welcome! :smiley:
  • elizabethjelizabethj Posts: 588Member
    @penguina00 A couple of things you may not be aware of- when someone swaps with a newbie (under 5 swaps) they get a message on their swap page advising them to wait until they have received their items to ship out. Since you said your package arrived on Friday, the 9th, today is only business day #3 for her side of shipping. Since most people ship within 4-5 business days, I would definitely give it some more time before worrying that you are being swaplifted. I really think everything will be OK.

    The other thing you may not be aware of is that it violates Forum policy to talk about specific swap issues, and you gave so many details that I was able to ID your swapper in under a minute. You may want to consider removing your swap link and the details about the other swapper so that you can keep getting help without exposing who you are talking about.

    I hope this info helps, welcome to the forum and to swaps!
  • penguin235penguin235 Posts: 6Member
    @elizabethj Oh I was absolutely not aware of that! I'll edit that right away. Definitely did not mean to violate any rules. Thank you so much for the thoughtful heads up!
  • boxjoyboxjoy Posts: 2,688Member
    Take a look at her feedback and you may find that others report that she is a slow shipper. Most people ship within a week but some take awhile and aren't as communicative about it as they really should be. I would wait another week and then email her directly, the address can be found in the acceptance email, and if you still don't hear back just reach out to admin at [email protected]
  • joiedevie99joiedevie99 Posts: 936Member
    As @elizabethj said, if she received her package on the 9th - today is only day 3 for her to ship her side of the swap. I'd wait at least a week more before being concerned.
  • penguin235penguin235 Posts: 6Member
    @boxjoy @joiedevie99 Thank you!!! Yeah, I just got a little antsy since I was worried not hearing from her at all. Fingers crossed this works out! Many thanks to everyone for their helpful input.
  • MeshaMesha Posts: 99Member
    If she is a heavy swapper its possible your swap with her got buried in a bunch of swaps she is waiting on and she forgot about it. You might try opening a new swap with her and leaving a message on it if its been more then a week.
  • VictoriaMVictoriaM Posts: 171Member
    I think it is just curiosity to package the swap as soon as it is accepted. That way when you receive your package it is ready to run out the door. I think some people forget how it feels to be the new swapper sending your things to a stranger and then just waiting.
  • boxjoyboxjoy Posts: 2,688Member
    @penguin235 Did it all work out?
  • GlowingAmberGlowingAmber Posts: 249Member
    @penguin235 I'm in a similar situation. The other swapper printed a label, but never shipped her items. That was on June 1. I don't expect to ever receive my items.
  • GlowingAmberGlowingAmber Posts: 249Member
    @Natt Yep, still waiting. Just about given up haha
  • NattNatt Posts: 520Member
  • GlowingAmberGlowingAmber Posts: 249Member
    @Natt I bumped mine to the top of her list, so we will see!
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