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Hair advice?

janemockingjayjanemockingjay Posts: 1,088Member
I am looking for a good shampoo/conditioner for oily hair that smells good, makes my hair soft, and lathers well. I've tried all the following and although I like them, my hair will get super oily by the 2nd day and even though I don't have any dandruff my scalp will get really itchy. Any other brands/kinds that someone can think of I should try? I was looking into the Bumble and Bumble Seaweed line since I like the Invisible Oil but would like feedback if anyone has tried it?

1. Living Proof
2. R+Co
3. Davines (I've tried every kind now, my favorite was the Minu but I still got oily by the evening time with it)
4. Leonor Greyl
5. Redken
6. Oribe
7. Mermaid Hair
8. Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil (this is my personal favorite scent and lather but I can't use it more than two days in a row without getting buildup)
9. Abril et Nature
10. Victoria's Secret shampoos
11. Alterna


  • lalalalalala Posts: 1,479Member
    Are you saying the 2nd day you shampoo/condition and that causes the oil or are you trying to go 2 days between washes?

    BTW - my absolute favorite for my oily hair is the Coconut Soapbox.

    I had it in a Target box, and after a few days I was shocked. The conditioner does something I've never had happen before. It feels a bit like it lathers up if my hair is good and soaked. And it doesn't make my hair heavy. I have fine, oily hair. I don't need it weighed down.
  • janemockingjayjanemockingjay Posts: 1,088Member
    @lalala it starts getting oily by nighttime the day that I wash it and by the next morning it's super oily again so I'm trying to get to at least just washing every other day. Dry shampoo isn't an option because that does nothing for my itchy scalp even though it supposedly soaks up the oils. I'll have to try that Soapbox you mentioned, I haven't heard of that one before. Thanks!
  • sarasara Posts: 3,694Member
    @janemockingjay, I think you might have 2 different things going on that I have suffered with before. The oily scalp won't cause your itching, something else is doing that. I have had friends who have had fungus (yuck, but true) on their scalp,mostly because they exercise a lot and wear a cap to keep the sun off. You can also have an allergy or sensitivity to an ingredient that is in all the shampoos. That causes itching as well. Try something with tea tree oil in it and make sure the shampoos don't have sulfates. You might also google the shampoo ingredients to see what is most likely to be an allergen.

    Next, it really helps to use the dry shampoo to get yourself to two days between shampoos. My hairdresser explained this to me. Heads will create oil to match how often you shampoo- the more you shampoo, the oilier it gets. She had me use dry shampoo every day and only wash every other day for a week. Voila, my hair stopped getting oily so quickly.

    Finally, for me, the shampoos that don't make my head itchy and keep it clean are Klorane Flax and the Sea Salt scrub by Christophe Robin.

    And the things that make my scalp itchy are often the products I use, like volumizers and hair spray...
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  • MeshaMesha Posts: 99Member
    The Matrix Rose Oil of Wonders is really good. For my oily thin fine hair it's been one of the best. Have you ever tried a cleansing conditioner? I never knew there were others beyond Wen until I got a sample. DEVA CURL is really nice in my hair and I also like Renpure. Renpure even has one for volume.
    You might try putting dry shampoo in your hair at night before you go to bed. I like Batiste for this since I'm not looking for texture and it's fairly cheap.
  • finlidanfinlidan Posts: 1,709Member
    You might want to try a cleansing conditioner and get your itchy scalp checked out. It sounds like an allergy or sensitivity from overwashing! But I'm on the internet and not a dermatologist or allergist so take that with a grain of salt. Supposedly the Wen tea tree cleansing conditioner is great for scalp and hair issues with oiliness. I think there are other brands that use tea tree oil as well. Another cause of your issues may be switching brands too frequently.
  • ZuZusPetalsZuZusPetals Posts: 842Member
    It is my (unhappy) genetic legacy to have oily hair. The best shampoo I've tried is Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Special Shampoo. Although I still prefer to wash daily, tea tree special is the only shampoo I've tried where I could go two days between washes (both for how my scalp feels and how my hair looks). Added bonuses are a pleasant scalp tingling and fresh, minty smell that really helps me wake up in the morning. If you have an Ulta nearby, they generally sell a travel size in store for $6 that's good for about 7 washes

