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Pay it Forward

SaraSara Posts: 4,592Member
edited July 2017 in Free Stuff
Over the last year we have lost some long-time members, who I miss, but also gained some wonderful new contributors. In honor of all of them, I would like to start a Pay it Forward thread. Here are the rules.

You list an item you would like to give to someone who wants it and would use it. The first person who responds in this thread, tags you and says they would like your item AND lists an item they will pay forward, gets it. You and your recipient can then work out mailing address and when you will ship in PM. You don't have to take an item to pay one forward, we can have multiple items listed to pay forward at the same time. It can be any sort of item, but you are responsible for shipping costs so take that into consideration when you list it. Get your good karma going, ladies!

@Chris, I don't see anything about this that violates any forum rules, but if it does, please let me know.

ETA: Some items might be ok to ship within the US or Canada but beyond what you are comfortable shipping outside. If that's the case, please state "within US" or "within Canada".
I would love to swap- ask me for my profile!


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