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Summer Reading!

ZuZusPetalsZuZusPetals Posts: 842Member
With credit to the lovely @kylajaclyn, let's discuss summer reading! For example, what are you reading now? What's on your summer reading list? Do you have any favorites to recommend? (And in the happy case that @kylajaclyn's earlier thread is revived, we can roll these discussions into one place.)

P.S. This thread is not affiliated with the MSA Book Club, but you should totally check that out, too :)


  • finlidanfinlidan Posts: 1,753Member
    I am currently reading The Circle by David Eggers

    To read is:
    Murder on the Orient Express
    The Sixth Extinction
    and like 8 million other books
  • kaleigh89kaleigh89 Posts: 199Member
    edited June 14
    I just finished the book Spindle Fire by Lexa Hillyer, am currently reading How to Be Married by Jo Piazza, and am getting ready to read Red Sister by Mark Lawrence, Power Your Happy, and Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman.

    Favorites to recommend that I've read within the past year or so are The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and Uprooted by Naomi Novik. So wonderful!
  • lalalalalala Posts: 1,533Member
    I'm currently reading:
    Hidden Figures
    The Animal Family (it's an odd children's book from the 60s...but fascinating)

    I have so many books ready to read on a bookshelf and also purchased on my Kindle...
  • ZuZusPetalsZuZusPetals Posts: 842Member
    edited June 14
    I'm currently reading Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI, which is a nonfiction Book of the Month pick. It's a really fascinating historical account. I'm excited to read The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, which is a bit outside my wheelhouse but is getting great buzz.

    I am going to re-read George Orwell's 1984 this summer, but would love recommendations for another "classic" that you think is worth visiting (or revisiting) as an adult.

    And, of course, I eagerly await our next MSA book club pick!
  • oniontearsoniontears Posts: 366Member
    @ZuZusPetals I recently reread Crime and Punishment and found it to be worth a revisit.

    Currently I'm reading Pachinko, then will be starting on The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and all the wonderful books I received as part of the book swap @lallen organized a few weeks ago.
  • ZuZusPetalsZuZusPetals Posts: 842Member
    @oniontears My 11th grade English class read Crime and Punishment with a very uninspired format--we plowed through 40-50 pages a night and wrote a journal entry every day. We came to call it Punishment and Punishment by the end. That one would be a VERY good challenge for me to revisit ;)
  • elizabethjelizabethj Posts: 592Member
    I am reading the new Sarah Dessen, Once And For All.
  • ducktorwhoducktorwho Posts: 624Member
    I just finished reading (again) Danse de la Folie by Sherwood Smith. I'm currently reading Romancing Daphne by Sarah Eden. They're both Regency novels, not the bodice ripper type. Another great Regency author is Georgette Heyer.

    I also recently finished reading the Into the Never Sky series by Veronica Rossi. I tend to enjoy YA dystopian/post apocalyptic type books too.
  • Jennifer3141Jennifer3141 Posts: 3,161Member
    @ZuZuPetals This is an awesome thread!

    I recently read a book called The Reason I Jump. It's an English translation of a book written by a 13 year old Japanese boy with autism. In it he explains the reasons behind some classic autistic behaviors and how he feels about different aspects of his life. It is fascinating.
  • House06House06 Posts: 965Member
    we were talking about the differences between movie/tv adaptations of books ( on the Book Club thread) I just finished reading The Girl With All the Gifts. ( M.R. Carey) This is a sci- fi dystopian ZOMBIE book that is WAY out of normal reading boundaries for me. The book was Excellent! I hope that the movie treatment will be as well! :)
  • LisaMarieLisaMarie Posts: 744Member
    @House06 I loved The Girl With All the Gifts. Received it in Beautiful Madness. I never would have chosen it for myself but it was great!
  • JackiecupcakeJackiecupcake Posts: 1,140Member
    @ducktorwho - I loved Sherwood Smith as a teen. I've probably read "Crown Duel" more than any other book I own. I can't say I've enjoyed her more recent stuff though, but I haven't read that one so I may check it out!

