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Big Brother 19 [SPOILERS]

Randi2Randi2 Posts: 2,239Member
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Here's a place for any BB fans to discuss the show :)

Warning... there might be spoilers below ;)
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  • lynndeannelynndeanne Posts: 561Member
    I just caught up on the first 3 episodes last night! Surprised me that they didn't all go for the $25,000 -- you'd think the superfans would know that someone ALWAYS pushes the button. Was annoyed that Cody got HoH - what kind of person goes on BB and then is mad when people try to PLAY BB? He's a strange one. Paul would annoy me in person, but he keeps the show lively, so I was glad he came back. I don't have a favorite yet.

    The girl leaving over PTSD made me think for a minute what it says about me watching the show year after year. I mean, they do bully people, especially in the week when a person is nominated. (My theory is that it makes them feel better about their vote if they demonize the evictee.) On the other hand, I'm surprised BB brought on a person with PTSD. If I know people get bullied, surely the producers know. That seemed irresponsible to me.

    All that said... I remain fascinated by the group dynamics and the incredibly stupid decisions people make sometimes.
  • Randi2Randi2 Posts: 2,239Member
    Well that was an interesting episode! I knew what was going to happen bc I read spoilers online... but it was still exciting to watch.

    @missycat928 I didn't really like Johnny Mac at first... but as the season went on he definitely grew on me. He's one I would like to see again on an all star season or something
  • missycat928missycat928 Posts: 1,090Member
    @Randi2 - same here. I thought he was a moron in the beginning. Now I would love to see him back again because I can't stand the new group. And, yes, I always dislike the new group in the beginning, but I'm not even liking anyone!
  • monamonstermonamonster Posts: 1,431Member
    I've never watched this show before BUT... Christmas is one of the owners of my CF box so we've been watching! It's WEIRD seeing someone you know on TV, and this show is so strange but everyone at our box (gym) has been talking about it. :lol: Certainly entertaining...
  • Randi2Randi2 Posts: 2,239Member
    @monamonster that's so cool! I really like her and hope she stays (and hope her foot is okay too!)
  • LunaLuna Posts: 1,720Member
    I'm watching today's episode right now even though I already know what's happened. But like @Randi2 said, they're still fun & exciting to watch!

    My problem with BB is that I really get into each season, but once the season's over, for the most part, I have the worst time remembering anybody, until they make an appearance again in the show! I remember the name Johnny Mac, but can't remember him!

    I know it's super early, but does anybody have any opinions on any of the houseguests yet? Here are mine so far (but as the weeks go on they're always changing):

    Like: Paul - I was glad to see him come back this season. I honestly can't remember his shenanigans from last season, but I'm pretty sure I remember liking him, and he seems very loyal.

    Think I like, but need to see more of: Christmas, Mark, Matthew, Dominique, Jessica

    Find intriguing: Cody - I know, I know.. he's kind of weird and super intense, but I love how tight-lipped he always is. His crazy looking stares make me chuckle too, because he's just so intense! He has those crazy, dark, glassy, beady eyes that creep me out, but I still want to see more of him in the show. I just find it interesting how the 1st HoH always get such a big head, completely forgetting they have almost three months left in the house!

    Can't stand: Josh - After seeing how he treated Megan, and just how he is in general, he seems like one of those bullies that puff their chest at you getting all in your face, then once you flick them on the nose, they turn around running whimpering, "why you gotta be so mean???".

    I'm on the fence on whether or not I like Alex.

    Find kind of weird: Kevin - I still don't get why he basically took his clothes off after claiming the $25K. I mean I heard why he said he did it, but his logic made no sense to me. Plus, I think I'd be a bit weirded out by him in general.

    No opinion yet: Elena, Raven, Ramses, Jillian

    I'm sad Megan left, as she seemed like someone I would have rooted for, but that was interesting to me how she claimed to be this hard-core interrogator, but got nothing out of Cody. I also couldn't understand why Josh & Cody were telling her they didn't like her in the first episode. Maybe I missed something.
  • Ponder88Ponder88 Posts: 697Member
    I love Paul, the one good thing about him losing last year is he gets to come back this year.

    Josh is a jerk and arguably kicked-off the whole, "Let's drive Megan out," campaign. Once his immunity ends this week I want him out.

    Cody irritates me because he seems so bland. It was hilarious to watch his attempt to nominate Paul blow-up in his face, followed by his nomination of Christmas which has split the house. From the feeds I've watched it seems the house is one big mess of shifting alliances now whereas it once was a unified block. That's the issue with big alliances though, they can easily fall apart.

