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Diet and Weight Loss MSA Support Group?

AACAAC Posts: 804Member
edited June 2017 in General
I tried searching through the threads but didn't see this. Is there a diet and weight loss MSA support group? I've been trying to lose a few pounds that I gained when I was pregnant - and I was fairly close to the goal, but then ballooned back out again. I think I want to try to seriously lose some weight starting July 1st - I want to lose 15 lbs by the end of summer and 30 lbs by the end of the year. Anyone else going through a weight loss struggle that want to join this discussion? Anyone have any quick start tips? What works, doesn't work? Any sub boxes actually helpful with diet and weight loss?
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  • ElissaElissa Posts: 481Member
    I would be interested in this. Just started a diet and could use some support.
  • rambletamblerambletamble Posts: 166Member
    I would love to join in too. I just started doing some Yoga.
  • 2crazyspaniels2crazyspaniels Posts: 195Member
    I'd like to join too. I have really struggled with the motivation in the past six months or so. :(
  • RochelleRochelle Posts: 1,168Member
    Join Weight Watchers! It worked really well for me and friends. It's not a diet really, more like a hobby/lifestyle & it just resets you back (or teaches you for the first time) to being back in control & making healthy choices and eating healthy portions! You can eat lots of fruit and veggies and low fat protein too. I can't say enough about it!
    I also know some people who have lost weight on a diet (I forget the name) that uses ketosis, through a local chiropractor here. The weight loss is drastic but the food is very limited, no fruit, no carbs, some veggies off limits too. Not everyone has kept their weight off long term.
  • rachel_crachel_c Posts: 185Member
    If you can work out on your own, without a gym or trainer telling you to do it, check out the oxygen magazine challenge. I've done it every year and love it. There a great Facebook support group and the information for the workouts and meal plans are broken down very clearly. I usually buy both coaches and swap out the workouts until the challenge starts again the next year.
  • BishBish Posts: 198Member
    @Rochelle I agree about weight watchers! My work paid for two 10 week sessions and while I'm not a fan of the weigh ins and meetings it really does work. I HIGHLY recommend downloading the itrackbites app. It's not free but it's a one time purchase instead of the rather pricey weight watchers program and has most of the benefits. There are other add ins but the only one I recommend is the restaurant one.
  • LadybugLadybug Posts: 182Member
    I would be interested. I need to lose weight.
  • ankareedaankareeda Posts: 539Member
    I lost all my baby weight last fall and then somehow gained a chunk of it back this spring. My son is 1 and a half and still not sleeping through the night, so exercise has been tough. Plus, now that the little monkey can run, jump, communicate and generally demand things, it has been more difficult to cook and eat healthy meals. I did get a Fitbit recently and it has really helped make me more aware of my body. I can spend a Saturday hanging out with my little guy and only get 3,000 steps or do almost the same exact thing and get 10,000 steps, so the Fitbit has really helped me be a bit more aware of when I need to get up and move. I'm all about an MSA support group, especially if it includes recipes ;)
  • lisadlisad Posts: 2,406Member
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  • EnduringWoneEnduringWone Posts: 191Member
    edited June 2017
    Count me in! I have had three strokes in less than five years. I also broke my ankle and was in a car accident during that time. I need to get myself back on track.
  • AACAAC Posts: 804Member
    @ankareeda are you me?? That's exactly me in a nutshell.

    So I've tried every diet known to man - can't stay on any of them. Although the healthiest I had been was on the Fresh Diet - you eat NOTHING except what they send you for the day. However, after a month the choices get repetitive. And one time I found a live worm in my salad and that was the end of that for me.
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  • ankareedaankareeda Posts: 539Member
    @AAC lol!

    I haven't really tried any particular diet. Last year, I jogged and tracked everything with LoseIt. I'm doing that again, but it is so hard! Do goldfish count as a dairy?
  • AACAAC Posts: 804Member
    @Angienharry congrats on your success with this! What are your motivations to keep going? I find myself getting super hyped up early on then I lose interest about 3-4 weeks in.
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  • AACAAC Posts: 804Member
    @DesB whoa! 12k steps a day is impressive!

    Do you ladies use a fitness tracker like Fitbit or the Apple Watch? Trying to decide if it is worth the plunge - and if so - which one?
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  • DonnaDonna Posts: 468Member
    @dare2smile said "Food is hard. I really like it, and I really like not exercising. But I'd be up for it too! I'm trying to stop being so squishy."
    This cracked me up and I feel exactly the same way. Trouble is I'm probably about a hundred years older than most of you (and probably a lot squishier....eww) But I'm up for it!
  • ankareedaankareeda Posts: 539Member
    @AAC I use a Fitbit blaze (mother's day gift). I love it, but I have used pedometers pretty regularly and do find them really helpful. I worked at a weight loss camp in college and they gave all the counselors and campers really cheap ones that worked well. You might try one of those first, just to see if that kind of accountability works for you. If you have a smartphone, Google fit also works pretty well.
  • DesBDesB Posts: 247Member
    @acc I have a Fitbit One that I clip on my bra and I'm really happy with it. I like wearing watches and bracelets so I'm not interested in a tracker that you have to wear on your wrist.
  • DonnaDonna Posts: 468Member
    @AAC I use the Fitbit One and the Fitbit Flex2. The Fitbit One has been around forever but I like it the best. I wear it either clipped to my waistband or my bra and I feel like it counts steps more accurately than the Flex2 which is worn on the wrist. The Flex2 is waterproof so I use that when I go to water aerobics.
  • AngienharryAngienharry Posts: 1,411Member
    @AAC my weight just got out of control. I made a vision board to keep me motivated and I use the WW social media site called "connect" to get additional support and read about others' accomplishments. I also track my activity with a Fitbit and try for 10k steps a day and gym workouts 3 times a week.
  • RochelleRochelle Posts: 1,168Member
    @aac I use a Fitbit wristband. Not sure which one but you can get always find a sale or deal on them. I lhighly recommend the wristband because it also acts like a watch and gives text & call notifications so that's fun and you can check your stats easily plus it's a visual reminder that I'm getting fit!
    @DesB @Angienharry congratulations on your success!! That's so awesome!
  • StephMStephM Posts: 39Member
    I absolutely love using myfitnesspal for food tracking. I also use a fitbit flex, mapmyrun, and various other apps that offer promos and coupons for tracking. If you guys are interested, we could start a private group in MFP or just add each other.
  • Co123Co123 Posts: 629Member
    @StephM I love myfitnesspal too!

    As far as gadgets, I use a Wahoo heart rate monitor when I work out, so that I have exact calorie burn. I also LOVEEE the Nike Training app - it's completely free and has TONS of workouts. I also just recently starting using Aaptiv for my indoor treadmill running, and I love it too! It costs $50/year.

    As far as food, I follow an 80/20 healthy/nonhealthy, some weeks its more like 70/30. I try not to limit which foods I eat, just quantities. I think MFP really helps with that. I love food and wine too much to do a restrictive diet such as Whole30 or Paleo. I try to eat low-carb as much as I can, however, because I know carbs are my body's weakness!
  • EddyEddy Posts: 251Member
    I'm in! I've been on an 8 month plateau. Need to kick it up to start losing again.
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