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Best products for air-drying hair

JackiecupcakeJackiecupcake Posts: 1,139Member
I've been using a sample of Bumble and Bumble's "Don't Blow It" and I like it a lot - my issue is I'm trying to go cruelty-free and they are not.

Does anyone have any recommendations for products similar to this? I'll take the time to look into it being cruelty-free, but I'm having a hard time finding anything similar online.

My hair is pretty thick, dries wavy and sometimes frizzy.



  • LilithLilith Posts: 279Member
    I also like that product and Living Proof in shower styler. But I can't find any information that they are cruelty free which of course usually means they aren't. I'm following this with interest. I'm also trying to move to all cruelty free products.
  • Kaof17Kaof17 Posts: 239Member
    I absolutely love the Giovanni brand. I use their shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, hair serum, etc. They have some excellent, light-weight, leave-in conditioners that I use when I air dry. Their coconut milk/blackberry line smells amazing, and they are one of the few lines that can tame my hip-length, thick, wavy hair.

    All of their products are cruelty-free & vegan, & I know they have a bunch of products available on Amazon.
  • Nikole222Nikole222 Posts: 14Member
    I can recommend to try a hair texturizer, but it is important to choose the one according to your hair type. If you are interested, you can check the article on in order to find out more information. Personally I have thin hair and use Living Proof’s Full Thickening Mousse. It provides volume to my limp locks, and I like it. I hope it helps!
  • Maureen_BMaureen_B Posts: 449Member
    I'll also vote for the Living Proof in shower style. If I use that, then corkscrew my hair with my fingers, I get pretty fabulous waves for 0 effort.
  • prettycatprettycat Posts: 665Member
    @Jackiecupcake im so glad u ask this, as im in the same boat; i love the 'dont blow it' but will not use it because its not cruelty free. My hair ends up feeling so flat and lifeless but frizzy when i dont blow dry. I have been using the Living Proof 5 in 1 styling cream and it works ok, but i still am still searching. I would also love to find a cruelty free product that creates volume and helps my hair to air dry without being so frizzy.
  • reneewreneew Posts: 754Member
    I love Oribe products and airdry after using the Gold Lust conditioner.
  • MaryNotMaryMaryNotMary Posts: 37Member
    edited October 7
    I don't have curly hair, but I often air dry. Evolvh has a pretty darn good styling balm. It also happens to be cruelty free and vegan.

    Note: I don't use it to de-frizz, but it does tame some fly-aways without weighing my hair down.
  • Cara0730Cara0730 Posts: 1,334Member
    My hair is wavy and frizzy. I almost never blow dry it, it just gets frizzier! I tried the Bumble and Bumble and I liked it a lot. Then I got a sample of Fave4 Up for Air Air Dry Cream in my Birchbox and I fell in love. It works perfectly on my hair and I haven't found anything that works better. It leaves me with no frizz at all. It's much cheaper than the B&B too :) @Jackiecupcake if you find out they are not cruelty free can you please tell me and break my heart?
  • janemockingjayjanemockingjay Posts: 1,149Member
    I got a sample of R+Co style and shine cream in my birchbox and it's wonderful! Smells great and no frizzies when air drying!
  • CiCiCiCi Posts: 639Member
    Kevin Murphy easy rider anti-frizz creme. It’s amazing stuff- a little dab on wet hair is all my curls need to be perfectly formed and frizz-free. It’s pretty much magic. And cruelty free!
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