    I didn't like Alex as first but she has grown on me. I like she is brutally honest and told Cody she was targeting he and his alliance. Cody clearly respects her and has a thing for her, as that segment on Wednesday's episode showed when he called Jessica Alex. SO AWKWARD!

    Also, I didn't watch the segment of the feeds that caught of Christmas slipping and getting hurt. It almost sounds paranoid but could it have been purposeful so that she isn't viewed as a big threat anymore and folk vote for her to stay? Maybe I'm just too suspicious.

    I'm 99% sure Kevin must have mafia ties. When we met him he talked about gangster nicknames and his, "Stay at home dad," title sounds like a cover. I know plenty of stay-at-home dads, but I just wonder about him. Still, I'm glad he is there as normally older folk seem to go home first.

    Jason is...weird. I'm not sure how I feel about him. I think I like him?

    I hate Jessica. She is vapid, mean, fake, and etc.

    Those are all my scattered thoughts for now.
  • lynndeannelynndeanne Posts: 561Member
    I didn't watch on vacation, so I have caught up since last night. Watching my first BBAD and haven't read much of blogs. I know about the big alliance and that it is breaking apart at the moment, but I'm not real clear on alliances beyond that. Need some time for it to sink in.

    I'm with @Luna - once the season ends I forget all about the details. It's like my brain puts it into 90-day storage. But I do remember thinking Paul was robbed last year (and I've never liked Nicole) so glad he is back.

    So far --

    Can't stand Cody. There's something wrong with that guy beyond HOHitis. If he was a recruit it would make more sense to me, but I have the impression he is a fan? If that's true, his tactics seem really stupid. And he gives me the creeps. But I've been known to change my mind as we get to know them more.

    Super depressed that there are FOUR showmances already. Can only hope they fight and flip on each other.

    @Luna They are in the house a week or so before the feeds come on and first episode airs. I'm thinking something more must have happened between Megan and Josh and Megan and other players. I get that she has PTSD and couldn't handle it when they all turned against her, but I don't think Josh is popular enough to have turned the house against her. We'll probably never know, but feels like something is missing.

    I never like the bimbo girls (or guys) but sometimes it takes me a while to figure out which ones are really bimbos and which are playing stupid. But seems like there may be more smart girls than normal... although that may be wishful thinking.

  • Co123Co123 Posts: 629Member
    This season is so interesting to me so far. I think Cody and Jessica are terrible people, but I've been watching the live feeds some. She's acting out of jealousy (Alex) and already tied herself to a showmance by like Day 10!!! That makes her look awful to me. Also, Cody is getting a pretty nice edit of his personality, he's made some pretty derogatory comments about women and transgender people, and has said some questionable things about other matters as well.

    I really like Dominique, Mark and Alex. I think Alex has a good chance to win, and I just really like Dominique and Mark's personalities on the live feeds.

    Christmas is okay, I actually really liked her until I started watching the live feeds and now I find her a little annoying. I do feel really bad about her foot though, I'm interested to see how the show portrays that accident! I assumed it happened in POV, but (obviously) not. @monamonster that's awesome that she owns your CF!! She's a beast for sure. Watching her angry-kettlebell swings last night was awesome, I'm like you go girl.

    Jason, Jillian, Matt, Raven, Josh, Ramses, Elena I could take them or leave them for now. I do think Matt, Raven, Elena (because of her showmance) and Ramses will become larger characters eventually, but for now they haven't done much. It will be interesting to see how Ramses plays out his #curse lol - I also like that he's a superfan! Does anyone know what illness Raven has? She speaks about her disease sometimes but somehow I missed what that is.

    Paul - love him! Loved him last season, love him this season. He's sort of annoyingly chatty, but he is just fun to watch.

    Oh, how could I forget Kevin?? I think CBS will have some fun w/ this guy's edits eventually. On the live feeds, he's always doing "story time" with the houseguests and telling ghost stories and stuff, it's awesome/hilarious.

