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Newbie questions

Alicia2422Alicia2422 Posts: 2Member
I haven't swapped here before. So, I'm a little clueless about the site format.

How does one search for keywords in forum posts? Can you "subscribe" to a particular section?

Also, regarding the swap pages: What on earth is the "followers" section? Are these people who intentionally started following me? Do they want to swap with me? Are they just people who filled out ISO information & are automatically matched to me?

So many questions.. Thank you for anyone who can give me insight. I'm sorry if there are posts answering my questions already.


  • NightshiftNightshift Posts: 2,114Member
    @Alicia2422 You can search for key words in the search bar on the top right and you can bookmark a particular thread if it interests you and then update your notification settings to be notified every time someone comments on it.

    Followers are people who intentionally follow you. They don't necessarily want to swap with you right now, but they may have noticed that you routinely post items that interest them, or that you live close by so shipping won't be too expensive, or you have lots of great feedback so it means you are a good swapper, or they swapped with you before and had a good experience so they'd like to do it again. Everyone uses the "follow swapper" button differently, but there is no way to see who is actually following you.
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