    I read a ton, and since I took the summer off for the first time I'm burning through books pretty quickly. I just started "A Darker Shade of Magic" and also have some contemporary romance on my need to read shelf (some Lauren Layne and Susan Elizabeth Phillips).
  • ducktorwhoducktorwho Posts: 624Member
    @Jackiecupcake definitely check it out! It's really good. I also really like Rondo Allegro by her as well. :)
  • reganb1reganb1 Posts: 1,096Member
    I'm currently reading Windfall and Priestdaddy. I just finished Perfect Little World and Shacking Up. Next on tap is Exit West, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and The Most Dangerous Duke in London. As you can tell my interests are vast. Best books I have read in awhile were Three Dark Crowns and When its Real - I highly recommend you check them out if you are a YA fan!
  • SunShiningSunShining Posts: 117Member
    I just finished All Grown Up by Jami Attenberg and I'm going to start Today Will be Different by Maria Semple (Where'd ya go Bernadette author).

    @ZuZusPetals I love 1984! If you are revisiting that then I think I might have to revisit Animal Farm this summer. I love that one too!
  • SarahFrancesSarahFrances Posts: 628Member
    I am dying to read The Grip of It. Powell's just sent an arc of it, but I can't get if from Amazon until August 1st. Argh! I need to find something weird and creepy to hold me over until then.
  • Kaof17Kaof17 Posts: 239Member
    Since my summer vacation began, I've read The Inhuman Condition by Clive Barker, Gwendy's Button Box by Stephen King & Richard Chizmar, & Night Shift & Skeleton Crew by Stephen King. I'm obviously on a King short story kick, which I'm going to end by reading Bazaar of Bad Dreams next.

    I read rapidly and often, and since we have a library in our home, I tend to go in and grab whatever catches my eye to read next. I don't really plan ahead or have a TBR pile but also on my list: Pnin by Vladimir Nabokov, Dust by Hugh Howey, and whatever Nocturnal Reader's Box sends me..
  • lizRlizR Posts: 595Member
    On my spring vacation I read 3 books while upholding a great Kentucky tradition of porch sitting. I was told I'm very good at it. America's First Daughter, historical fiction about Martha Jefferson. Really enjoyed this one about Thomas Jefferson's eldest daughter. Then I read The Silent Wife, which I thought was unmemorable. Lastly I read Call of the Kiwi by Sarah Lark. This book is the 3rd in a series, the first book is: In the Land of the Long White Cloud, 2nd is: Song of the Spirits. Another historical fiction, heavy on fiction, set in New Zealand and the series spans 4 generations of women. Just started the non-fiction book Blown for Good by M. Headley who is someone who leaves Scientology. Looking forward to The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and the Forum's Book Club pick. You all have sparked my interest in quite a few books!
  • SamanthaLSamanthaL Posts: 1,050Member
    I'm reading Every Day is Election Day, as well as a thriller called 2016 (I'm a little late, obviously). I need to make more time to read because I have so many books I bought recently and haven't even started.
  • gillepgillep Posts: 442Member
    I am just finishing up the third book in the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy, these are not books that I ever would have chosen for myself (book club read) but they are such fun summer reads.

    @ZuZusPetals 1984 is one of my favorite books, I also recommend The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood.
  • muppetgurlmuppetgurl Posts: 91Member
    The last book I've read that I would recommend is Behind her eyes, it's a little confusing at first but a definite page turner! Next on my reading list is Marlena and All the ugly and wonderful things!
  • LunaLuna Posts: 1,782Member
    I'm currently reading Carrie Brownstein's autobiography Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl. Sleater Kinney has been my favorite band since the 90's, and I'm a fan of Carrie's band Wild Flag and Portlandia (not a fan of the 1st season though). I was in the midst of reading The Hours by Michael Cunningham, but when I saw Carrie's book in the Sub Pop store I just had to get it & start reading it.