  • LunaLuna Posts: 1,720Member
    I don't watch the feeds or AD, but I do enjoy reading a spoiler site, and it is definitely interesting how the producers manipulate what the viewers see on t.v. vs. what really goes on in the house sometimes. I've always found it interesting when the houseguests talk about their frustrations about how the producers have them do re-takes of their diary room sessions to make them more entertaining or emotional, and how they're afraid they won't be portrayed like how they really are in the house. When the houseguests get to talking like that either the producers will cut the feeds or come over the intercom telling them they're not allowed to share what was discussed in the diary room. Also, I think the producers manipulate the houseguests into starting drama by threatening them with less air time. Finally, I've seen where the timing of what's shown on t.v. doesn't sync up with how events actually took place in the house. Despite all of this, I think it's still really fun to watch the show, speculate on what's going to happen, and discuss peoples logic (or lack thereof) on why they're doing what they're doing. And, those silly alliances... they rarely hold... I'm just so glad they're not all coming up with names for each of their alliances. Last year, didn't they have something like 10 different alliances going???
  • LunaLuna Posts: 1,720Member
    I think on of my favorite parts of the show is right before the credits where they do quick takes of the previous show, leading up to something funny or drama-filled that previously happened. I always love guessing what it'll be, and my guess this time is when Alex said "Let's go b******" right before the POV.
  • LunaLuna Posts: 1,720Member
    Does anyone have an all-time favorite BB houseguest?

    Dr. Will will always have a special place in my heart, as he was my original favorite houseguest. It still makes me laugh thinking how he straight up told everyone on Season 2, "I hate you all" & "I will lie to you", and they were all pretty much like, "Oh Will, you're so silly.", then he went on to win the season!

    However, I was super impressed with Dan (can't remember from which season). I thought it was so awesome how he continued to manipulate the houseguests, by constantly lying to them, and how he was able to regain their trust over & over again after he was found out, then didn't he go on to win the whole thing too? Either that or he came in 2nd.

    I also loved Jeff in his original season, but didn't like him when he came back as an all-star. I'm surprised he didn't tip over cause his head was so big. But, overall I still really like him.

    I think my favorite season was 6 with Janelle, Howie, & Kasar. And, despite how annoying her voice could be, I always really liked.... ah! what's her name? the red head that was with Brendon. I can't believe I forgot her name!
  • Co123Co123 Posts: 629Member
    @Luna All time favorite houseguest...hmm.. I definitely agree w/ Dr. Will and Dan! They were great players. I also really loved Derek, he was amazing. Oh, and surprisingly I think Victor was awesome too, from last season!
  • Randi2Randi2 Posts: 2,239Member
    I have the hardest time remembering past seasons/house guests too! Then it all comes back to me when they show a clip or something.

    @lynndeanne who is the fourth showmance? I can only think of 3...

    and the whole Megan thing has me confused - but agree that there had to be something that wasn't shown to us that happened to make everyone turn on her.

    I don't think I have a favorite house guest yet this year... but I do think its fun to watch Cody's straight face/complete non-interaction... like when he just kept brushing and brushing and brushing his teeth when Paul was talking to him.

    and I can't believe that Cody called Jessica "Alex"... and that Jessica didn't freak out about it!

    This is the first time I've read spoilers and updates online and it is interesting to see how different people are vs the way they get televised.
  • LunaLuna Posts: 1,720Member
    Thanks @Co123 , I can't believe I forgot Rachel's name! One of my most favorite BB moments was when her & Ragan got into it, and Ragan kept blasting her with all of these insulting one liners, and all she could basically say was "Whatever Ragan" because she couldn't think of anything to say back. Then, they became real life friends afterward! I believe he was in her wedding party when she married Brendon.

    And, I'm so glad you mentioned Derek... he was a great houseguest too! I'm also glad you mentioned about some of the things that Cody has said that hasn't been televised.... he has now accompanied Josh on my list of people I definitely don't want to win. But, like @Randi2 said, it is fun watching the awkward interactions he has with people when they're just waiting for him to say something, and he just stares right back at them. :smiley:
  • Randi2Randi2 Posts: 2,239Member
    @Luna and yes!! completely agree with the part about Kevin taking his clothes off after claiming the $25k... it was just odd...

    and I've seen comments on the BB19 website blaming Kevin for Cameron being swapped out and Paul coming in - it annoys me that they're blaming Kevin, yes Kevin did get the money bc he was the first one, but there were a handful of other people who tried to get the money too, they just weren't as fast.

    I'm not exactly sure how I feel about him yet, I do always think its interesting that BB will throw and "older" parent type figure in the house with mostly 20 somethings. It is kinda funny how little he knows about BB - like when Megan (I think) had to tell him who Paul was when he came into the house. and when he was talking to Jason about the showmances and thought they were just hugging and hanging out with eachother but there wasn't anything else going on...
  • Ponder88Ponder88 Posts: 697Member
    edited July 6
    I'm glad Kevin took the money because I love Paul!

