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If you chose Globein Accent box as your choice you aren't getting it as this month's box.

jewlzjewlz Posts: 1,303Member
edited August 9 in All Other Boxes
So Globein customer service sent this to me. I was confused because they and MSA both showed the accent box as a spoiler for this month. They clarified to me it is actually a preorder and NOT the box you are getting this month regardless if you picked it. You will get it next month? So if you subbed this month for the spoilers given you may want to read this. Here is the exact msg sent today:

I am sorry for the confusion. The Accent box is a preorder. We don't have them in stock as of yet, so with this months delivery you wouldn't be receiving the Accent box.


  • lynndeannelynndeanne Posts: 704Member
    Seriously? I picked it from their box choices. If it isn't available they should let us choose again.
  • MandypMandyp Posts: 393Member
    Oh. This box is the reason that I reordered. I have it listed as my preference. I certainly don't want any of the other boxes as I seem to have multiples of those.
    I hope it gets straightened out.
  • jewlzjewlz Posts: 1,303Member
    @lynndeanne and @Mandyp I only ordered it because I have the mela tray and the items in the accent box match it. I was shocked when he said this but he did cancel and refund my money. I just don't understand how they aren't emailing everyone who ordered that and letting them know its not until next month.
  • LexLex Posts: 380Member
    I believe that they put together a really popular box and got more orders for it than they expected and can fulfill but it didn't say anywhere that it was a pre order and they let us choose it same as any other month. I haven't gotten any e-mail from them so as far as I know I expect to get the box I chose which the subscription I pay for allows me to do. I appreciate the efforts of this box to help small artisan communities but I am tired of the "confusion" and lying.
  • jewlzjewlz Posts: 1,303Member
    @lex I agree. If they are not shipping the box someone selected they should let that person know. This isn't complicated its business 101. Can you imagine any other sub box showing a spoiler then sending something else and saying ohhhh you'll get that spoiler next month instead???
  • Jennifer3141Jennifer3141 Posts: 3,161Member
    This is what it says on my selection page right now:

    It clearly says that Accent is my August box and it will be shipped to me on 8/19. If I get something other than the Accent box, it will be the last straw as far as my relationship with GlobeIn is concerned.
  • Jennifer3141Jennifer3141 Posts: 3,161Member
    And literally while I was typing the above, I got this e-mail:

  • PamPam Posts: 2,234Member
    I chose the accent box and I just logged in and looked and now it says surprise! I am emailing them! I don't want a surprise.
  • jewlzjewlz Posts: 1,303Member
    @Jennifer3141 mine said accent too. I said that to the cs. Then they replied with what I posted above. I have no idea what is going on with them.
  • lynndeannelynndeanne Posts: 704Member
    Mine still shows Accent.

    I wonder if they got too many orders?

    You'd think they would put a counter on to avoid that. Unless they had a supplier problem.

    I can understand running out, but they would need to communicate and let people choose an alternate box or skip.
  • jewlzjewlz Posts: 1,303Member
    @lynndeanne if they ran out then that's crazy too because i ordered a long time ago. I just don't understand. I guess we can hope cs didn't know what they were talking about but that was 2 ppl over 2 days that told me I wasn't getting the accent box despite what my page said.
  • KseniiaKseniia Posts: 32Member
    Oh no! I subscribed yesterday and only did it because of the Accent box! I've just emailed cs, let's see what they answer. Will let you know. Probably my chances to get this box are really low as I'm the newest subscriber...
  • reneewreneew Posts: 753Member
    @nelliebelle1197, they are a mess. It makes me sad, because they were my very first sub box and were pretty awesome.
  • Jennifer3141Jennifer3141 Posts: 3,161Member
    edited August 9
    @jewelz Their reply to you with the non apology apology about "confusion" is crazy and somewhat rude. There's no confusion- all of the info available to us says Accent is an Aug selection and will ship this month. So, my first problem with the CS response is that it implies that you've misunderstood.

    My second problem is the issue of not having the box available. I appreciate that GlobeIn has taken into account our comments about the recent price changes. However, they still seem to have the attitude that they're a charity that sends us stuff, not a business and that we should pay up and be happy with what we get. What was the plan for the people who ordered Accent? Were they just going to pick another box for us while we wait (and charge us for it) or not send a box at all this month or what? Why not just offer one new box this month and save Accent for when they actually have the inventory to cover it?

    I've whined and complained about GlobeIn here on the forum for ages, but I've always stuck with them because I like their stuff, and I like what they're trying to do in the world. However, the tone of CS reply to you, @jewelz, as well as the issue that prompted it, are using up the very last of their nine lives.
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  • LexLex Posts: 380Member
    Considering the sourcing of their items I can see how it might be difficult to get many more items than they were expecting to need. The issue they had months ago with the wine glass box is not unexpected it's just the way that they handle it that's a problem. It would have been really smart of them to anticipate how popular the accent box would be and have a "pre order" selection for it while also allowing people to choose the box they want for this month.

