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Having difficulty getting the list an item widget to work

Shelby18Shelby18 Posts: 355Member
I have no idea why, but I cannot get the lust an item widget to work for me on either my Samsung S7 phone or galaxy tablet. I'm on a Wi-Fi network and I'm typing the box name in, but it won't look it up. It's Sephora Play! and I've tried all variations on the name. I swear that I'm not doing anything dufferent tjis time. I've had weird hang ups with that widget before, but never for nearly an hour. I've shut down and restarted both devices. Is this a known issue? Or what step am i missing?


  • Shelby18Shelby18 Posts: 355Member
    I think I figured it out. I had to enter the formal name, Play! by Sephora, to get the widget to work. It is confusing because 1) there's no submit button on that page, 2) if the name entered in the field isn't recognized, there's no error message or anything to indicate the query even happened, let aline tbat it is entry error rather than widget failure, and 3) there's nothing explaining how specific and complete your search terms need to be. A couple of examples would help educate newer users like me.
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