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Long Haul Airplane Survival

ginamarie135ginamarie135 Posts: 667Member
Anyone have any must haves for surviving long-haul flights? Any sub box items you find helpful??

We go to Singapore soon and have a 13 hour flight to Tokyo followed by an 8 hour flight to Singapore.
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  • Em1Em1 Posts: 1,200Member
    Sleeping pills lol. Seriously though, there isn't anything that makes a transcontinental flight easier except patience. I've used fuzzy sub box socks, the big black and white RZ cape, sub box eye masks, etc, but for me, a 14 hour flight was like all the previous 14 hour flights. It helps to not be cold and dry the entire time, but it's pretty miserable no matter what. Don't forget to walk around every couple hours or so to get the blood flowing through your legs! The second leg of your flight will be such a treat after you get through the first :)
  • JackiecupcakeJackiecupcake Posts: 1,135Member
    Adult coloring books! It's time consuming, soothing, and if you use gel pens it's not messy. Not a sub box item really though, lol.
  • CiCiCiCi Posts: 639Member
    Rose hibiscus spray, a hand mask, a lip mask, water bottle, to keep you from drying out in the recirculated air. Use the masks halfway through the flight. I also like to put on a hair mask before a long flight and leave it in for the duration to protect my hair from the dryness. Then things to keep comfortable like a fours and fuzzy socks, and aromatherapy oil rollers to help keep you relaxed!
  • SouthernPrincessSouthernPrincess Posts: 280Member
    Definitely bring a pillow! A stewardess once told me they don't disinfect the pillows at all and just repackage them. Yuck. Blanket too, a small one that won't take up much room.
  • ginamarie135ginamarie135 Posts: 667Member
    Thank you all for the tips! I have a blow up neck pillow and an eye mask and plan on bringing one of my soft turkish towels (thanks PSMH) as a light blanket of sorts.

    @Mandyp unfortunately we can't afford business class (it was like $6000 roundtrip PER PERSON more expensive). I didn't even think about the Tokyo airport having showers! We have 3.5 hour layover, so hopefully there is time to do that! We had planned on bringing and change of clothes, using micellar water to wash some yuck off of our faces (but retain some moisture), and brushing our teeth. A shower would be even better!

    What is a lip mask @CiCi I don't think I've ever heard of that (I don't subscribe to many beauty boxes).
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  • ginamarie135ginamarie135 Posts: 667Member
    @SJP Can't take gum unfortunately unless it is 100% gone before we got on our plan to Singapore. Gum is STRICTLY forbidden there because they are the ultimate neat freaks.

    Water sprays is a good suggestion, I think I have one of those from a box laying around (hopefully it's small enough).
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  • SJPSJP Posts: 2,226Member
    Oops, I didn't notice that you were heading to Singapore!
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  • ginamarie135ginamarie135 Posts: 667Member
    @SJP It's so bizarre, it might be one of the only countries in the world! You can't import it and it isn't sold there because they don't want people spitting it out in public spaces. They also take littering laws seriously!
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  • gillepgillep Posts: 440Member
    I always bring a light blanket and warm slipper-socks so that I stay warm, I have been freezing on long flights before, and that makes them so much more unbearable. I also bring an empty collapsible water bottle to the airport and fill up after security so that I always have a little hydration on demand. Benadryl is also my friend. I also find that most neck pillows are overstuffed and therefore uncomfortable, so when I get a new one I always bring a small plastic bag with me so that I can remove some of the stuffing until it is comfortable.
  • SJPSJP Posts: 2,226Member
    edited August 9
    I did know that about Singapore but I spaced out when I wrote the list. ;)

    I basically just listed everything I take in my "personal item" bag for every trip. :smiley: The things I wouldn't want to travel without would be: wet wipes, lip balm, hand lotion, mints, and a few scarves/stoles/wraps. (And obviously my phone & charger.)
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  • AACAAC Posts: 636Member
    @ginamarie135 I fly to Asia all the time. If you are flying econ, don't bring too much because space is at a premium. If you are flying prem econ and up, then bring as much as you can carry to make yourself comfortable. Also, the layover in Japan after a long flight from the US is not pleasant. If you haven't done it before, mentally prepare yourself because I was so tired that I didn't want to get on the second flight. I've done it once and never again. For me, I'd rather take a 24 hour stop over to rest then go again if at all possible. My DH can do the overseas layovers without issue, so it might depend on you / your body.

