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Penny + Grace Outstanding Customer Service

whitpickwhitpick Posts: 1,123Member
We talk a lot on here about the importance of good customer service (or lack thereof) in sub boxes. I'd like to share a recent encounter with Penny + Grace.

I received the rose gold infinity set in a swap and liked it so much I signed up for a subscription. A couple days ago the bracelet broke. After receiving an email from Penny + Grace today that my June order was shipping, I figured it couldn't hurt to email them to explain the situation and see if they had any extras. I was asking to buy the set it they had any. I got a quick response back - they would pull my box and add the bracelet before shipping as a bonus! What a class act. Amazing how much goodwill that simple action engendered!


  • ducktorwhoducktorwho Posts: 597Member
    That's so awesome! I've had great experiences with their CS too. They're super helpful and friendly. I can't wait to see what comes in the June box!
  • ninjacatcninjacatc Posts: 28Member
    Thats so nice! I also recently had a good experience with their CS! I'm traveling a lot and moving this month, so I was struggling with where to ship my subscription boxes to. Sonja from Penny + Grace was so nice and is trying to forecast when the box will arrive, and which address to send it to.

    Whereas, when I emailed Ipsy that question, they were basically like, your glambag will arrive whenever it feels like arriving.

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