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Great box, GREAT Customer Service!!! BREO

dw85202dw85202 Posts: 335Member
I recently signed up for the Breo quarterly box. I loved the Spring box and can't wait for the Summer box!!!! Today I contacted customer service twice and heard back from the co-founder Aleksandar Stolevski each time within 20 minutes. Yep, you heard me correctly....20 minutes!! I was interested in purchasing the Winter 2016 if it was still available. Aleksander told me it was not available because the fitness tracker sold out. He then added that he would include something extra in my Summer box. What?! How awesome! It's considered a Men's lifestyle box, but I like everything for me. So, I plan on keeping everything I want, and then if I'm feeling generous gifting the remainder to my sons and brother. Just had to share.


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