    Next up was One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, but it looks like the next MSA book club pick will be up instead. :)
  • megganinwonderlandmegganinwonderland Posts: 352Member
    edited June 14
    I just finished Into the Water by Paula Hawkins (Girl on the Train author), and I am currently reading Camino Island by John Grisham, and then will be reading Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult. John Grisham is one of my favorite authors, and last week I was fortunate enough to attend a book signing and discussion with both him and Jodi Picout, which was amazing. Also in my queue is It's Always the Husband by Michele Campbell, Before the Fall by Noah Hawley, and Do Not Become Alarmed by Maile Meloy to satisfy my psychological thriller craze!
  • elizabethjelizabethj Posts: 592Member
    @megganinwonderland Did you like Into the Water? I was pretty disappointed in it, but I cant tell if maybe my expectations were too high.
  • ElmaElma Posts: 1,146Member
    I am rereading (for the 8th or 9th time !) Death and the Dervish, by Bosnian writer Mesa Selimovic. I have not read it in English so I'm not 100% sure how good the translation is ... but I can tell you that it is the most 'underlined' and quoted book among my friends .... almost every sentence carries a message that can be applied IRL whether it's about love, friendship or life in general ... I read it in HS for the 1st time and even then it made a big impact on all of us ... his sentences just flow and take you with them ... after that I will reread The Fortress, from the same author ... they are really powerful books that make you stop and think!

    Death and the Dervish: "It recounts the story of Sheikh Nuruddin, a dervish residing in an Islamic monastery in Sarajevo in the eighteenth century during the Ottoman Turk hegemony over the Balkans. When his brother is arrested, he must descend into the Kafkaesque world of the Turkish authorities in his search to discover what happened to him. He narrates his story in the form of an elaborate suicide note, regularly misquoting the Koran. In time, he begins to question his relations with society as a whole and, eventually, his life choices in general. Hugely successful when published in the 1960s, Death and the Dervish is an enduring classic from twentieth-century Yugoslavia."

    The Fortress: "In the novel, Ahmet Shabo returns home to seventeenth-century Sarajevo from the war in Russia, numbed by the death in battle or suicide of nearly his entire military unit. In time he overcomes the anguish of war, only to find that he has emerged a reflective and contemplative man in a society that does not value, and will not tolerate, the subversive implications of these qualities ... Muslim Ahmet's sustaining marriage to a young Christian woman provides a multicultural tension that strongly resonates with contemporary readers and sensibilities.
  • kaleigh89kaleigh89 Posts: 199Member
    @ducktorwho I am OBSESSED with Georgette Heyer. Her Regency romances are my favorite and I think I've read almost all of them, but not all of the mysteries. I will have to pick up the other two you mentioned. :)
  • ZuZusPetalsZuZusPetals Posts: 842Member
    @SunShining I am a big fan of Animal Farm, too--and Orwell's writing in general. His essay "Politics and the English Language" is one of the most powerful (and perpetually relevant) pieces I've ever read.

    @gillep I just finished the Handmaid's Tale last month. It was my first time reading it. It was chilling, and I know it's one of those books I'll read over, and over, again.

    @SarahFrances Have you read any of Kazuo Ishiguro's works? Never Let Me Go is one of my favorite books of all time, though I won't describe it at all--it's one of those works that is best enjoyed completely spoiler-free. Not sure if it qualifies as "weird and creepy," but I find it suspenseful and unsettling.

    My summer reading list is expanding exponentially with all these great recommendations. :)
  • kylajaclynkylajaclyn Posts: 3,226Member
    Currently reading:

    Lucky You by Erika Carter (for my PS Reading Challenge - a book set in the wilderness)
    The Collected Poems of WB Yeats (for my upcoming Ireland trip)
    Hollow City (PS RC - a book with pictures)
    B!tch: in Praise of Difficult Women by Liz Wurtzel on my Kindle
    I know What You Did Last Summer by Lois Duncan

    And then every holiday I go through my Sweet Valley and RL Stine or Fear Street books related to that holiday and read them. I had a lot of summer ones left. I'm currently on Stine's Point Horror books Beach House and Beach Party.
  • CassieBCassieB Posts: 611Member
    @kylajaclyn I <3 RL Stine and Fear Street books!! I've only got a few right now, but I read so many of them in high school :)
  • CassieBCassieB Posts: 611Member
    I'm currently reading Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro and The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

    Next up on my list:
    One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
    The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
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