    I've heard amazing things about Lush's big shampoo, though, and hope to try it soon.
  • Randi2Randi2 Posts: 2,239Member
    @ZuZusPetals I LOVE Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo! I've used it for years now every few days. I love the smell and tingly feeling
  • KristyKristy Posts: 2,257Member
    I was also going to suggest Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo! Lol! I like to stock up when Ulta has their liters on sale. It feels amazing and smells wonderful :)
  • SarahFrancesSarahFrances Posts: 628Member
    @janemockingjay Your hair sounds somewhat similar to mine - I have fine, frizzy, tangly hair that gets oily near the roots very quickly. For me the key was switching to a sulfate-free shampoo, because while sulfates are great at removing oils, they are also great at stripping those oils from your scalp if you use them every day (which could maybe cause it to produce more oil to compensate? Maybe? I am neither a dermatologist nor a chemist so I might be just making up stuff that sounds good.)

    And there are actually sulfate-free shampoos that lather well now. A few that I've used that I liked are:

    L'Oreal EverStrong (in the green tubes) - I stopped using this because I'm trying harder to be cruelty-free with my beauty products, but I miss the conditioner so much. The shampoo I would rate as "pretty good" but not necessarily life changing. It's definitely my #1 drugstore pick, though. The scent for these is supposed to be rosemary and mint, but they lean heavily toward mint.

    Joico Color Co+Wash whipped cleansing foam - This is a cleansing conditioner that dispenses like a very thick mousse. It might be the most hardcore cleansing conditioner I've ever used. You're hair will be CLEAN. (I actually have to add moisture back to my ends when I use it.) The main downside for me is that you're supposed to let it sit in your hair for 5 minutes, which feels like a long time in the morning. But you're also cutting out a step since it's a two-in-one, so I guess it evens out. I just use it on sugar scrub days. It smells kind of spicy / musky. I think they use animal testing, though, so I won't be repurchasing. :(

    Fortune Cookie Soap shampoo bars - I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked these things, and the best part is that because you're rubbing a bar on your head, you can concentrate most of the lather on your scalp. Plus they come in a bunch of different scents (if you can manage to catch them in stock and if you aren't opposed to largely artificial fragrance). I would caution against Lush shampoo bars, as they are chock full o' sulfates.

    Right now I'm using some stuff from Kenra, but the jury is still out on whether I really like it or not. I am able to go every other day shampooing with it, though, so that's a plus. And it lathers well.

    That was super-long! TL/DR: try going sulfate-free and giving your scalp some time to adjust and see if that helps.
  • janemockingjayjanemockingjay Posts: 1,088Member
    Thanks for the advice guys! I had heard that the tea tree shampoos were supposed to be really good for the itchiness factor so I will have to try those out (not a fan of anything mint scented so that's why I'd avoided those so far but if it helps it will be worth it).

    I also love anything Lush (I swear I'm not the Lush promoter either lol) so I will definitely try out the big shampoo too. I have used their shampoo bars and they were awesome but I knew they had to be packed with sulfates since they lathered so much so I'll look into the FCS options (I didn't know they made shampoo bars but their soaps always smell sooooo good!).

