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Skin care suggestions for Acne and oily skin....

SusanDSusanD Posts: 205Member
Hello my forum friends!!! My daughter has acne and oily skin. There are times when her face looks good and then times it's bad. I do not have this issue so that is why I am reaching out here. With all the different products sent out in the sub boxes I was wondering if anyone could suggest what works for them or any products that they have heard of that works. Thanks!!!


  • VictoriaMVictoriaM Posts: 171Member
    After trying everything, what works best for me is the Tula Probiotic cleanser. It's not that expensive either a large bottle is like $29.
  • SusanDSusanD Posts: 205Member
    Thanks @VictoriaM I'll add to the list. I just came across a thread for oily skin. Making note of some products and then will look into them. All suggestions are helpful!!
  • ducktorwhoducktorwho Posts: 616Member
    I tried to post a comment and it disappeared. It had a link in it, so maybe that's why. I'll try again.

    I use ZO Medical's Aknetrol acne treatment. It works really well and it's only $35 for 2 oz! I still might get a pimple, but it doesn't get very big or red and it goes away a lot faster. I apply it every night to the areas that I tend to break out or have blackheads (so, my entire chin and nose). I tried just spot applying it at first and it wasn't as effective. Using it daily helps a lot more. One warning though - it will bleach clothing and sheets (unless they're microfiber). So, make sure she wears a shirt she doesn't care about to bed. I also recommend washing the shirts with white items. I ruined many of my shirts and my husband's shirts before I figured out what was causing it.

    I also starting using the Tula probiotic cleanser recently and it seems to have helped even more. I didn't even break out during my period this month.

    I haven't found anything to help with the oily skin, but as long as I'm not breaking out then I don't really care. I just use a mineral powder during the day to help with shine (Southern Magnolia Mineral Cosmetics).
  • shellsshells Posts: 510Member
    edited August 9
    I have the chime in for the Probiotic cleanser. I had awful acne growing up and still do, and after a lifetime of dermatologist visits, I've tried so many products. My favorite cleanser has been hands down the Tula Probiotic cleanser.

    I've tried out various of toner, serum, oils, masks and moisturisers, and one brand I consistently go back to is Clinque. They don't really show up in the sub boxes so I shell out but it's worth it. I've also recently become obssessed with the Tracie Martyn enzyme exfoliant. It is expensive, but so worth it.

    So recommendations: Tula, Clinique, and Tracie Martyn.

    I've tried Sunday Riley, Tata Harper, SK-II and all the other halo grail products/brands, but I still turn back to the above 3.
  • SusanDSusanD Posts: 205Member
    Thanks @ducktorwho VictoriaM suggested the Tula product as well.
  • SusanDSusanD Posts: 205Member
    Thanks @ducktorwho VictoriaM suggested the Tula product as well.
  • ducktorwhoducktorwho Posts: 616Member
    edited August 9
    I definitely think the ZO Aknetrol is helping me the most though. Just based on how I saw my acne lessen before trying the Tula. I don't want to say it was life changing, but it kind of was. I don't even care about the ruined shirts, that's how much it's helped. Oh, and my acne seems to be hormonal because it's pretty cyclical.
  • SusanDSusanD Posts: 205Member
    @shells thank you. Thre of the same suggestion!!! I must look into it. Where do you buy it from? Also is it the acne products specific or just Clinique? I do like that brand I bought there face brush which was nice bug moved onto a clarisonic after winning one in a gift basket. I bought her one as well for I saw people say it worked well for them

    I just got the juice beauty blemish cleanser (??) in my Beautyfix box. Gave her that to try as well. One issue is she doesn't always keep up with whatever regimen she is doing which clearly isn't helpful!! I have to get her in a good routine and make sure she does it.
  • ducktorwhoducktorwho Posts: 616Member
    I got it from a local esthetician, but it looks like you can buy it directly from them. I'll message you the link.
  • SKDSKD Posts: 264Member
    I like Philosophy Acne spot treatment and Clinique. I also really like Sunday Riley UFO (not everyday though) and the Sunday Riley CEO cream on top of UFO oil at night. I have found that even with oy skin if I don't really moisturize it makes it worse. Becca makes a great mattifying primer that I wear (I don't wear base or makeup) just by itself to control oil during the day.
  • JenniferLJenniferL Posts: 474Member
    I've had really good luck with Curology, which is a sub box that provides prescription strength acne medicated lotion. Works pretty well as both lotion and medication. I haven't had a significant breakout since I started with them.
  • Shar0nShar0n Posts: 33Member
    edited November 3
    There are many ways to treat oily skin. Personally I have one of the cleaning face machines . As for me it's better to have such one then spend hundreds dollars on cosmetologist and dermatologist.
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  • SMZSMZ Posts: 1,428Member
    I would highly suggest Dermalogica products. You can purchase a kit at Ulta for her skin type.
  • chris444chris444 Posts: 707Member
    Both of my girls and one of my boys all have acne. We have tried it all. Unfortunately, theirs is also on their back. And one of my girls sometimes gets it on her chest. The first thing we did for the girls was put them on birth control (not for everyone, I know). Second, we took them to a "medical spa" and the doctor put them on a very low dose antibiotic that they took for several months. We bought them Clarisonics and they started using the Obagi Cleanziderm. It really did work! And just FYI - the doctor that originally created the Obagi Cleanziderm is the same doctor behind the ZO I'm guessing that both are outstanding.
  • SusanDSusanD Posts: 205Member
    @chris444 thanks. She is on birth control and was using antibiotics but I think she stopped. She now has a clarisonic which does work. She is just super sensitive so the slightest breakout is the end of the world!!
  • jamzillijamzilli Posts: 612Member
    For reducing actual oil production, I can't recommend Noto Deep Serum enough. I have oily side of normal skin and when I use this stuff it's just normal! I just add 2-4 drops, whatever I feel like, to my serum or moisturizer or whatever and that's it. As you can imagine, the bottle lasts forever this way. I'd get the smaller size bottle.

    Anyway, I suspect, but can't confirm, that it may be the Marula oil in it which tricks your skin into producing less oil (the internet says this is possible :P). So if you don't want to shell out for the Noto, you might look for straight marula oil, or another product that features it highly (it's kind of a hyped ingredient, so I'm sure you can find it). If I'm remembering right Tarte might make some and that has almost certainly been in sub boxes.
  • SusanDSusanD Posts: 205Member
    @jamzilli thanks. I have two Marula oil products but I need to check. One is billed for your hair but if it's Marula oil only it should be ok. But I'll look into it.
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