    @Jennifer3141 I just got the same e-mail as you. I am really hoping the CS rep that spoke to @jewlz was just talking out of their **** because if they knew they know accent won't go out this month and are sending out e-mails to finalize our selections without giving us that information I think that will be the final straw for me too and I really like a lot of what I've gotten from them.

  • mhigginsnycmhigginsnyc Posts: 1,960Member
    Well if ANYONE receives this box and decides the items are not right for you...I'd love to buy the box or swap for it! <3<3<3<3 this sooo much! I finally brought my Mela tray home and now want everything to match it also lol!
  • MandypMandyp Posts: 393Member
    @jewlz the accent box pieces coordinating with my Mela tray us the only reason that I resubscribed too.
  • julzy567julzy567 Posts: 792Member
    I am curious if anyone else received the message from Globe In as far as the accent box.. or if Globe In has responded yet. Do you think the box will actually be available for the next shipment option (presale)?
  • jewlzjewlz Posts: 1,303Member
    @julzy567 I would be interested in hearing what responses others are getting as well. They did respond rather quickly to me.
  • nelliebelle1197nelliebelle1197 Posts: 2,652Member
    @Liz Cadman should update the blog post

    And this is BULL and why I unsubbed to GlobeIn. Note that Liza replied in the AUGUST Accent Box review. She's read it, she knows the review indicates it is AUGUST and said nothing. And MSA certainly already has a box in hand. There is something shady here and I think some people may think a little more of themselves than they should.
  • jewlzjewlz Posts: 1,303Member
    @nelliebelle1197 It's pretty scary what she was replying to was someone saying they hadn't gotten their July box So this is my question. Are these just not going out in Aug and those ppl won't get a box in aug like the person who commented on not yet getting july's? has anyone gotten a response besides me saying the same thing or something different?
  • nelliebelle1197nelliebelle1197 Posts: 2,652Member
    @jewlz Globe In has become an absolute confused mess. They just need to go back to the old model or just have two choices at the same price point. I got the infamous Valentine's box with the glasses and swapped it right away because I was so annoyed.
  • jewlzjewlz Posts: 1,303Member
    @nelliebelle1197 So I hadn't gotten globein in a long time and resubbed for this specific box. After this i'm only now hearing all the problems people have had. What is the valentines' box story?
  • KseniiaKseniia Posts: 32Member
    I've just got an answer from cs:
    "You will be receiving the Accent box around August 19th! I have attached a screenshot of your account here."

    Looks like everything is fine.
  • nelliebelle1197nelliebelle1197 Posts: 2,652Member
    @jewlz those were the wine glasses they over sold and everyone was livid
  • LunaNLunaN Posts: 13Member
    On 05/05/17 I started a three-month subscription and selected a box that I did receive in the last week of the month. On 5/31, I upgraded to a six-month subscription, was charged $210, and was told that my prior three-month subscription was canceled and the $76 balance was refunded.

    Then, on 8/5 (the anniversary of starting my original three-month subscription) I was charged $150 for the three-month subscription supposedly canceled more than two months ago. I requested an immediate reimbursement (as charging for the renewal of a canceled account is generally considered fraudulent) and stated clearly "Please do not cancel or alter my current subscription that is due to renew in December."

    I received a refund the next day, but my six-month upgrade was also canceled despite my request. Since I skipped June, there were five months remaining with a value of $175 that was simply erased. (My wholly unrelated Club/Essentials month-to-month subscriotion was also canceled simultaneously.)

    I sent a copy of my upgrade PayPal receipt, requested my account be reactivated set to renew on 12/30/17 (I had a screenshot of its details before it was canceled because I feared that this would happen and, a day later, received this reply: "No problem, I reactivated your account. Sorry for the mistake on my end. I extended it to December on me."

    This isn't "customer service" -- it's abuse.
  • LunaNLunaN Posts: 13Member
    (And, like others in this thread, I chose the Accent box because I have the "Fantasy in Grey" Mela tray, as well.)
  • Tequila_DebTequila_Deb Posts: 912Member
    I cancelled all my subs with them. I loved many items and bought extra plates and side dishes to make a set first ( Le souk Malika). But after a million chances to make things right on so many issues: smelly moldy note cards and boxes, broken items, baskets that lids do not fit on them, same round green basket with three tim purchase when it clearly states a square pink one, not enough love boxes, missing cutting board out of one box with a random replacement item, it just goes on and on and CS is insultingly carefree about each instance.

    I hung out because of the cause, I can get artisan stuff all over the place and on line, but the headaches and poor CS I just could not get past.

    I think I have one box left on my sub and I'm out! As I told Liza the owner, there is so much competition in the sub box segment that even a good cause like hers still needs to respect their clients.

    I replaced it with Sundae Home, trying something new
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