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So the Post Office Did This . . . Is This Unusual?

AnnAnn Posts: 2,020Member
I sent a swap box via US Mail with tracking. It was supposed to arrive July 24th but my swap partner noticed it had stopped moving along the way.

I reached out to see what was going on and then they sent me back -- just half of the top of the box -- the half with her address and mine.

I was like um so where is the rest of the box? The Post Office said well send us a list of the items so we can find it and I did and I still have not heard back yet.

Luckily my swap partner found another thing on my list she liked so I can send her that. Of course it is very stressful to not have the right things get to her at the right time.

I don't understand this. So they ripped off the top of the box and then . . . just moved on with other things? Didn't let me know until I reached out to them? I have sort of wondered if this was attempted theft. I think they will be disappointed with my swap partners diffuser and French soaps though.

Anyone else ever had this happen?


  • House06House06 Posts: 965Member
    that sounds terrible!!!! Ive had boxes get "stuck" at distribution centers and the postal workers said they weren't there???? Only to show up much later.... I had an incident with a postage due package at my local PO - I went 3 different times to wait in the LONG line and pay the additional $8 postage - PO couldnt find package but kept putting postage due notices in my mailbox. FINALLY - found out that my mail carrier had returned pkg "REFUSED" back to the original sender.. ?????

    I think my favorite PO failure was recently with Macy's. UPS was the shipping agent for a pkg ( gift) sent to Chicago. Tracking showed that it got to the regional facility in same city 10 days prior... Called the facility- extremely nice- but HIGHLY insistent that the pkg had never been delivered to their facility by UPS ( even though it was scanned in UPS system).. Lo and Behold- that very same night the "missing" package was scanned into my niece's local PO and delivered to her doorstep the next day. DARN that blasted UPS..HAHa HA.

    And of course, this was AFTER I had talked to Macy's and gotten a credit on my account for a "missing" package.

    It is ALWAYS an adventure------ ;)

    I hope your package problem gets sorted out - positively!!!!! AND soon!
  • SaizaSaiza Posts: 1,912Member
    I had a swap a while back where the person swears they sent a vase, but the PO person repacked the box for some reason. Anyway I got an empty box with tissue paper, she said she never put tissue paper in the box. It was super strange, not sure what happened or why the PO would repack the box.
  • TaraAredTaraAred Posts: 201Member
    They have been horrible- 2 lost packages that I should have received this summer...They are always saying they delivered items and really they have not. They also say they attempted delivery and no safe space. I know my mail man very well and I know for a fact this is not his doing. IT took the office a week to give him my request for a package to be picked up.
  • entwashianentwashian Posts: 1,815Member
    I once got the note from inside a swap package (obviously no address on it or anything) inside a sealed plastic bag, with nothing else.
  • TPopTPop Posts: 126Member
    I've gotten half pieces of mail before, and the outside cover of a magazine, in plastic envelopes that say something happened during processing and that's all they have now with my address on it. Maybe the box got ripped open or something and the contents came out - although that seems unlikely.
  • ankareedaankareeda Posts: 517Member
    I just got a swap a few weeks late that had no postage on it. Tracking had stalled and the other swapper wasn't returning my message, so I was getting really nervous and then it showed up.
  • californiajanetcaliforniajanet Posts: 450Member
    edited August 10
    Sadly, this doesn't seem unusual...the USPS just isn't up to snuff these days! A while ago, I sent a check to a friend who lives in Burlingame, CA. In spite of it having the correct full address and postage on it, it never arrived. About 6 months later it was returned to me...they'd sent it to BERLIN, Germany! More recently an item I purchased on June 13, USPS tracking went dead a few days later when it reached our local PO. Just stopped moving. Thankfully when the vendor saw this, they overnighted me a replacement for what I purchased. On July 27th, the post office delivered it to me. Really?!! What exactly were they doing with my package, which was at the post office literally less than two blocks from my house, for over a month?! Then there is the issue of vacation holds...Literally 100% of the time when I put a hold on my mail when we go on vacation, they deliver it at least half the time, anyway. Just got home from a trip yesterday and found a pile of mail and a couple packages that had been left on my front porch for a week...I had taped my mailbox shut in a desperate effort for them to not put packages in when I was gone, LOL... so instead they just dumped them on the porch instead. Nice. Also as a PSA...please don't ever use the outdoor drive through or drop off mail boxes!!! Ours is regularly broken into (and I live in an area with a very low crime rate… not a big city or anything) and checks stolen and cashed.Apparently this is becoming an epidemic!
  • SamanthaLSamanthaL Posts: 1,042Member
    I once bought a used book from Amazon that showed up super late and looked like it had caught on fire on the pages side, so it was completely unreadable. It came with a note from USPS saying something like they weren't liable for the damage. I had purchased the book through an independent seller through Amazon and this was years ago, so I didn't think I could ask Amazon to credit me for it.
  • SamanthaLSamanthaL Posts: 1,042Member
    @californiajanet I used to work at a government agency that would accept checks by mail to pay a local tax, and one time, we got a check in the mail that had been mailed about 2-3 decades beforehand! It was the weirdest and funniest thing. I just hope that person didn't get slapped with a bunch of fines because of USPS' shenanigans!
  • nelliebelle1197nelliebelle1197 Posts: 2,653Member
    edited August 10
    I think with all the mail and mail order, USPS is overburden. You add in the political games that have been played with the USPS in order to force it to collapse so it can be privatized, then I think it does a great job. Other countries, where the importance of public services are recognized and funded properly, don't have these issues. I worked in the City financial district in London and I could mail something to SW London in the morning and they would deliver late afternoon!
  • Em_PEm_P Posts: 1,005Member
    I've never had a bad USPS experience when sending stuff, and I'm also pretty happy with Canada Post (except or cost, which is waaaaay too high).

