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Swap or Cancel?

Momo3377Momo3377 Posts: 9Member
I am new to MSA and I am very thrilled to be here. I have met some phenomenal ladies who are amazing overall. I have sent out many "swap requests." Quite a few were agreed upon by both parties and then others were never replied to, nor cancelled. Here is where my query lies. A. I understand that not everyone is on MSA as some of us are (cough cough) hahaha B. I won't receive a reply to a swap with "Jane Doe" and two days later I receive a swap request from "Jane Doe," to which I reply ASAP and still don't hear anything back. Is there a courtesy code of conduct? Otherwise I don't know how to interpret the request. If I'm not finding anything to trade for, I believe it's polite and expresses common courtesy to let them move on to find something else or with someone else. Is anyone else finding this? Does anyone have any guidance? Greatly appreciated


  • JackiecupcakeJackiecupcake Posts: 1,072Member
    This is one of the most frustrating things about swaps, but everyone swaps at their own pace. I agree it's annoying to get radio silence, and while I may also try to be timely in responding to swaps - that's not always the case.

    Some people are inundated with swap requests, and don't have the time or patience to respond. Others don't go on the swaps page all that often, and may not see your swap for several days. Sometimes people send out many swap requests at once, and then focus on the one they are hearing back from.

    Swapping takes a lot of patience sometimes.
  • SJPSJP Posts: 2,215Member

    There is no general code of conduct on swapping, but one thing to keep in mind is that not everyone gets notifications from the swap site so it's entirely possible that the people you're interacting with have no idea you've sent them a message.

    Basically, just treat people kindly & swap in a way that works for you. Everyone has a different style of swapping so if you run into things that don't make sense to you just feel free to cancel or swap with someone else.
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    ***Please be aware that I don't always get notifications when tagged, so if I haven't responded please PM me.***
  • NightNurseNightNurse Posts: 232Member
    At 1st I did find it rude whenever someone I am having an ongoing swap conversation suddenly leaves me hanging. Now after 2 days I just cancel the swap & move on..
  • Tequila_DebTequila_Deb Posts: 899Member
    If you want to swap then talk to your intended swappie. Helps trust level. Thats all I have. :)
  • Jenny1973Jenny1973 Posts: 929Member
    @Momo3377 , Welcome to the forum and swapping. Swapping is supposed to be fun and exciting not stressful. I like communication most of the time depends on what is being swapped. Some items are swapped on the forum before actually doing the steps, that works for me sometimes and other times not. If a swap becomes frustrating leave it, there are over a 1000 people to swap with. Also, I fall in this category, I am not getting notifications of swaps or conversation or comments. So be patient if they don't respond quickly.
  • AnnAnn Posts: 2,004Member
    I have the worst problem keeping track of swaps if we have to go back and forth discussing something -- because I get so many swap requests. I find navigating a list of 30-40 swap requests in 2 days very challenging and sometimes I know my lack of response or response that comes late is probably aggravating to people.

    On the other side of things, I don't take nonresponsiveness personally when it happens to me--but again I have 700 swaps under my belt and don't sweat every swap at this point.
  • chrischris Posts: 3,862Member, Moderator
  • rachel4913rachel4913 Posts: 203Member
    I only get a few notifications from MSA but I know it's my janky email. I'll suddenly get 10 notifications all at once and then some I never receive. I'm also probably guilty of the double requesting and losing track. I'm moving to Hawaii in 2 weeks and I've been trying to get rid of my swap stash. I'm also in the process of selling almost everything I own, still working full time, running a business and trying to liquidate my inventory, and I just found out last week that one of my cats has cancer and won't be making the move. I'm pretty much a crazy wreck right now!
  • mimiretzmimiretz Posts: 587Member
    @chris I've done all the things you recommend twice. Never got a follow-up email either time. I haven't gotten swap-related emails in over a year. I just check my swap pages on a regular basis.
  • Momo3377Momo3377 Posts: 9Member
    @rachel4913 - My heart breaks for you about your fur-baby :-( We lost our Maine Coon last year to Osteosarcoma... we were all devastated.. she was our "mama." I can fully empathize. I too work - 12 hour days are typical, my sister and I sell Honey & Lace, we are an Army family so my active duty hubby is away.. A LOT! When it rains it really pours!! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers... this too shall pass hun. I will take a look at your inventory and see what you're trying to get rid of. Best of luck to you and your family. <3
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