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Emma & Chloe--I'm having issues

Hello everyone, I'm having issues that I've never had with a subscription box before and I need advice.

So I got a 6 month sub to Emma & Chloe, and the first 6 months there was no problem. In May (I believe) my sub auto renewed, I got my May box, fine. June rolls around, and no box. I emailed CS and they got right on it, I think I had my box 7-10 days after I emailed.
Now July comes around, no shipping notification, no box. I wait until 7/31 and again send CS an email asking what is going on, it's the second month I've had to email d/t no box, etc. A couple of days later, I get a response. I'll just copy and paste what it says...

Hi Michelle,

sorry about the wait, there is no issue with your order it just needs to be fulfilled, you will receive email confirmation as soon as its done.


So, they are acknowledging that they have my money, they just apparently haven't gotten around to it yet? And btw, it is now August 7, and no shipping notice, no box, nothing.

So my question is, what do I do now? Like I said, I've never had this happen before...I've seen some people on here talking about disputing the charges through their credit card, but where I've received 2 out of 6 boxes from the 6 month sub, would I be able to do that?

Am I being ridiculous? I don't think I am...I mean frankly I don't feel like I should have to hound a company for something that I've already paid for.... I guess if nothing else, let this be a warning to people out there who are thinking of subbing to Emma & Chloe. It's unfortunate because their jewelry is cute, but I almost feel like I've been scammed :(


  • KristyKristy Posts: 2,282Member
    @mncremeans34 maybe they ran out of bracelets and had to place another order? I think that happened when they had the $1 special several months ago. I have always gotten charged on the 7th or 8th, but usually don't receive my item until about the 20th.
  • PlaidGirlPlaidGirl Posts: 933Member
    @mncremeans34 I've had similar weird CS experiences with Emma and Chloe. I don't think they are scamming you but I do think they are extremely unorganized with their computer/automated sub stuff. I would send them an email explaining your concern about having to email them every month to get your box shipped.
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  • williamwilliam Posts: 25Member
    I've also had weird experiences with them - I sent them some very angry emails about 6 months ago, when I tried to cancel and they offered me a replacement item for something that I received and didn't like (long story - I had tried to cancel before they shipped that item and charged me, but they had ignored my email and renewed my sub anyway, so I felt that I shouldn't have to pay for it, especially as I really didn't like it) - they didn't send the replacement item, and it took awhile, but they finally came through. I agree that I think they're just a little disorganized, but I don't think they're scammers. Maybe the company's subscription business just grew a little too quickly for their customer service department to keep up with.
  • RubymomRubymom Posts: 94Member
    I canceled my membership after the three months that I had signed up for ended. They auto renewed me for $99. Luckily it did not overdraw my account. I eventually got it reversed. I agree with @william. Their systems are disorganized
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