    My top items to have on hand:
    • Face Mist - I find the airplane recycled air to be very drying.
    • Snacks - I have a hard time sleeping on planes, so I have plenty of snacks for when there isn't airline service and everyone else is snoozing.
    • Laptop and/or Tablet - but only if you have wifi. If not wifi, ditch the laptop.
    • Phone Charger and Battery Pack - to charge your phone or tablet, but really not necessary unless you have wifi.
    • Magazines - I bring ones that I can toss when I'm done (i.e. US Weekly, People, etc.) and bring enough for the flight there and back.
    • Mouthwash - Again, it's the air. Gives me dry mouth.
    • Water Bottle - So you can stay hydrated without asking for water in little plastic cups the entire time.
    • Tissue - The airplane tissues tend to be pretty rough.
    • Slippers - I don't use the socks because someone spilled something once and I stepped in it. I use the cheap hotel slippers that I stockpile so I can toss after the flights.
    Be happy to answer any further questions! I <3 traveling!
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  • ginamarie135ginamarie135 Posts: 667Member
    @AAC We are in regular econ (but still permitted 2 carry-ons), but between the two of us we only plan on each having a backpack plus one small roller (for our change of clothes and the like once we are actually in Tokyo--don't plan on bringing it out on the plane so it can stay in the overhead bin). The longest flight I have ever been on is like 7-8 hours, so we'll see how I hold up! Luckily when we get to Singapore we can go straight to bed since it will be nighttime :)

    Our plane should have wifi but I have to bring my laptop and what not anyway because of work and I wouldn't feel safe checking it!

    The socks vs slippers is interesting, hadn't though of that!
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  • SJPSJP Posts: 2,226Member
    That is an excellent idea @dw85202 ! When our son was little, we used to stock up on new toys from the dollar store & he would get one periodically throughout the flight. He loved it & it didn't matter if the toys were lost or broken during travel. He was always really well-behaved on trips---to the point where we were literally complimented on his behavior on every single flight! (Bribery works well when kids are small.) ;)
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  • SjskiSjski Posts: 405Member
    Singapore is fantastic! I studied there during law school and had a great time...and the food....yum! And yes, no gum! : ) Have a safe and fun trip.
  • eaglegreyeaglegrey Posts: 69Member
    I didn't see this mentioned (so if someone else did, forgive me) but compression socks. I read that a couple years ago, and it was such a great tip. It doesn't have to be the prescription ones. Several companies make cute knee high socks.
  • GrishmaGrishma Posts: 1,881Member
    I suffer through 25-30hr flight journeys atleast once a year to visit my family outside usa. Staple products for me:
    - avene sprays or some face mist
    - wet and dry wipes
    - moisturizer (I go for Avene or any coconut oil)
    - chapstick or lip oil (I tend to use coconut or argan oil)
    - headphones and charger cable
    - neck pillow... although I use my neck pillow more as a lower back pillow
    - a book (small and thin, something I can finish in to n fro flight)
    - socks n a light shawl are a must
    - this is just me but I always carry a tiny vial of essential oil for rubbing on my foot to get some circulation going. My feet swell up otherwise.

    I usually dress up in sweat pants or light cotton pants with adjustable waist. And a tank top. Then layer up since the temp fluctuation gets to me quickly.
    We always take an airborne pill before every flight (sick people everywhere all the time!)

    A weird sub box must for me are always a bunch of ipsy bags. I like to organize my travel bag and fly very very compact. Example - creams n moisturizer in one, toothbrush n morning hygiene stuff in another one, tons of snack in one, small combs and wipes in one etc etc. I'm an organizational freak when it comes to travel. My husband jokes that I get errr excited about travel since I love to pack and each bag gets packed atleast 3 times before I fly.
    I watch gazillion movies and make full use of the open bars lol. My husband on the other hand sleeps for 20hrs straight.
    Oh and discovering layover airport showers changed my life haha. The joy they give is incomparable.
  • ginamarie135ginamarie135 Posts: 667Member
    @eaglegrey I already wear compression socks even on only 3 hour flights! I have many pairs because I suffer from Reynauds, so I wear them when I run outside in the cold. @dw85202 that's brilliant!

