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When do you say "enough is enough" PLEASE HELP!

carlamariecarlamarie Posts: 10Member
edited August 12 in Swaps
HI! Thank you for taking the time to read this. I sure hope this is the correct area to post this. Hopefully someone can advise me on how to move forward, or a preferable swap cancel... Fast background: I am new to this swap site, seasoned ebayer since 2003, NEVER had a complaint or any kind of negative feedback. I respect seniority, try to learn the "unwritten rules" as fast as possible when new, respond quickly, I take care and package my shipments very nicely so the receiver feels special and excited, And I communicate in a friendly manner. So, I receive a request for a large swap which I enjoy. I agree with the swapper RV isn't my main concern, but it's always smart to get an idea (in my opinion) so I don't offend or take unknowing advantage. [Swap details.] I am now uncomfortable and no longer wish to complete the transaction. I will if I HAVE to but I didn't even like her items to begin with. I just picked to get another swap going. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Have any of you all been through something like this? Also, she is not new.... This is suppose to be fun, exciting, different, and enjoyable to connect with others you would normally never talk to. Thanks in advance for your help and time!!!! Sorry for being so long, this got out of control lol xo
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