    But I do wish government agencies and insurance companies would move away from checks faster. I send only one check per year, and it's for insurance. Everything else is paid either at the bank or through email transfer.
    Heck, I even pay my nanny through email transfer.
  • Bigmomma644Bigmomma644 Posts: 2Member
    I can't even get REAL mail right from my post office I'm afraid to try swapping everyone in our town has complained but we are a little town that goes through a larger main county office so the runaround is impossible. They all blame a different office. Uggg.
  • jewlzjewlz Posts: 1,303Member
    @nelliebelle1197 and @missycat928 I think its like with any other company you have good and bad seeds. I have had AMAZING daily mail carriers for years. Love them. However the packages are another story. And the employees in the actual P.O. the ones I have now are great but at my old house this is a true story. Walked into the PO at 4pm. People were being shooed out of the line back to the lobby. I said what is going on. The lady who always had a bad attitude shooed everyone out because she was hungry. She locked the door and sat and ate in full view of, by the end of the 30 min, about 20 customers. There was no place to sit in the lobby so there were elderly ppl who had already been waiting in line 20 min before she made them leave so we gave them our packages to sit on. I tweeted the pic of everyone in the lobby and her eating through the locked glass door at USPS and a supervisor showed up about 30 min later freaking out saying she was so sorry that someone had come over and relieved the woman for lunch and she wasn't due another break and had no authority to close the post office during office hours. The lady was gone after that, we assumed fired but a year later she was back. No clue what the story is.

    @californiajanet i literally just got back from vacation. My mail was held all week but packages were delivered and promptly stolen. the neighbors got upset that this was putting a target on our house, went out and STOPPED the usps guy with the next package and said don't leave it they are on vacation and their mail is on hold. He shrugged like not my problem and left it anyway.

    I have a hilarious video too big to post here from last week. Its my security camera with a delivery guy saying to another who questioned are you sure its ok to leave this? He says yeah this box is heavy ain't no one picking this **** up and carrying down the street. 20 min later same security camera shows a guy stealing the package and carrying it down the street. I wish I could post it here.

    I live in a big city though so its absurd they'd leave the packages ever.

  • NightshiftNightshift Posts: 2,128Member
    @jewlz Are PO workers unionized? That might be why she's back. We are a union hospital and I can think of 2 problem employees off the top of my head that will not go away. It's SUPER hard to fire them bc of the union so they just get shuffled to a different department when the complaints get too numerous to ignore.
  • jewlzjewlz Posts: 1,303Member
    @Nightshift and @ginamarie135 that makes total sense. I did hear rumors she'd been at another location over that time. She was a nightmare. I can't imagine anyone keeping her by choice.
  • prettycatprettycat Posts: 663Member
    Im sorry that happened to u. My hubby works for fedex, and says there are a certain amount of "mishandles" each day. They are suppose to deal with them all by contacting each person, trying to find out what happened and have insurance to cover incidences where merchandise is missing. Once my husband told me of a fabfitfun box that came to him open, stuff obviously missing. It had to stay there until it was investigated, i showed him what should have been in it. It was deemed most likely damaged during packing and most likely replaced by sender, but he had to throw the rest of the box, missing a few items away, he couldnt take it home. I was like noooooo, so wasteful !
    I once recieved a swap that was an empty bubble envelope, opened at one end, in a plastic usps baggie that said damaged. I was like, why did u send me this empty package. I felt bad, but my swap partner was very nice and replaced it.
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