    @Grishma Is the essential oil you rub on your feet a particular kind or does any type of essential oil work? I believe I have some lavender.
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  • CiCiCiCi Posts: 639Member
    Spoonie essentials box sent out THE most amazing travel pillow in a recent box. It's called the infinity pillow and I CANNOT recommend it enough. It may be my favorite sub box item ever!
  • GrishmaGrishma Posts: 1,881Member
    @ginamarie135 I use lavender as well. I'm not too picky about massage oils. And I love the smell of lavenders.
  • PowersPowers Posts: 85Member
    I 100% agree with all the votes for:
    - a blanket (I wear a thin cashmere scarf on the flight that also does blanket duty, which ends up saving room in my carry-on)
    - a refillable water bottle (take it through security empty then fill it up before the flight)
    - warm socks or slippers (they make all the difference for me, comfort-wise)
    - if you have trouble sleeping sitting up and with your neck at an uncomfortable angle (imagine!), a sleep aid (Benadryl is effective and cheap, especially if you buy it as generic diphenhydramine)
    - lip balm, thick hand lotion, tissues, face moisturizer
    - a good eye mask (I have one by tempur-pedic that's cushioned so that it doesn't rest directly on my eyelids and it's the only one I've found comfortable and dark enough to help me sleep)
    - a neck pillow—there are lots of styles, so try them beforehand if you can to see what you like
    - taking advantage of testers in duty-free to moisturize hands/face/neck/arms...basically all visible skin

    Plus I recommend:
    - noise-cancelling headphones or even cheap earplugs—they're a game-changer since they cancel out the dull roar of the plane that saps your energy without you even really noticing
    - airport lounge access—great for escaping the bustle of the airport
    - downloading podcasts/audiobooks/tv shows/movies ahead of time—you'll probably have enough movies to keep you busy but sometimes the plane's entertainment system can be buggy or (horrors!) you can end up in a seat without a personal tv screen
    - if you can't take a shower (good call, @Mandyp), then freshening up on a layover or at the end of a long flight with a toothbrush, toothpaste, face wipes, face moisturizer, deodorant, and a change of underwear can go a long way toward making you feel human again

    Oh my gosh have fun!! Even with all the hassle, I LOVE international flights because they mean ADVENTURE!
  • joiedevie99joiedevie99 Posts: 952Member
    I flew the non-stop from Newark to Singapore back when it existed. 18 hours in the air straight through.

    My recommendations are 1) sleeping pills, and 2) something you can get lost in for a while - like a book, movie trilogy, or whole Netflix series.
  • sarasara Posts: 3,877Member
    Only will add:

    Double check the laptop restrictions at the airports you are flying through the day before you fly. When we went to Europe this summer one of our possible stops was Turkey- I chose another but in the week before we flew we would have had to check our laptops if we'd flown through Turkey. Also, on that flight every electronic device had to be separately xrayed , so it would help to have them all easily accessible for when you are tired. And I do either take a sleeping pill or make use of the bar so I can get a bit of sleep. Those neck pillows you put on frontways look comfier than my regular one
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  • wldflowur13wldflowur13 Posts: 708Member
    Eye mask
    Empty waterbottle
    Warm fluffy socks
    Phone battery pack
    Face moisturizer
    Phone charging cord to recharge during the layover
  • MiriamMiriam Posts: 1,826Member
    @CiCi That travel pillow looks amazing and now I have to go find one to buy. Was it in the most recent box? Maybe I should sign up instead... or both.
  • LisaMarieLisaMarie Posts: 741Member
    Antibacterial everything (yes I am that person that wipes down everything when I get on a plane) :)
  • ginamarie135ginamarie135 Posts: 667Member
    @LisaMarie we definitely put a small pack of clorox/lysol wipes on our list because I read that most people who get sick from being on a plane is because the tray tables and armrests are so gross!

    @CiCi I looked at that when I was looking at travel pillow options and it looked like it would be hot to wear for a long period of time. Does it happen to breathe pretty well?
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  • Maureen_BMaureen_B Posts: 449Member
    DRUGS (all natural ones work fine, i do melatonin and unisom) and the expensive $40+ neck pillows are so. much. better than the $20 foam bead filled ones.
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