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5th Avenue Membership

alexntanzalexntanz Posts: 106Member
I'm not sure why I just did this. I signed up for the 5th Avenue annual membership club without even knowing what the heck it is. I also ordered the Limited Edition Autumn Time box so I did get $100 off that box because of the membership. I have never gotten a 5th Avenue box and frankly I'm a little intimidated and confused. Have I made a huge mistake? What does this membership get me? Are there special boxes that are terrific? Should I sign up for a subscription? I know I have way too many questions :smiley:


  • Jennifer3141Jennifer3141 Posts: 3,135Member
    @alexntanz I'm a member, too, but I don't subscribe to the regular boxes. What it means is that you'll get an e-mail about once/ week advertising the latest and greatest box, usually with a $100 off coupon. You'll get ads for the same box over and over, often with a new spoiler.

    It is confusing, especially when they don't put the price of the box in the e-mail and you have to fill out a survey before you can find details about the box on the website. I also find the forms to request a specific item from the spoilers confusing- it took me a while to realize I had to order the box and then request the specific bag or bangle.

    The good news is that the CS is awesome. E-mail them and they'll either walk you through the process of ordering, or just take care of it for you.

    Good luck!
  • alexntanzalexntanz Posts: 106Member
    Thanks Jennifer3141! I'll wait to get an email to see if the membership is going to be worth it to me.
  • lynndeannelynndeanne Posts: 561Member
    My membership has paid for itself many times over. And the customer service is amazing. I did have a subscription for a while - which was also great and very customized for me -- but I ended up dropping it in favor of the special boxes. What's really nice is that as they learn more about you, the boxes get more and more customized.
  • alexntanzalexntanz Posts: 106Member
    I think I have a month to decide to keep the membership or not. I haven't received any emails from 5th Avenue regarding any boxes that the membership would work on. And I haven't found any discounts for members on any items on the web-site. Do you usually have to wait until they send an email with a "members only" offer? I guess I just want to make sure it's a membership I will use more than once.
  • NightNurseNightNurse Posts: 232Member
    I got the membership today so I can get a discount on the purple box which I think is awesome! I wanted to get some Evocateur jewelry. I will put my membership to good use. They have a lot of nice boxes. I just type 5th ave style on the search bar on my subscription addiction website & a lot of spoilers + coupon codes for members show up :)
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