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Hello... I'm back-ish and need some help

MiriamMiriam Posts: 1,826Member
Hello friends

I have been gone a while. I don't handle stress or complications well and tend to go into hibernation when things get too upsetting (not healthy, I know). I will not bore you with the chaos and disappointment that has been my life lately but suffice it to say it has landed me in deep hibernation. There are two wonderful ladies here who have been affected by this and I am SO sorry and believe me I will take care of it now that I am "back".

Right now I have a self inflicted swap issue and I need the help of the swap brigade. I swapped away my soulcycle pass from Robb Vices without locating it first because I was sure it was in a safe place. Sure enough it is in that super safe place that is often invisible and I have torn my place apart and I can't find it anywhere. I will pay for it, pay shipping for it or swap for it whatever works best for you. Thank you so much in advance and my apologies for all of the drama.


  • ElissaElissa Posts: 463Member
    @miriam I'm glad you have resurfaced... I missed you and I hope we can all help you with your swap issues. Feel free to text me if you want to chat. :)
  • LetsGeauxLetsGeaux Posts: 1,952Member
    @Miriam !!!!!! So good to see you back. Wish I had that voucher for you. REALLY WISH I STILL HAD IT. I was on vacation a couple of weeks ago, had it with me & noticed a location nearby. The same bad judgment that had me eating ALL THE PIZZA IN NYC thought it would be SO COOL to try SoulCycle.
    I grossly overestimated my athletic abilities. I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE!
    So about 5 days later, I was home. Totally over the pain. Halfway through the day my back started to bother me. Then my legs felt tingly & numb. By the end of the day I could barely walk. Had no idea what was wrong. The next day I seriously couldn't move. Day after that I saw a massage specialist. She asked how I had injured myself & I told her I had no idea.
    She started working on me & after a couple of minutes she said: this really looks like a cycling injury--have you been on a bike?
  • MiriamMiriam Posts: 1,826Member
    Crisis averted! It was in the one place I was certain it wasn't. :/ Thank you to everyone who offered to help.

    @Elissa Thank you. How is everything in the not so new anymore place?

    @LetsGeaux That's about what I imagine would happen if I tried to use it. Hope you're all better now.
  • SJPSJP Posts: 2,226Member
    Welcome back @Miriam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smiley:
    Swap Profile:

    ***Please be aware that I don't always get notifications when tagged, so if I haven't responded please PM me.***
  • chrischris Posts: 3,883Member, Moderator
    @Miriam, welcome back. :)
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