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Anyone with Globe In Artisan Club Starter subscription?

KseniiaKseniia Posts: 32Member
Hi Ladies!
I am considering to try Globe In Artisan Club, the new Starter version which is $10/month in credit towards purchases. I actually want it more for access to the discounted items in their shop (for example, I would like to buy the Woven Throw from their Comfort box, which is $30 for non-members, and there is probably a discount for the Club members(?). My question is, can I spend more than $10/month in their shop? I mean those $10 credits plus whatever I need to pay in addition ($20 in case of the throw)? Or I need to wait for 2 more months and accumulate those $30 and only then I can spend it? It’s really confusing on their web site and I do not understand what those $10/month mean and how it really works.
(I wrote to the Globe In support, but they are very slow to answer- still silence there…)


  • KseniiaKseniia Posts: 32Member
    I've just received an answer from GlobeIn CS- those $10/month in credits towards purchases for the Starter Club works only for the add-ons. So, it's not possible to use it in their shop :(
  • chrischris Posts: 3,883Member, Moderator
    @Kseniia, thank you for the update!
  • entwashianentwashian Posts: 1,807Member
    I bought the starter subscription when it debuted, since I was looking at it as sort of a layaway for the Refresh box (or the Kikoi blanket, if they decided to sell that separately).

    I managed to get the blanket through MSA swaps, so I quickly canceled my subscription before I could be billed for another $10. There's still $20 in credit in my sub, but I can't use it, since I've canceled.

    So I wanted to let everyone know that BEFORE you cancel, you have to spend your credits!
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