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K Beauty - Are the subs worth it?

I'm wanting to dive deeper into using K Beauty products and I'm considering one of the subscription boxes I see on MSA. I was leaning towards PinkSeoul.
My questions are, are the subs worth it? I would prefer full size products but open to affordable "sample" boxes to get my feet wet.
If you don't think the boxes are worth it - could you recommend me some "beginner" products and why you like them/how they are beneficial to your skin?

I don't have sensitive skin. My skin type is pretty normal but does change a bit with the seasons. I have no allergies. I prefer cruelty free beauty when possible.

Thank you all so much in advance!


  • RubymomRubymom Posts: 83Member
    Most if not all KB is cruelty free. PinkSeoul is good because they give you a skin type choice. I have normal to dry and subscribe to Mishibox which dos not curate by skin type. I give away pimple and oily products to my granddaughter. It's much cheaper than PS. I have also subscribed to Beauteque which was fine. I preferred Mishibox. It is great to try different products. I am getting first bomibag which premiers this month. Ther are two great groups on fb. Search Korean beauty and Asian beauty. Best thing to start with is two step cleanser. Once you get using this, your skin will feel amazing.
  • RainRain Posts: 696Member
    @Rubymom Are they really cruelty free? That's surprising to me, I think many KB products contain animal products.

    @coder_caitlin I get Mishibox, and I think most KB boxes are a good value. If you are just getting into it, I'd recommend the reddit forum for Asian Beauty, they have a ton of information for people new to KB.

  • coder_caitlincoder_caitlin Posts: 73Member
    edited June 15
    @Rubymom I will look up Mishibox and Bomibag! Thank you so much! Is there a specific name of those facebook groups? Do you recommend a two step cleanser?
  • coder_caitlincoder_caitlin Posts: 73Member
    @Rain I didn't even think about checking reddit!
  • anna_bonanzaanna_bonanza Posts: 95Member
    @coder_caitlin I used to subscribe to PinkSeoul and absolutely loved it. Full sized products, a nice variety, and great customer service. I only stopped because I had too much of a backlog of products. If I ever get through it, I plan to resubscribe!
  • finlidanfinlidan Posts: 1,709Member
    @coder_caitlin AsianBeauty and SkinCareAddiction are huge subreddits and will have tons of product recommendations!
  • oniontearsoniontears Posts: 321Member
    If you are looking for full-size products, I second the recommendation for Bomibox. I've subscribed to them for a few months and love the variety of products they include each month. Also personal preference, but if you are looking to start with just a few products, I love Innisfree.

    @Rain there was a law passed a few years ago mandating that Korean beauty products cannot be animal-tested by 2018, so most companies are starting to switch over to being completely cruelty free.
  • JackiecupcakeJackiecupcake Posts: 1,072Member
    The stuff about animal testing was really informative for me - thank you @oniontears and @Rubymom

    I will do a little bit more research myself, but what I've seen so far it looks like you guys are right. I may have to look into some K Beauty if that's the case.
  • coder_caitlincoder_caitlin Posts: 73Member
    @oniontears that is fantastic to hear about no animal testing!!! I am sitting down to submerge myself in KBeauty right now!!
  • oniontearsoniontears Posts: 321Member
    @Jackiecupcake and @coder_caitlin Shameless self-plug, but I have quite a hoard of K-beauty (both from sub boxes and bought in Korea) that I would be more than happy to swap at a discount if either of you are interested, especially if there are specific brands/item types you are interested in trying
  • TPopTPop Posts: 101Member
    I liked Pink Seoul because of the skin type customization, and especially because their info cards are very thorough, since a lot of the products don't have English instructions. Also, they have regular and plus for different ages.
  • RubymomRubymom Posts: 83Member
    @coder_caitlin fb groups are Asian beauty skincare addicts and Korean beauty and skincare. Both are excellent places to learn. KB has 8-10 steps depending on who you ask. This can be overwhelming plus putting 8 new things on your skin can cause distress for some. So I would start with the two step cleanse--oil based cleanser followed by water based or foam cleanser. And of course sunscreen. Purpose of two step is to remove sunscreen and makeup. KB sunscreens are advanced. Not sure it is KB but there is a sunscreen coming in popular box soon.
  • MergionaMergiona Posts: 5Member
    For the price and quality of the items I'd recommend Mishibox. They ship like a clock too. Most of the items are skin-care but every now and then they'll include some make-up items like gloss or beauty blender. I've been with them 9 months and loved every single box they sent me.
  • rambletamblerambletamble Posts: 146Member
    My first experience with Korean Beauty was through Mishibox. I loved it. They ship very quickly and I like their rewards points program that you can use to buy full-size products later. I would still be a subscriber, but I cancelled my subscription after I found the products that worked best for my skin. I didn't find all the products through Mishibox, but it helped me to discover what product qualities I like and don't like. For example, I dislike snail anything. I also tried FaceTory. The masks were as promised, but the shipping was too slow for me.

    If I had to do it all over again though, I would pick Pink Seoul because of the customization for oily skin. I've noticed that the boxes tend to send out more stuff for dry skin than oily. You really have to be careful with the moisturizing masks if you have oily skin.

    Two books I recommend reading are The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin by Charlotte Cho and Japanese Secrets to Beautiful Skin & Weight Control: The Maeda Program by Grace Maeda with Lucille Craft. You have to wade through Cho's life story in her book, but it has a lot of great skin care information. Japanese Skin Care is similar to Korean Skin Care and Maeda's book is straightforward and helpful too.
  • coder_caitlincoder_caitlin Posts: 73Member
    you ALL are so helpful! Thank you for providing me with great options for resources! I appreciate you all!
  • nelliebelle1197nelliebelle1197 Posts: 2,595Member
    Yes but sadly MEMEBOX is no longer doing boxes. Those were the days
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