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UPDATE - SURGERY went well!

CrystalsCrystals Posts: 1,147Member
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Update his surgery went well and I think he will be off pain meds starting today! He did better than I did because I almost blacked out in the recovery room and had to sit down. Thanks everyone for your support and kind words.
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  • californiajanetcaliforniajanet Posts: 450Member
    edited August 12
    @Annem I'm so sorry you're having to go through this...sounds tough. My only suggestion would be to use bags of frozen peas as cold packs to help with pain. I know this was what was recommended to my husband after urological surgery. Hope things go well, and sending positive thoughts your way! :)
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  • KristyKristy Posts: 2,286Member
    @Annem I can't offer much advice (since I have no kids), but I think most kids get comfort from just having Mom around when they're sick/in pain. Maybe do something fun (and low-key) together to take his mind off the discomfort. You seem like super-Mom anyhow, so I know everything will turn out great :)
  • Em_PEm_P Posts: 1,005Member
    @Annem seven is good because he'll be able to tell you how he feels. Just be prepared and he will tell you if he needs ice or entertainment or whatever.
    I second the frozen peas idea. I also found having several pillows helps - he can then prop his body in the most comfy position - after abdominal surgery last year I was most comfy at a 30 degree tilt. It was weird but pillows were a lifesaver.
    I'd also suggest fun but light foods - anesthetics can cause stomach sensitivity.
    And entertainment.
    One note - the docs will tell you what you can do for healing - polysporin, prescription cream, whatever. Use it religiously. I found dousing my incision with polysporin throughout the day really helped - both with scarring long term and pain in the moment - keeps things from tugging.
    Your son will be fine I'm sure, but good luck anyway.

    @VictoriaM I'm sure you mean well. But halfway through my son's birth a nurse told me I should have had a c-section a week before. She may have been medically correct, but I hate her to this day. Just saying.
  • whitpickwhitpick Posts: 1,192Member
    @Annem I don't have experience with this directly, but I have a son a few years older... my only advice would be to stock up on some little treats, toys, games, books, whatever, that you can bring out as needed during recovery to take his mind off the pain and boredom. Like a kid pack for a long plane ride but for bed :)

    Good luck to both of you!
  • TaraAredTaraAred Posts: 201Member
    edited August 12
    My son had to have a detailed curcimcision at 6 months due to having a condition called chordee. Dr just had us put a thick cream on it and Tylenol for pain. He really did not notice. I know that is such a huge age difference, but I expected it to be horrible and it was not as bad as I thought.
  • VictoriaMVictoriaM Posts: 171Member
    I didn't mean to offered or criticize @Annem . I apologize deeply if I did. I just feel like i am in a similar position. My brother asked me if his son (my only nephew) should have a circumcision before he was born. I am the one who said yes, that he didn't want him to be different from the other boys. It has been since they asked me to come look at him and ask if he was normal. He isn't and it's bad. I have felt very guilty about the advice I have him. I wasn't ranting at you because I would have done the same thing. I just wish mothers got all the information before making their choice. Unfortunately, it's pretty common.

    As far as nursing advice pain meds like Ibuprofen for its anti inflammatory properties.
    Ice elevating the penis but make sure you have a towel between the ice pack and skin and don't leave on for more than 20mins at a time.

    Again I am truly sorry.
  • HillaryHillary Posts: 302Member
    @Annem I have no idea what will be involved in the revision, but hope that it will be a smooth recovery! Have they told you how long he'll have to stay in bed?

    First, I recommend that you get a movie, cozy socks, break out some sub box stash cream or face mask or something for yourself :) and maybe try to get away for lunch with a friend if possible during this stressful time.
    I don't know about your guy, but my 7yr old boy loves cars, Legos, video games, and Pixar movies (mostly he loves playing outside, but I'm trying to think of things he can do while resting!). Dollar Tree has several cheap options for toys/crafts/art so that you can change it up when he gets bored without spending tons of money or feeling bad about throwing away an expensive toy if it doesn't work out.
    Maybe see if you can find some videos that he hasn't seen before, try the library or ask friends.
    Also, at HobbyLobby thay have a lap desk, like a kids' version of a breakfast in bed tray, and I've used these trays with great success on road trips and I'm sure they'd be great to corral a puzzle, Legos, or lunch while he's resting on the couch or in bed. It's only $6-$8 too!
    Hope it goes even better and easier than expected and that the recovery process is peaceful!!
    Let us know how it's going!
  • entwashianentwashian Posts: 1,815Member
    @Annem Like any other new experience for someone on the spectrum, I'd front-load as much as possible so he's able to prepare himself. Make sure he understands what is going to happen, and (more importantly, IMO) why the doctor has to do it. I'd probably try to find some first-hand accounts from people who have undergone the procedure so that you can tell your son exactly what to expect throughout the procedure & the recovery process. It's difficult to know what might cause concern for someone else on the spectrum, so, again, I'd front-load that "it's normal to feel..." or "it's okay if you see..." for whatever you can anticipate. This will also help build a vocabulary for your son to be able to tell you how he feels after the procedure.

    For afterward, try to ask specific questions about his physical/mental state. A general question like, "How are you feeling?" can be difficult to answer. Even what seems like a simple yes/no question like "Are you in pain?" might be too broad.
  • mimiretzmimiretz Posts: 612Member
    I know very little about children on the spectrum, but @entwashian's comment about asking about being in pain reminded me of something my doctor recommended when my children were young that might be helpful. We drew faces in various states of pain and had them point to the one that most closely showed the level of pain (1-10) they were in, with 1 being no pain and 10 being the worst possible. I think you can even find similar charts online now (my kids are all grown now, so we're talking pre-net days). That way instead of just a yes or no, you can get a sense of how bad the pain is.
  • LisaMarieLisaMarie Posts: 741Member
    @Annem there are pros and cons to every procedure. My husband, at 54, is having problems due to NOT being circumcised. You can never tell what is the right decision you just have to follow your heart. I think diversion is the best medicine for all ailments. Whatever makes him games, food (even if it's something you don't normally let him have) will help the healing process. Good luck :)
  • shauna999shauna999 Posts: 72Member
    @VictoriaM ... you meant well with your comments & were trying to help with the situation. Don't worry yourself, I definitely didn't see your comments as a "rant".
  • LisaMarieLisaMarie Posts: 741Member
    @homesweetgliese there are other problems due to intact foreskins such as balanitis and phimosis when a man is "aging" which have nothing to do with forcible retraction. The human body is a wonder. What happens to one may not happen to another, which is why I stand by my original post that people need to do what they think is "right" at the time.
  • VictoriaMVictoriaM Posts: 171Member
    @shauna999 in the defense of people that think I have no empathy, I did edit out the word rant. I didn't mean for it to be portrayed as it was. It was just because I have been so upset about my sweet little nephew.
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