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How to use dry shampoo to add texture and volume?

ducktorwhoducktorwho Posts: 597Member
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I have very fine, straight, chin length hair. I wash it every morning because otherwise it gets very greasy and because it doesn't lay right. I got the dry shampoo from the FFF box and I'm wondering how to use it to add texture and volume. Will it work on freshly washed (and dried) hair?

Also, I have the sea salt spray from the PSMH box and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on how to use that too. :)
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  • sarasara Posts: 3,699Member
    I have hair like yours, and I use dry shampoo on clean hair- I just lift it in sections and spray on the roots, then I tousle it. After a few minutes I brush it out and I have way more volume. You might find you don't need to wash it every day when you do this. My hairdresser suggested I try to wait two days, and use the dry shampoo this way, and sure enough, it goes 2 days just fine. I think it is because the hair isn't sitting down on my scalp,getting oily.
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  • MeshaMesha Posts: 99Member
    Another tip is if you are away and can't wash your hair every day like when you are camping or something you can put dry shampoo into your hair the night before and you should wake up without the greasies. Worked for me and my hair is just like yours.
  • lotusflower13lotusflower13 Posts: 1,506Member
    @ducktorwho I read on Pinterest to use it right after washing, when it's dry. My hair has very little volume on top because my curls weigh it down. I tried the Dove volumizing dry shampoo and I love it. The only thing is, you have to spray pretty far away or it leaves white in your hair, but I love that one.
  • RubymomRubymom Posts: 83Member
    Aveda has a dry shampoo that's a powder. Just sprinkle and rub into roots at crown and hair magically poofs
  • sarasara Posts: 3,699Member
    The only one I have found (and I hoard them) which doesn't give much volume is the Living Proof. I think they have a volumizing line, but I haven't tried it because it doesn't come in sub boxes, lol. It does "clean" your hair, though, and I love the scent...the others seems to vary based upon whether you like the scent and how much white residue they leave. I think the "best" at keeping your hair from getting greasy is the Bumble and Bumble, which you sprinkle in.
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  • gillepgillep Posts: 440Member
    @sara I have baby fine flat hair, so I have tried every volumizer that I can get my hands on, and I was not impressed with the living proof. I think that dry shampoo does a better job for my hair than the LP volumizer did, even the cheap batiste gives me more volume. I also thought that the volumizer left my hair a little greasy too.
  • sarasara Posts: 3,699Member
    @gillep- have you tried the volumizing dry shampoo? I have tried their volumizing spray, and I think think it is just hair spray that I'm spraying on my roots. But I think they have a dry shampoo just for fine hair that I haven't tried. I am just hooked on the scent.

    Aside from Bumble and Bumble, both the Fekkai spray and the Klorane spray dry shampoos really volumizing, IMO.
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  • ducktorwhoducktorwho Posts: 597Member
    I tried the Klorane dry shampoo today and I'm not sure what I think of it yet. I had been using Got2B Powder'ful Volumizing Styling Powder and it definitely added volume, so maybe this is just the most volume I can get. Give that one a try, by the way. It's cheap and definitely does help, but it's sort of sticky, so I only put it at the roots under the top layer of my hair. So, it adds volume at my part, but I don't like putting it all over. I'm going to keep trying the Klorane and see how it goes.

    I tried the Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast and I can't remember if it helped or not. I only used it once because I hated the way it made my hair feel.
  • ducktorwhoducktorwho Posts: 597Member
    Thanks for all the recommendations ladies! If the Klorane doesn't work out for me I'm going to be giving them a try!
  • gillepgillep Posts: 440Member
    @sara I have only tried the Full dry volume blast from them and was not impressed. At some point I will come to terms with my fine flat hair, and stop spending so much money trying to get volume, or at least that's what I keep telling myself.
  • sarasara Posts: 3,699Member
    Good luck, @gillep. Its never happened for me :D :D
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  • janemockingjayjanemockingjay Posts: 1,095Member
    I would love to be able to assist on this topic as I'm usually very active on "beauty product advice" threads, but I can't even figure out how to get actual texturizing sprays to texture my hair so I'm of no help on this one...
  • LunaLuna Posts: 1,720Member
    Ironically, I use a texturizing spray to smooth out my hair. I don't know how it works but it does. I have dry hair that can get pretty frizzy if I don't use some products in it. I never really knew what to do with all of the dry shampoos I've accumulated, but thanks to the forum I've learned that dry shampoo helps a lot to tame frizz too. Instead of spraying it on my scalp, I spray it in my hair, then brush it through and it works like a champ!
  • ducktorwhoducktorwho Posts: 597Member
    edited June 19
    So, I've been using the dry shampoo and it does seem to add some volume, but not a ton at the roots. So, I'm still using the Got2B Powder'ful stuff too and the It's a 10 volumizing spray. Those both seem to work really well for me.

    Another question - are any of you with fine, straight hair able to get your hair wavy and get it to stay wavy? I love the wavy look, but my hair doesn't tend to hold curl very well, so I'm hoping you ladies have some advice. :)
  • CassieBCassieB Posts: 601Member
    @ducktorwho I have fine, straight hair, and the only thing I can get to do the wavy look for me is my straightener (Chi)! I can't seem to get the curl/wave to stay with a curling iron, but if I use the Chi and hairspray it'll stay all day :) I just kinda run my fingers through it after curling with the Chi so it loosens them up a bit.
  • me059me059 Posts: 5Member
    @ducktorwho hey girl! I dont know what I would do without dry shampoo. I have my hair blown out often, so I have a "system" to keep the blow out last longer. I have tried many dry shampoos, and so far, I love Dry bar's Triple Sec and Klorane. They both seem seem to suck up the oil very well. A couple things you have to remember.. 1. pin your hair up, you will have curls the next day, and alot of bounce. (use Bobbi pins) and 2. your pillow case, its really important that you use a silk one, it will make a huge difference!
  • whitpickwhitpick Posts: 1,123Member
    My all-time favorite is Batiste. It does leave a whitish residue but as a highlighted blond I see this as a benefit as I feel it helps me go longer between highlights. I do like the new Klorane too - I use that first then my Batiste.

    Using before bed is a good suggestion as then you don't wake up with greasy hair. I use a little on fresh clean hair too, mostly along the part and in front, to give my straight flat hair some body.
  • Love2323Love2323 Posts: 627Member
    If any of you have a bichon or a poodle you can use that dry shampoo on the dog after 25 years as a show breeder I've used it many times
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