    Who do we think is going home tonight? From the spoilers I've read and feeds I've watched it looks like Jillian may be in trouble. The house is clearly fractured after that Power of Veto blew-up in Cody's face and we may be staring-down a 7-5 vote in favor of Jillian getting booted out the door. I think that's the smart choice as with Christmas injured she can't exactly pose much of a threat in physical competitions--which was what everyone feared her in!
  • Randi2Randi2 Posts: 2,239Member
    @Ponder88 ya, it looks like Jillian is going to be leaving... but seems its all up to how Josh votes and from what I've read, he's kinda all over the place. But most people think he'll show his loyalty to Paul and vote out Jillian.

    one thing is for sure though... its going to be an interesting episode tonight! Its so early in the season for a complete blindside and almost completely split vote
  • LunaLuna Posts: 1,720Member
    I think the smartest move would be to keep Jillian, because Christmas seems smart and I think she'd be able to play a decent social game, and get into others heads more easily to sway their votes. Jillian hasn't done anything in the house yet to stand out.... well, except be on the block the longest. However, I would prefer to see Christmas stay as I like her more.
  • LunaLuna Posts: 1,720Member
    I can't tell... who's on what side of the house? Who all wants Jillian out, and who all wants Christmas out?
  • lynndeannelynndeanne Posts: 561Member
    edited July 7
    @Luna Cody blew up his alliance -- it was the 3 showmance couples + he had deals with Christmas and shook on a deal with Paul for safety. I think Josh thought he was in that alliance, too, but I'm not sure.

    It may take a few days to see how they regroup. Jessica and Cody are both in danger with Paul as HOH, unless someone else does something stupid.

    And definitely agree it would have been smarter to keep Jillian but Paul played it as a payback to Cody.
  • missycat928missycat928 Posts: 1,090Member
    I give credit to derrick. He never really lied or mistreated anyone - he just sat back, laid low, and quietly manipulated others to do his bidding. Plus he's from my home state and I hear he's a really nice guy.

    I can't remember from season to season, but when I see people I realize that I liked them. Haha.

    Personally, I don't care for paul. He's too... much. He's wildly annoying to listen to. I hated nicole with her whiney voice. This thread makes me want to go back and look at the different casts.
  • LunaLuna Posts: 1,720Member
    @lynndeanne oooh, thanks for the update! Being on the west coast it hasn't aired yet, and I'm about to head off to bed (nyquil's kicking in), and I was sad knowing I'd miss tonight's episode. It seems like this was a good one!

    Oh! I just remembered that my brother records them & saves them online, so I'll be able to watch it tommorrow! Yay!
  • lynndeannelynndeanne Posts: 561Member
    #BBAD is crazy tonight. Production had to tell them not to go nose to nose because they were afraid of fist fights.

    No idea how these people are going to live together all summer. Jessica is threatening to self evict, but I doubt we will be that lucky.
  • Co123Co123 Posts: 629Member
    Omg @lynndeanne are you serious?? Ah I gotta watch! I was really surprised by Jessica's blow up after the eviction with Christmas. I agree with you - I do not know how these people are going to live together all summer!
  • Randi2Randi2 Posts: 2,239Member
    I really liked Derrick too, he played a very clean and respectful game (I think Cody did too right?) - it's a good representation of how you can live life too.

    And wow, last night... crazy! I thought that was pretty funny Jessica and Christmas getting into it - I'm not really sure why Jessica was yelling at Christmas though? Bc she called her and Cody out in her speech? And I was reading where the live feeds were cut but people could still hear production telling them not to get in "nose to nose" fights.

    *I really like how in the Big Brother Network website it says that any comment written in ALL CAPS will be deleted regardless of the content :+1:

    I can go either way on Paul, yes he's entertaining but he's can also be loud and obnoxious and a but much at times.
  • Ponder88Ponder88 Posts: 697Member
    I was expecting a 7-5 vote but it seems Mark flipped and it turned into an 8-4 vote! The house clearly is horribly fractured and more has happened in this first week than some entire seasons, as I keep saying (because it is true)! I watched the Feeds with my wife where we witnessed Paul winning the HOH and that for sure is gonna make things interesting. We went to bed not too long after so we didn't watch all the post-competition mayhem that it sounds like occurred.

    @missycat928 and @Randi2 I liked Derrick and admired how well he played. I knew he had already won the game when it was down to him and a few other people and we saw the clips where they all said something like, "I know I've got this because Derrick has my back," which illustrated no matter what all the remaining people trusted him most! That was some masterful game-play.
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