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PopSugar Must Have IT (Text and Buy)

kylajaclynkylajaclyn Posts: 3,226Member
Hey guys! Just curious as to how many of you signed up for PS's new texting program a while back and if you've bought anything so far. (If you are new or don't know, you sign up on their website to receive texts about items they are offering at a discount. If you text them back YES when they text you, they charge the card associated to your account and VOILA! Simple and fun).

At first they only offered albatross items, but lately they've offered new stuff never featured in their boxes. I got the Baggu Light Pink backpack, and I'm waiting to respond to their latest offer of a Ziporah towel for $33 (originally $95)! They also recently offered a rainbow pool float, but I didn't need one of those.

Shipping hasn't happened yet for my backpack, so they are slow as ever. But these new offers are so cool! What do you all think?


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