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Wedding Related Swaps Needed

lallenlallen Posts: 194Member
edited August 13 in Swaps
Hi folks! I'm hoping to swap for some items for my upcoming wedding and could use some help.

A little background - it's a really unique venue and all the guests are invited to sleepover after the wedding, which I'm thrilled about since it means no drinking and driving. I want to make sure I have enough nighttime/morning products in case people forget things. Also, looking for bridesmaid gift items and other things. I definitely have more to add to this list, but here's a starting point!

As many as possible:
mini deodorants
mini toothpastes

Edit: Thanks for the idea to get these from Hollar, that makes a lot of sense. I'd still like to include them in swaps but only as multiswap items.


3 Mar y Sol Popsugar Bags
3 Dogeared Friendship Bracelets
3 Pretty Eyeshadow Palettes (do not have to be the same, I'm thinking like the Nude Collections, or the beautiful Tarte one that just came out)
4 Swing Design Essex Frames

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