    I definitely need to go to a dermatologist because the itchiness has been driving me nuts. I actually woke up one night with my head feeling "raw" because apparently I had been scratching it in my sleep! I thought it was just from being so oily but if that doesn't cause it I must have something else going on. We do have terribly hard water even though it's city water and get a lot of mineral buildup so I'm thinking it might be calcium deposits causing the itchiness? I've been looking into shower filters because of that so it's definitely time to buy one. I tried apple cider vinegar for a while and that seemed to be helping a little for balancing my scalp so I need to put that back into rotation but oh geez does it smell bad!
  • rachel_crachel_c Posts: 178Member
    @janemockingjay I also have really oily, long, fine hair but I work out daily so o get sweaty enough I have to wash mine daily, dry shampoo won't cut it for me. I like Joico, I use the one for colored hair. It lathers good and smells good also. My hair is long and very fine but I have a ton of it and that works pretty good for me. Good luck!
  • AngienharryAngienharry Posts: 1,370Member
    I use sulfate free shampoo and then Natralia Eczema & Psoriasis Wash & Shampoo and then conditioner and my scalp itching is gone and hair feels great. Also I don't shampoo daily, I use dry shampoo every other day alternating with the above regimen.
  • oniontearsoniontears Posts: 320Member
    I've been using diluted castille soap lately, and my super oily hair has been loving it! It does take some getting used to though and doing an apple cider vinegar rinse afterwards does help.
  • WildeOneWildeOne Posts: 67Member
    @janemockingjay I would maybe suggest having someone test for allergies, I'm horribly allergic to chemical hair dyes and the worst part of it is that it makes my scalp so horribly itchy for sometimes as long as a couple weeks. Like so itchy I was sent home from work because customers complained about my scratching. When I was younger my hair was so so oily, washed it in the morning it was oily by lunch, wash at night it was oily in the morning, and even then it was never itchy.
  • flirtmdflirtmd Posts: 618Member
    If you have an Aveda store in your local mall they have a scalp camera that takes pictures of your scalp and roots. They then go over the pictures with you and explain what your issue may be. I've never had an Aveda employee be pushy and make me buy anything. They will give you samples to try and if they work you can always return to purchase or try something else. They also give free neck and hand massages.

    I hope you find something that works for you.

    Just remember… "Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes."
  • jamzillijamzilli Posts: 579Member
    edited June 17
    I'll echo the people who mentioned cleansing conditioners! I am oily enough that I need to use one every day (or dry shampoo), but they do clean, they keep my hair super healthy, and they make it act like it is thicker. Because of them I can also air-dry my hair now without it looking tragic!

    My favorites are the Renpure Coconut cleansing PUDDING and the one from Unwash (though terribly expensive, I stocked up at the 50% of BF sale).

    You probably should see a dermatologist for the itching, but since this is a swap site, you might try to get your hands on the Hairmax stuff. If your itching has to do with dead skin or skin cell turnover, it has beta-hydroxy acid to help with that.
  • moniquemonique Posts: 748Member
    @janemockingjay I have the exact same hair as you and have yet to find anything that helps my chicken grease looking roots on day two. I've come to LOVE my dry shampoo, but I have to use an obscene amount of of it. I have uber straight fine hair and I feel like there's no miracles for us. Mine gets a little itchy halfway way through the second day as well. I did find that anything with peppermint helps some, I'm trying to remember an after conditioning treatment I use to use that might have been by pureology that helps a bit. Off to hunt it down for you.
  • LunaLuna Posts: 1,720Member

    It is my (unhappy) genetic legacy to have oily hair.

    @ZuZusPetals Sorry, off topic, but your comment reminded me... I just saw a musical for Romy & Michele's high school reunion, and I still laugh at the line "This dress exacerbates the genetic betrayal that is my legacy." 20 years later and I still have no idea what that means. Ha!!!
  • Nikole222Nikole222 Posts: 11Member
    I was in the same boat, though I had a problem of dandruff. I tried many shampoos, but didn't have any result. But on one forum I was suggested to try a personalized shampoo ( I hadn't heard about it before, but it turned out to be a very good solution of my problem. The concept of a personalized hair care system is putting you in charge of creating your own formula of shampoo right down to the color and scent. I know that it is possible to create a shampoo for different types of hair, including the oily one. Now I have a healthy and shiny hair. Maybe you can also try it. I hope it helps!
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